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The introduction...

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Harry Potter - Harry Potter GTSHarry Potter GTS [NC-17]
Niklas "Hawk" Jonsson

Summary: Harry Potter wants the head of Bellatrix on a platter and now he has Summoned just the demon for the job! Or so he thinks...

Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Viper GTS and whatnot are not mine, though I certainly wish they were. The story is mine though, all mine.
If the layout looks screwy or symbols seems to be missing, you're probably reading the quickedit-mangled version of this fic on ff dot net, if it grates on your nerves too much, read it on hawksgalaxy dot com or something. ... Whenever I get around to uploading it there. :)

Feedback/Flames: Yes, please. Both of them are equally fun to read, although I must admit that I greatly prefer the first variety. :)
I can be found on ICQ as 21771860, MSN Messenger/E-mail as iamhawk at yahoo dot com, though not very frequently as real life lately interferes with my online existance more then I'd like. More stories are available at my nifty lil' site at hawksgalaxy dot com or by clicking on my handle up above.

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* Thoughts and ponderings from the insane one *

Sometimes I dunno where I get my ideas from and the ideas themselves do on occasion cause me to wonder if it might not be time for me to get some sort of professional help.

This is one of them and I can't even blame it on booze or anything like that, as I'm completely sober at the moment.

This idea and fic came about while I was house-sitting for my mom and her husband. After watching a Top Ten Bomb Airplanes thing on the Discovery Channel, there was nothing on that I wanted to see and their computer was out of order, so I sat down with my trusty palmtop and started writing this shit, no plan, no goal or anything.

I just started writing and what came out was 'Harry Potter was not a happy camper, no not at all.'. Okay, I thought. I'm obviously in the mood for writing something Harry Potter:ish. More stuff was written and as I was pondering what sort of critter Harry was going to summon, it just came to me from out of the blue.

The result sits before you now, the first ( at least as far as I'm aware of... ) Harry Potter / Viper GTS crossover ever.

Yeah... Sometimes I almost scare myself with the sort of shit my demented mind cooks up...

Anyway, no knowledge whatsoever about Viper GTS is needed to follow this fic. If you're curious, Google it, wiki it or pop on over to your local adult video store and check out their collection of Japanese hentai DVD's which is where you might find Viper GTS. :)

Beware any weird stains on the case, however...

* The insane one shuts up *


Harry Potter was not a happy camper, no not at all.

The reason for this particular state of mind was actually rather simple.

He was pissed off!

Pissed at himself, pissed at his friends, pissed at his rotten relatives, pissed at his highly esteemed headmaster and most of all, pissed at one Bellatrix Lestrange. The woman responsible for robbing him of his one viable chance at a decent life outside of Hogwarts, Sirius Black.

He had been stupid enough to fall for Voldemorts silly tricks.

His friends had been stupid enough to follow him to the ministry of magic, thereby putting themselves in mortal danger.

His relatives had always been stupid arseholes and would most likely always remain stupid arseholes.

Dumbledore was a secretive naive moron, who should have seated himself down and had a really deep and informative chat with Harry years ago!

And Bellatrix was responsible for throwing Sirius through the Veil, thereby banishing him from this world.

He had been plotting his revenge ever since and spent his every free moment at Hogwarts preparing for it.

For this one act of revenge, he would let nothing stand in his way and wouldn't be held back by anything.

This was why he couldn't ask his friends for help. Hermione wouldn't let him go far enough and Ron wouldn't have the stomach for the extreme measures Harry had in mind.

Luna was nice, odd, but nice. And what he needed least of all when dealing with Bellatrix was 'nice'.

Neville might be interested and willing to go the distance, but Harry hadn't been able to contact him since returning to Privet Drive. Some sort of mail ward appeared to be in place.

Just as well, really. Harry wasn't all that sure that he wanted to let anyone in on what he was planning.

But while all that was infuriating, the main reason for why Harry wasn't a happy camper at the moment was that he was missing a crucial component for the demonic summoning he wanted to perform.

He needed the tail feathers of a Snidget and he didn't have any of those in his potion supplies.

With a sigh and a shake of his head, he turned the page and kept on looking through the old tome he'd stolen from the Restricted Section for a demon that he could summon.

The reason why he was considering such an act was that it was possible to summon demons without relying on his wand!

This meant that the Ministry wouldn't become aware of his actions and that he could get his revenge without anyone finding out about it.

Well, nobody other then himself and Bellatrix at any rate.

"Carrera? What sort of name is that for a demon?" he muttered to himself once he found a summoning ritual he actually had all the components for.

Well, no matter. The demon in question wasn't the most horrifying or the most powerful in the old tome. In fact, from her description, she sounded almost like a human female, only with horns, wings and a tail.

Her appearance didn't really concern him however. All he was interested in was if she was powerful enough to defeat, capture and bring Bellatrix Lestrange to him so that he could finish her off.

Very slowly and extremely painfully!

And this indeed seemed to be the case, judging from her description.

Harry smiled nastily and re-read through everything twice, before he started to prepare for the summoning and binding to follow.

Two hours later, he stared at a small pillar of smoke, which was rapidly growing larger inside the glowing summoning circle.

Harry thought that he had prepared for everything and that he was ready to face this oddly-named demon.

And he might indeed have been ready to face her.

What he wasn't ready for, was to boob and groin her!

He had known that it was a female demon, what he hadn't known until she appeared was just how female she was!

Her face was gorgeous enough on it's own, cute pouty lips, a delicate nose, mischievous sparkling eyes, short blue-greenish hair and two cute horns.

But coupled with a supremely awesome body, huge firm breasts and the flimsiest bikini-like outfit he'd ever seen, she was without a doubt the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen!

He simply stared at her in slack-jawed silence, completely forgetting to finish the binding he'd prepared earlier.

He didn't move an inch as she gracefully stepped out of the summoning circle and away from the powerful runes that were needed to bind her will to his commands once she'd recovered from the unexpected Summoning.

She walked a lap around the room in silence, looking curiously at everything in it before she came to a stop right in front of him.

"Well, aren't you going to tell me why you Summoned me?" she drawled in a sultry purr, raising one of her eyebrows as she looked down at him.

"Beautiful..." Harry mumbled after a few moments of complete silence.

"Thank you." she purred with a coquettish smile and Harry shivered with barely suppressed excitement. "Now... What do you want?"

"I..." Harry started, taking a step closer to her and reaching out to pull her against him, before he snapped out of his daze. His eyes widened with horror and he leapt back from her in fear. "Holy shit!"

"Not really. As far from holy as possible, actually." she responded and grasped her tail with her left hand, lazily twirling it around. "I am a devil after all." she finished with a fanged smirk.

"Merlins Beard!" Harry exclaimed, taking another couple of steps back away from her.

"Don't worry. I don't hurt my Summoners. Well, unless they ask me to and then only after the contract is written." Carrera announced. "Do... You want me to... Hurt... You?" she purred in that sultry voice of hers.

"Ye-No!" Harry exclaimed, his mind a complete mess at the conflicting desires that were currently overwhelming nearly all rational thought. On one hand, he wanted to tear Bellatrix limb from limb, on the other, he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing nothing else but screwing this delightful woman.

"Do you want to hurt me?" she asked and turned half a lap, stuck her ass out and then gave her own butt a solid slap.

"Oh, dear god ye..." Harry started to respond, before he managed to restrain himself and get his mind back on track. "No. I want you to capture a certain person and bring her here to me." he explained.

"Ooooh, kinky!" she exclaimed in an approving tone of voice. "You're a perverted little thing, aren't you?" she asked.

"I didn't mean it li..." Harry started to protest, only to trail off into astonished silence as Carrera sashayed towards him and cupped his groin.

"I like perverted little things..." she confided in him, then glanced down at her hand. "Then again, you're not small all over, are you?" she commented with a widening smile.

"Gah! What are you doing?!" Harry yelped as he leapt away from her and slammed against the wall with a pained grunt.

"I thought we could have some fun before I run off to fetch your little girlfriend..." she drawled and slowly approached him with a lustful expression.

"No! I only want Bellatrix Lestrange!" Harry yelped in a panicked tone of voice, completely unhinged by this demons overly sexual behaviour.

Had he been a little more clear-headed, he might not have phrased things quite like that...

Especially not considering how fixated on sex Carrera seemed to be.

"Bellatrix Lestrange, you say? All rightie, I'll bring her over, all nice'n ready for you. I'll even gift-wrap her for you!" Carrera responded and then winked out of existence.

"No, wait!" Harry screamed, but it was far too late.

Carrera had already left.

For a few moments, he almost felt sorry for Bellatrix.

The End! ( For now... )
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