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Part 2

by x_Charlie_x

Part 2. There's a sex scene. Short and sweet and not very steamy but that's why the rating's up.

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Oh! I forgot to say last episode that that was dedicated to my hardcore fan Silvana. So I’ll dedicate this one to her instead =)
And to anyone else who was with me from the word go with ‘Fire’
Love to you my hardcore fan, I hope you like this one as much!
Oh and this series is a bit more of a drama fest than the last one. Whether that’s good or bad I’m sure you’ll let me know! haha

Part 2
Frank’s POV- ‘Move along move along like I know you do.’
OK so maybe calling her a b*tch wasn’t the best way to try and get her to like me again. I just, she can’t, I… it hurts. It hurts to see her with him. It hurts to know what she thinks of me. It hurts that she looks at me with eyes you’d use to look at some particularly unpleasant stranger. It hurts that now they’re sat just over there in the garden and she’s looking at Tom with trusting, loving eyes and I’m probably the last thing on her mind.
“Earth to Frank.”
“Huh?” I ask, startled out of my thoughts by Bob placing a mug of coffee under my nose.
“I said do you want to talk before the other guys arrive?”
“What’s the point?”
“It may stop you burning holes into the back of her head.” He replies in reference to how I’d been staring at her since her and Tom had gone to sit out there.
“I called her a b*tch.” I confess feeling ashamed. As I take a gulp of hot coffee I savour the way it burns all the way down and also notice absently that my hands are shaking.
“Why?” His gaze and voice is steady and level but I can see the protective brother part of him stirring.
“Well she was practically shgging Tom in the porch… she knew I wanted to come in, she was just screwing with me. Then when I barged past her to get in she said something to me, so I told her something about how it was out of line for her to move on as quickly as she did. Then it escalated and I called her a btch and she stormed upstairs.”
“I’m sure she wasn’t kissing Tom with the sole purpose of annoying you.” Is the only reply Bob gives me.
“Oh and how exactly are you sure of that? Did she tell you? Oh no sorry she’s hardly spoken to you in the last few weeks and it’s all my fault isn’t it?”
“Isn’t it?” I scream. Amy and Tom turn around to look at the commotion through the windowed back door then turn back to their conversation, uninterested in me.
“I never said that.”
“But it’s what you think.” I say quietly. I sit back down in my chair, I must have stood up in my anger, and collapse into tears. I’ve never cried in front of these guys before and I’m surprised to feel Bob wrap his arms around me and allow me to cry into his shoulder.
“I’m sorry.” I say eventually when I’ve let it out.
“It’s alright.” He replies and I know it is, at least for now. The door goes and we both go to answer it. Mikey, Ray and Gerard enter. They take in my tear stained face and greet me awkwardly. To my dismay we go back through to the dining room where my view of Amy and Tom is completed again and I try my best to ignore them.
“No Charli then?” I ask Mikey in an attempt at light hearted conversation.
“No, we, erm, had another row.”
“Nothing serious.” He adds and I just know that the argument was about me and Amy. Mikey and Charli were both very loyal to their friends. At the moment that wasn’t proving to be a good thing. I pick up he coffee Bob had made me and drink it even though it’s cold just for something to do. I notice that Gerard is watching Amy and Tom with almost as much intensity as I had earlier. I follow his gaze to see that they had gotten up and were headed back inside.
“And then he was just like ‘get the hell out of here’ so we did but not before throwing all the water bomb at his car that just so happened to have the roof down.” Ray says, finishing a story I hadn’t listened to. Amy is making her and Tom cups of tea. She has her back to us almost defiantly. Tom walks over to her so he’s stood right next to her. She turns in his direction and smiles at him. They hug and then she breaks away to make the tea.
“I’m sorry again for yelling down the phone. I didn’t mean it, I was just so p*ssed off at the time.” She says to him holding out a steaming a mug.
“I’ve already told you it’s fine! You apologise way too much.” He says with a smile.
“Sorry.” She replies cheekily with a smile at him and a sly glance at me. I feel my insides shrink and burst simultaneously.
/“You say sorry to much.” I whisper to her as we’re sat on her couch.
“Sorry.” She replies with a grin so wide it threatens to engulf her. /
“I have to go.” I say. I get up and walk out the house without further explanation.
I hate that she does this to me. I hate that I care enough for her to be able to do this to me. I hate that as much as she does it to me I still can’t blame her for it. I still love her. Said it. Happy now? I f*cking love her. And she’s happily moving on with a flaunting grace that makes my throat ache.
I walk down familiar streets but I don’t go home. I knock at a door and wait for someone to answer it. There’s music and laughter coming from inside. “Frank!” Dean greets me, welcoming me into his house. “Here.” He hands me a join and I suck in the smoke greedily. “Easy.” A hand reaches out and takes the joint from me. It’s a small, delicate hand with beautifully manicured nails. “Have some beer.” She hands me a bottle. I recognise her face but cant conjure a name from anywhere. “Anna-Rose. You’re Frank right?” She says with a slightly shy smile. She has green eyes and blonde hair, it’s longer that Amy’s but that won’t matter once I’ve downed a few more bottles and scraped myself a few more tokes of other people’s pot.
“Yeah that’s me.” I reply with a small smile. “What’s a nice girl like you doing smoking pot at this time of day for then?” I ask her as we sit down together on the recently vacated sofa together. I reach out and pick up a full bottle of beer off the coffee table.
“Who says I’m nice?”
“Oo. You wouldn’t want to go making statements like that… you may have to live up to them.”
“And how am I supposed to do that then?” She replies with a suggestively arched eyebrow. We’re obviously flirting and we both know where it will end up. All I can think about is all the ways that she is different to Amy.
A few hours later we’re stumbling up Dean’s stairs headed for any empty room we can find. We get to a deserted guest bedroom (most people hadn’t made it up the stairs to the beds) and tumble onto the single bed together. She pulls me down on top of her. We tear at clothes and eventually things get moving. She’s breathing hard and fast and we’re both thrusting wildly. I feel her trace her teeth over my neck and guess what she wants. I bite my own teeth down softly on the exposed flesh of her neck. She lets out a quiet moan so I do it again. All the while thinking of Amy’s face, Amy’s smile, Amy’s dancing green eyes, Amy’s body, Amy’s mouth and taste and smell. “Oh my God Amy.” I let out under my breath as I get nearer and nearer.
“What- did you just call me?” Anna-Rose asks me in between pants.
“Anna. It’s your name right?” I bluff then move down to her neck to distract her.
Moments later and it’s over. She’s collecting her clothes and pulling them on with difficulty, we’d both taken a lot of foreign substances into our bodies tonight. I was just lying on the bed in my underwear staring at the ceiling and wondering why I couldn’t stop the tears pouring down my face.
Oh Amy.
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