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Chapter Two

by iamhawk

The naughty shit continues...

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Harry Potter - Harry Potter GTSHarry Potter GTS [NC-17]
Niklas "Hawk" Jonsson

Summary: Harry Potter wants the head of Bellatrix on a platter and now he has Summoned just the demon for the job! Or so he thinks...

Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Viper GTS and whatnot are not mine, though I certainly wish they were. The story is mine though, all mine.
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Chapter Two:

"Oh, it's Dung..." Harry muttered and scratched the back of his head.

The naked and unconscious scoundrel certainly wasn't the prettiest sight he'd ever seen and he wasn't all that sure what he should do about him. Apparently, he'd come upon Carrera at a bad time and been blasted into the wall, his clothes torn to pieces by whatever demonic magic she'd unleashed upon him.

Harry finally settled for dragging the older wizard out and into a shrubbery in the back yard he knew Dung used as cover on occasion when he had guard duty. In there, he also found a bottle of firewhiskey which he poured onto the shifty older man, causing him to reek of the stuff.

With any luck, he'd think he'd gone over the top, vanished his own clothes and imagined the Carrera incident or something of the sort.

"Oh, that's not a problem." the demon in question suddenly interjected, having appeared unnoticed behind Harry. She waved her left hand at Dung, who grunted in his unconsciousness before he settled down again. "There. He'll believe that he had a few drinks, had a few more drinks and fell asleep, then woke up and vanished his own clothes because it was too hot." she explained and Harry merely grunted in response. "So, decided what you want me to do yet?" she asked.

"Not really, no." Harry admitted.

"Hm, this is very unconventional, y'know?" Carrera commented. "You Summoned me here, but didn't bind me to a task. Without having finished my Summoners task, I can't go back on my own so I'll have to wait until the magic from the Summoning wears off." she continued and got a thoughtful expression. "Well, I guess a bit of a vacation isn't a bad thing, come to think of it. And without a task, I don't need to take your soul either, which is kinda cool as I rather like you. You're fun." she finished.

"M-my soul?" Harry stuttered.

"Oh, sure!" Carrera cheerfully responded. "That's the standard fee. Perform a task for the one who Summoned one of us. All for the price of one soul, usually the Summoners soul though an acceptable trade can be made." she further explained.

"Oh..." was all he was capable of uttering in response. "The book didn't say anything about that!" he added after a few moments of silence.

"No wonder either. Those who succeeded in Summoning me weren't around to talk about it after I'd done what they wanted me to do." she replied with a faint shrug. "It's nasty business, I know. But hey, a girl has to make a living. It's a devil-eat-human-soul-world, y'know?"

"I may just throw up..." Harry mumbled, suddenly feeling awfully happy about the fact that he'd botched the Binding when he Summoned Carrera.

"Aw, cheer up. We haven't got a contract, at least not yet, so your soul is safe. For now." Carrera commented with an encouraging smile. "Hey, what do you say about a little pick-me-up-fuck? We haven't done it in the kitchen yet and that's usually a fun place to do it in!"

"All right..." Harry replied with a dazed expression, haplessly following Carrera back into the house.

The woman... Demon... Devil... Whatever she was, just couldn't get enough!

After she'd used the listless Bellatrix to fuck him, she'd taken the witch herself.

With her tail!

Then she'd gotten him up again and rode him to unconsciousness. When he finally regained consciousness again, she had been masturbating. He'd managed to beg off her advances and asked her to bring him something to eat and drink, which had restored some of his mobility, though he still walked gingerly. The stairs had been hell and moving Dung around had been even worse then that.

He'd tried to rouse Bellatrix when Carrera brought the food up, but the woman had been dead to the world and not even stirred in her sleep as he tried to get her up. He wasn't surprised, either. Carrera had brought her to two screaming climaxes and then kept on doing her for a while even after Bellatrix lost consciousness.

There really was such a thing as too much of a good thing!

+Knock+ +Knock+ +Knock+

"Oh, god..." Harry grunted as he slowly pulled himself up from the couch and dragged his just barely responsive body over towards the door. His gaze moved about unsteadily, but failed to locate either Bellatrix or Carrera anywhere around. He heard some very familiar-sounding wet squishing noises from upstairs however, accompanied by the occasional exhausted groan.

For a few seconds, he actually pitied Bellatrix.

Then he just took pleasure in the fact that it wasn't him Carrera had roused for another romp.

He pulled the door open and blinked owlishly.

"Wotcher, Harry. Just checking in to see that you're all right. There hasn't been anyone leaving the house and you haven't responded to your owls so I..." Tonks greeted him and then gave him a wide-eyed once-over. "Do you know that your naked?" she asked in a conspiratoric whisper.

She'd been worried as hell ever since she arrived and fund a naked Dung in the back yard, reeking of booze. He'd been incredibly ashamed and blurted out that everything had been calm, before he Apparated off. But judging by the smell, he couldn't have been all that attentive, so she'd fretted quite a bit. She'd handed over Guard duty to Arthur some hours later and now when it was her turn again, she'd been informed that nobody had reported seeing anyone at all since before Dungs watch when she'd discovered him naked and unconscious.

That had worried her even more and finally, she'd decided to take a gamble, go against her orders and actually check with Harry in person to see if everything was as it should be.

Harry looked down at himself and then back up at her, nodding.

"Yes." he replied.

"Oh, I thought it was the twins and some weird prank." Tonks replied with a relieved expression, before she frowned and her forehead creased. "Uh... Why are you naked, Harry?"

"Too much of a bother getting dressed and undressed all the time." he simply replied and yawned. He was too tired to even contemplate feeling embarrassed about the whole situation. Four days of almost non-stop sex whenever he wasn't eating, drinking, taking a dump, sleeping or watching Carrera and Bellatrix having sex, had pretty much taken such things completely out of him.

"Riiiiight..." Tonks replied and took a half-step back away from him, giving him an odd look that clearly suggested that she believed that he'd gone completely bonkers with a generous side order of utterly mental. "Uh... Well... Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you were all right, so I'll be going now." she continued and took another step back away from him.

"I don't suppose you've got some pepper-up or some other revitalizing potions on you?" Harry asked.

"You feeling a bit under the weather?" she asked in a manner that suggested that it would explain a whole lot if he was.

"Nah, I'm just exhausted." he replied, unconcerned with his nudity and the fact that standing in the doorway like he was put him in plain view of the neighbours.

"Oh, she's hot! You got another little fuckbuddy for us, Harry?" a cheerful voice suddenly inquired from behind.

"No. She's just checking up on me, I think." Harry replied without turning around to face the oddball devil he now seemed to be stuck with for the time being. "You're not here for a shag, are you?" he asked Tonks, who was now staring in utter shock at something behind Harry's back.

"What? No! Harry... Why is there a nude woman with horns and a tail standing behind you?" she asked, raising a trembling hand to point at Carrera.

"She got bored and walked down in search of entertainment?" he guessed with an uncaring shrug.

"Got it in one! Your girlfriend is worn out again." Carrera informed Harry who yawned and shrugged his shoulders.

"Are you sure that you don't fancy a shag, Tonks?" Harry asked.

He could certainly use another person around to help him keep Carrera busy and lessen the amount of attention the she-devil lavished on him.

"Who're you? Where are the Dursley's?" Tonks demanded to know, whipping her wand out and unwaveringly directing it at Carrera. "Knowing what I do about them, I can't imagine that they'd take well to horned women or the nudity that seems to run rampant here!"

"I'm Carrera." Carrera introduced herself and curtsied.

"She's a demon that I Summoned." Harry added for clarification, not caring what the consequences for revealing that might turn out to be.

"You know... You're really attractive!" Carrera interjected, having given Tonks several appreciative once-overs during the time since she laid her eyes upon the new woman.

Tonks blinked and suddenly felt how her skin crawled as Carrera gave her another slow once-over with a very creepy hungry look in her eyes. The shimmer in her eyes reminded her of Ron Weasley when food was put in front of him and seeing that very same look in the eyes of a woman when she was staring at her, made her feel extremely uncomfortable. She focused briefly and suddenly turned into the spitting image of Dolores Umbridge, causing Carrera to blink in surprise.

"You... You can change shapes?" she asked with a speculative shimmer in her eyes and a surprised expression on her face.

"Yes? What's it to you and who are you?!" Tonks demanded to know, apparently not buying the demon explanation from earlier.

Harry looked back over his shoulder at Carrera and then looked back at Tonks.

"I don't think you should have answered that question about shapeshifting in the positive." he commented, yawned and dragged himself off towards the couch.

"Wha..." Tonks started to ask, only to burst out into a surprised yell as Carrera snapped her fingers, causing Tonks to suddenly find herself without clothes and wand.

"C'mere, you... I've never had a shape shifter before..." Carrera drawled and Tonks suddenly found herself unable to move, as Carrera levitated her into the house and closed the door behind them.

"See?" Harry called from the couch, where he'd flopped down and closed his eyes. "Now Carrera will ensure that you'll be getting that shag anyways..." he mumbled, already starting to feel himself falling asleep.

At least now Carrera had another person around to keep herself busy, meaning more rest for him.

He'd likely feel terribly bad about basically abandoning Tonks to be raped by the insatiable she-devil at some point later on. But at the moment, he was quite frankly too ruddy tired and too bloody exhausted to even care about that.

All he cared about at the moment was getting some rest and trying to get the image of a naked Umbridge out of his head before it caused him some sort of permanent brain damage.

Hopefully Carrera would have gotten Tonks to change to a more pleasant form by the time he woke up.

She had shifted to a more pleasing appearance by the time Harry woke up, as a matter of fact.

He had been wrong in his assumption that Carrera had fucked the young Auror however.

By the time he woke up five hours later, Carrera had reduced the vibrant Metamorph to a needy trembling drooling sex-starving mess by keeping her on the edge but away from climax for the entire duration of Harry's sleep, apparently planning on breaking her in on Harry.

He wasn't aware of any of that when he woke up, however.

All he was aware of was that either Carrera or Bellatrix seemed by far more frantic then usual as he woke up with his dick being superbly blown. He opened his eyes and pulled his head open, blinking in surprise as he saw pink hair down there, bobbing up and down.

"Oh, Tonks..." he mumbled as he recalled the Auror coming by earlier.

"Well, he's awake now, so you may fuck him now." Carrera informed the young Auror from a ways off, where she was sitting on the living room carpet, cradling a listless Bellatrix in her arms and almost absently fondling the breasts of the unresponsive woman.

Tonks wasted no time at all. After five hours of being kept at the edge of orgasm, then being told that she would get fucked if she woke up Harry with a blow job, she'd leapt at the task with a frantic enthusiasm and now when Carrera had unleashed her, she almost leapt up from the ground. Harry grunted as she accidentally shoved her knee into his ribs as she got settled upon him.

Even groggy with sleep as he was, his left hand rose nearly of its own accord to caress her breasts while his right darted down to help guide himself into her.

There was something to be said for practise and he'd had a lot of that since Summoning Carrera.

The Aurors eyes rolled around in their sockets as she swiftly impaled herself upon him, pausing only for a split second to appreciate FINALLY being stretched by Harry before impatience spurred her on and got her moving again. In fact, she started rocking back and forth so fast that Harry feared that she'd give the both of them severe friction burns.

He moved both his hands over to her hips, hoping to pace her a bit, but Tonks wouldn't have any of that. She yanked his hands away and transferred them to her breasts, then she resumed her previous pace.

He finally just gave up and allowed her to do her thing. He didn't know the reason for it at the moment, as he'd just woken up, but she actually appeared to be even more relentless then Carrera!

He tried a few different things with his hands, caressing, pinching, fondling and even twisting, trying to see what got the largest reaction out of Tonks, but she appeared equally satisfied no matter what he did. The occasional extended throbbing sessions in her nether regions made him believe that she had enjoyed a few climaxes, but it was hard to tell from the rest of her.

All that was visible of her eyes during the few times she had them opened were her whites, she was squealing interspersed with the occasional grunt near-continuously and she never wavered in her non-stop rocking. She was supporting herself with her left arm on his chest and caressing her clit and nether lips with her right hand.

Tired, exhausted and desensitised as he was after a couple of days at the non-existent sexual mercy of Carrera and through her, Bellatrix, he was actually not even remotely close to a climax of his own. He leaned his head to the side and observed how Carrera hoisted Bellatrix upwards and then slid her down onto her tail.

Bellatrix eyes fluttered open as she was impaled, but her expression remained vacant and uncaring. Her gaze momentarily locked onto Harry and Tonks, but with a simple 'Oh...' she closed her eyes, leaned back and let Carrera do most of the work. However, her right hand did slowly drag itself over to her groin, where she slowly started caressing herself.

A few days of being treated like a sex toy by Carrera and Harry had left the woman a complete slave to whatever weak passions possessed her at the time. When she was tired, she was out like a log. When she was hungry, she weakly ate although she often required assistance. When she was awake during sex, she assisted to the best of her ability.

Carrera had really done a number on the Death Eater over the last couple of days. It seemed like whenever Harry was resting up, Carrera fooled around with Bellatrix, not caring if the witch was conscious for it or not. Sometimes, she brought her along for a threesome with Harry.

Oddly enough, it seemed to improve Bellatrix general health.

She had been thin and haggard when Carrera brought her over. With all the exercise, lack of sleep and loss of bodily fluids, her condition should only have worsened. But what little breaks for food and water that Carrera allowed them, actually seemed to completely restore them. Harry suspected some sort of magic involvement, but hadn't managed to drag up enough energy and interest to ask Carrera about it.

But there was no doubt that Bellatrix was filling out. While her ribs were still visible, the space between them was no longer empty air. Her gaunt features had been complimented with a bit of more flesh and her complexion was gradually improving.

The same was true for Harry. He wasn't sure, since he was nearly always slumping since the Devil arrived and that made it hard to tell for sure, but he thought that he might even have grown a bit over the last couple of days. But at least he was dead sure that his muscles had never been this defined or his body been in this good a condition, his stamina had increased to the point that he probably wouldn't even breathe hard after an extended romp in the sack, if it hadn't been for the fact that he usually started out exhausted.

For the last two days, he hadn't needed any magical assistance to get an erection either. Before that, Carrera usually had to bring him back to life, but now he found himself growing hard the moment either Carrera or Bellatrix touched him, almost like a conditioned response. He felt a bit of magic flaring whenever it happened and during one of his rare lucid moments, had guessed that perhaps his magical core had learned to emulate the magic that Carrera used to get him up and running.

His head swivelled back to Tonks as she suddenly gave off a louder holler then before, then slumped forward, only being supported by his hands on her breasts. Her eyes were fluttering open and close, she was panting in exhaustion and sweating like a pig.

But the small tired and yet immensely satisfied smile on her lips was like the sun rising after a week-long eclipse.

"Harry... I'm too tired to move. Please, fuck me." Tonks panted. "Fuck me and fuck me and fuck me, don't stop. Don't ever stop!" she requested with a wild look in her eyes.

"All right." Harry responded and slowly reversed their positions, until Tonks was the one lying on her back, with him resting between her legs. She emitted a satisfied groan as she started pumping her. Her arms weakly moved around to rest around his neck as he rose himself up on his arms and increased the pace of their coupling.

He heard a panicked outcry from the door that sounded faintly like Petunia, rapidly followed by rapid foot-steps fading into the distance. He heard the door swinging in the post, revealing that it had been left open.

He was beyond caring however and kept on fucking Tonks, uncaring of who might see or hear what was going on inside Privet Drive Number Four.

He heard Bellatrix climaxing off to the side, but ignored that and simply stared down at Tonks rapt expression. She seemed somewhat more coherent now, her pupils were visible and instead of that mindless squealing from before, it was now a series of moans, groans, grunts and words of approval at what he was doing to her.

A little bit later, he sensed Carrera moving up to the couch and saw her leaning into his field of vision, giving Tonks a passionate kiss before she turned her head around and moved up to claim his lips as well.

"Try her ass, Harry. She's got a delightful little ass." she urged him on and Harry absently complied. He extracted himself from Tonks soppingly wet pussy, got up onto his knees and blinked at the surprisingly large target. Tonks had an arsehole that was by far wider then either Carrera's or Bellatrix. "Isn't shapeshifters great?!" Carrera happily exclaimed. "I made sure that she was well trained before I brought her down to you and let me tell you, this gal has talent!" she continued as Harry pushed himself into Tonks without a single bit of resistance until he was buried to the hilt.

Then Tonks tightened herself around him and for a split second, he thought that he might faint from the unexpected velvety tightness that now completely surrounded him.

"See? You certainly won't lack for entertainment once my Summoning runs out of juice, that's for sure!" Carrera cheerfully approved.

"And when might that be?" Harry dazedly asked. He'd asked a couple of times before, but never gotten a real answer from her.

"Oh, a couple of days or so at the most." Carrera absently replied. "Now, bugger her real good!" she requested and Harry complied.



"See?! I told you that she was really good." Carrera giggled from beside him, then strolled back to Bellatrix.

Hardened and desensitised from the past couple of days he might be, but inside Tonks incredibly tight and massaging arsehole, he was swiftly overcome and came with a loud yell of pleasure. He kept on pumping her and shifted his right hand down to her groin, raking his thumb over her clit a couple of times which drew a final climax out of Tonks as well, before Harry's strength gave out and he simply collapsed on top of the gasping Auror.

"I'll be expecting a repeat performance later on." Tonks mumbled tiredly into his ear, now when her mind wasn't simply a chaotic mass of sexual desire, but somewhat more lucid. "A repeat performance and an explanation for all of this..." she amended, then closed her eyes and faded off into blissful unconsciousness.

"Sure thing, Tonks." Harry mumbled and kissed her cheek, before he closed his eyes and nodded off as well, lulled to sleep by the familiar and somehow oddly comforting sounds of Carrera ravaging an unconscious Bellatrix Lestrange.

"I don't understand it. The Wards around Privet Drive aren't getting any stronger." Dumbledore sighed, absently flicking a little silver statue of a wizard holding a wand down towards the ground with his right index finger. The figurine simply refused to raise it's wand. As the wards grew stronger, it should have slowly been raising the wand until it pointed straight upwards when they were at full strength.

But ever since Harry's first year, the wand had never been raised in more then a 20 degree angle from the ground. Now, it was still pointing straight down and hadn't shown any sign of budging from that position ever since Harry got back home.

"Well, Miss Granger did say that he doesn't see Privet Drive as his home anymore." Minerva interjected, causing Dumbledore to blink.

"That's impossible. No matter how much he dislikes the Dursley's, it's still the place where he grew up. If that isn't his home, then what is?" the ancient wizard asked.

"Well, you did say that the Wards grew stronger both at the Burrow and Grimmauld Place." Minerva continued, looking at the small figurine.

"Yes and I don't understand why. Neither of those places are his home and none of his family were present at the time." Dumbledore confessed with a tried sigh.

"I told you that they were the worst sort of Muggles." Minerva muttered and her expression grew distant for a while. "Is it possible that Harry doesn't view them as his family anymore? He has grown close to Miss Granger and Mister Weasley over the years, perhaps that is why the Wards are recharging when he's around them and away from Privet Drive."

"Unlikely. The conditions at Privet Drive has to be truly awful for him to transfer his sense of belonging to an entirely different set of people then his own family." Dumbledore replied after a moment's consideration.

"He did say that he didn't want to go back to 'that place'." Minerva hinted.

"Even if the Dursley's do give preferential treatment to Dudley, it shouldn't be anywhere near enough to cause such a shift. Breaking Bonds of Blood and creating a stronger Bond of Soul takes an incredible amount of effort." Dumbledore replied with a shake of his head.

"You know... You've always said that Harry must be exaggerating when he's described his living conditions at the Dursley's, but I wonder... What if it is true? What if he really is mistreated there? If things truly are as awful as he says they are, wouldn't that be enough to disassociate him from that place and enable him to form a stronger bond with others?" the Transfiguration Professor inquired and Dumbledore's expression darkened as he considered that, truly considered that for the first time.

"It could." he eventually admitted. "But that's too horrible a notion to even contemplate. I refuse to believe that such a thing could be true! Not even Muggles could ever be that cruel to a child!" he protested.

"I'm not too sure about that, Albus." Minerva finally responded. "I'm going to be investigating that this year, no matter what you say. I'll get to the bottom of this." she promised and Dumbledore hesitated for a while, before he slowly nodded.

"Perhaps that is for the best." he finally agreed. "I really don't have any other ideas for why the Wards aren't recharging and if there's even a small chance that such outrageous stories can be true, we'll have to look into it." he decided.

"If... If it is true..." Minerva started, her expression growing ever more horrified.

"Then we've, I've, committed a truly grievous error." Dumbledore mumbled with a sad expression. "In either case, it obviously isn't doing the Wards any good for him to stay at Privet Drive any longer. I guess we can finally let him know that it's okay for him to spend the rest of his summer someplace else. If what you're suspecting is correct, it'll be for the best and might even finally start to recharge the Wards." he reasoned and looked up at Minerva. "Who's his guard?" he asked.

Minerva looked aside and glanced at a huge grandfather clock along one of the walls.

"I believe it's young Nymphadora. The twins are relieving her at eight o clock this evening." Minerva replied after a moment to think about it.

"The twins?" Dumbledore asked with a surprised expression.

"Mister Fletcher was supposed to do it, but he has taken the week off to rest up. He claimed that he must be overworked or something, because his 'good' judgement is obviously slipping." Minerva replied in a disbelieving tone of voice. "The twins were the only ones at the time who had the time to spare, as their shop is currently being restored after 'a little miscalculation during our research'. I'm told that even the neighbouring shops had to close down due to the stench. Some new and improved sort of dung bomb, no doubt."

"I fear that those two young men will somehow be the end of our caretaker." Dumbledore mumbled. "He nearly had a stroke when he heard that those two were going to open a business and provide other eager young ones with the fruit of their labour." he continued and slowly stroked his beard. "Are we really sure that they'll be able to handle the responsibility?" he finally asked.

"We didn't have much choice at the time, as nobody else could confirm that they'd be available to cover Mundungus shift. I believe Hestia is available now, however." Minerva replied.

"Perhaps we'd better let her relieve young Miss Nymphadora then. She can also let Harry know that he doesn't have to stay there any longer and if he's willing, she and Nymphadora can escort him to Headquarters or the Burrow if the Weasley's are willing to shelter him." Dumbledore announced and Minerva nodded.

"I'll take care of it." she promised.

"Thank you, Minerva. I do not know what I'd do without you." Dumbledore said.

"Let's hope you'll never have to find out, hm?" Minerva responded and then headed for her own office. She had a few owls to send out.

The End! ( For now... )
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