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Holding down the fort

by pinkkissypetefreak

Sorry, I said I wouldn't update here anymore,but w/e. Strong content inside. So skip it if you're squeamish.

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Simone looked relieved, yet a little worried when she saw Gerard scurry across the street with Kris behind him. But he was holding her hand... She wondered if Mikey had been notified of his brother's whereabouts yet and decided to give Frank a call.


"Hey Simoney. No sign of G yet, but..."

"I've seen him."

Frank paused. "Simone...What?" Where?!"

"He was here. A-a-and he, he called up,and Kris, she went down and I just saw them, leave together. In his car."

Simone thought she heard Frank let out a sigh of relief. "So is he ok?"

"As far as I could tell Frankie... But should Kris be with Gerard while he's so angry with her? I mean, I don't mean any harm, but she is my friend. And I want to look out for her."

"Don't worry," Frank giggled. "I promise Gerard wouldn't let anything happen to her. He's totally in love. It's cute really. Haven't seen him like that in a long time."

Simone was lulled by Frank's words, but was also a little concerned. "Ok."

"Well, let me talk to the guys and let them know you saw G. I'll call you back."

She agreed, and they ended the call as Simone stared out of the window.

Kristian's heart was still pounding in her chest as Gerard raced through the city streets. But it wasn't the speed that was affecting her. It was Gerard's hand creeping up her thigh.

"Gerard?..." She began in a small voice. "Can you crack my window a little? Please? It's sorta hot."

Try a LOT hot.

Gerard glanced over at her, noticed her squirm under his touch and smirked. "Sure thing Princess." He replied, cracking the passenger's side window from his control panel. He gently squeezed her thigh and caressed the inside with his fingers teasingly. Kristian dropped her hand over his, trying to hold him off as her breath hitched.

"So, where are we going?" She prodded.

Gerard smiled. "You'll find out. When we get there."

They rode in silence further out of the city until Gerard made a turn onto a deserted gravel road. Kris listened as the tiny pebbles crunched underneath the car's tires. There were no more street lamps, only the headlights providing light in the darkness so she guessed he knew exactly where he was headed. That made her even less afraid. But she wasn't a fool.

"Maybe I should call Simone and tell her I'm ok. I did leave without a word, so..."

Gerard nodded. "When we stop." He replied. The car meanwhile, veered off again and began to slow. Kristian was able make out what seemed to be a small barn on their left side. The car finally came to a rolling stop in front of the building, and Gerard turned off the ignition.

"Come on." He smiled and got out of the car. Kris hesitated, but pulled the lock and climbed out. "Ok?" Gerard asked as he rounded the car and approached her.


He took her hand and they walked right up to the entrance of the building, the tall uncared for grass being trampled under their shoes.

"What is this place G?" Kris looked around curiously, but Gerard offered her no explanation. Just smiled again.

"You'll see Princess." He squeezed her hand and let go as they reached the door of the barn. He tried to hold his lighter and unlock the pad lock on the door at the same time, to no avail.

Kris rolled her eyes. "Here, let me help you." she said and took the lighter from his fingers. She lit it and held it carefully as Gerard stuck a key into the lock and pushed open the door.

"Success!" He grinned and placed his arm around her waist as they walked into the dark room. He shuffled them over and asked her to flick the lighter again as they approached. When she did, a fuse box appeared in front of them, and Gerard pulled the rusty door panel open. A switch was pulled, and a set of dim lights came on overhead. He hit another switch, and reclosed the box.

Kris turned around and took in the sights. The barn's looks were very obviously deceiving. Appearing tiny on the outside, it was really anything but. In fact, it looked like it could have been livable. There was a worn sectional couch in front of a 27' inch TV and an old coffee table. Kris chuckled as she neared it. That's when she noticed the small fridge close by and laughed.

"Isn't that just like a man? Fridge right next to the couch."

Gerard chuckled. "You should feel honored. You're the first girl to ever set foot in here. It's mine and Mikey's fort."

"Aren't you boys a little old to be playing in forts? Where are we Gerard? This doesn't look anything like your backyard." She asked him with a giggle.

Gerard, in turn, rolled his eyes.

"We're behind my Dad's place. He owns this property. We've been coming up here for ages to hang out. Or, to just think. It just got harder as we got older with the parents break up and all, but I've been here a lot lately...thinking. And drawing." He said, glancing over at her.

Kristian shifted uncomfortably. "Gerard..."

"Have a seat!" He said, chipper all of a sudden. She nodded and sat down on the couch while he turned the TV on. He grabbed two pepsis from the fridge as he sat down next to her on the couch.


They sat quietly for a moment, watching some random show, while sipping from their drinks. "So, why did you bring me here? To watch TV with you?" Kristian giggled.

"Maybe...Maybe not." Gerard answered. The look he gave sent shivers up Kris' spine. He was so handsome. And odd. And so damn hard to figure out. Gerard scooted closer to her, taking the can out of her hands and setting it on the coffee table. He swept a stray hair from her face and kissed her, moving his other hand back to her thigh, caressing the outside and inside slowly. Kris wasn't put off at all this time. She kissed him back, their tongues clashing and searching. Her heart thumped in her chest wildly and she knew this was it. Finally.

No words were needed as he gently began to lower her back onto the couch. She fell, and he followed, their lips still attached. He pushed her top up, the same place he'd stopped during their first encounter, only this time he continued, his hand shaking as he cupped her breast. She sighed, kissing him harder, and he proceeded to remove the sweater and shirt clumsily. Kris giggled and went back to kissing him, not caring at all that he was about to have his way with her on an old couch in his chilly hidden hangout when they could have been in her warm bed.

Soon enough, she was completely naked, and he was left in his t-shirt before she stopped. "Wait..."

Gerard sat up. "What is it? Do you want to stop?"

"Kristian shook her head. "God, no! we just need a condom. And a blanket, maybe? I'm sort of cold."

He smiled and kissed her again before getting up. She covered herself with their jackets until he returned with a snoopy comforter. Kris snickered.

"What? It's Mikey's." He told her innocently.

"Ok, 'Mikey'. Get over here." She giggled. Gerard crawled back on top of her, resuming the kissing and caressing, pausing only to place the condom on before pushing into her slowly. Kris wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his face as he thrust inside her. She whimpered real soft in his ear and he grunted in reply. "Gerard..." She moaned. Her body felt on fire as he loved her, his soft, gentle hands stroking her body as he pushed in, out and back in again.

"Ohh, Princess..." Gerard sighed. He sought out her lips again and sucked them before sliding his tongue inside. Their bodies moved in sync, and both cried out as their orgasms coincided. Gerard allowed her to breath heavily into his chest before kissing her forehead, cheeks, and back to her lips.

He held her tight and for a brief moment, forgetting all about what he had planned for her next...

It's been a while, and I apologize to those of you who were reading regularly. Thanks for doing so, and I hope to end this real soon for you! :)
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