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'Quidditch Practice'

by Diviniti

One shot PWP. Harry gets laid by three hot chasers when Angelina schedules a ‘extra Quidditch practice’ with only the seeker and chasers. These wicked girls certainly do plan to ride a broomsti...

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‘Quidditch Practice’

One shot PWP. Harry gets laid by three hot chasers when Angelina schedules a ‘extra Quidditch practice’ with only the seeker and chasers. These wicked girls certainly do plan to ride a broomstick…

Warning: In case you didn’t figure out from the summary, this story is smut.

“Harry, Alicia, Katie, I’ve decided that the chasers need to learn to work better with the seeker. There is an additional practice on Saturday, that you must attend.”

Harry groaned; he had been hoping to have a DA meeting then. Katie and Alicia, on the other hand, were smirking.

Harry went down to the deserted Quidditch field, and saw Angelina, Katie, and Alicia, all wearing their sports bras and short shorts instead of Quidditch uniforms. Harry gulped.

“Okay, sorry I’m a bit late,” he said, forcing himself not to look at their bodies. Angelina was tall, with chocolate skin, and large mounds on her chest, barely covered by her sports bra. Alicia was a strawberry blonde, with pale milky skin, and a cute face. She had an athletic body, and toned legs. Katie was a brunette with more tanned skin that Alicia, and pert breasts.

“No problem, Harry,” Angelina said. “I hope you don’t mind that we’re dressed like this,” she ran her hands up her body, “it’s a nice sunny day and we thought we would tan. Why don’t you do the same?”

“Oh…” Harry turned red. “Well, I have sensitive skin, so I’ll just stay like this…”

“Nonsense, we have Magical Tropical Sunscreen Lotion. It smells great, here,” Alicia got some in her hand and saucily rubbed it on Harry’s ears.

“Yeah, we can put it on you…”

“If you put it on us,” Angelina finished.

Harry gulped. “We should spend our time practicing, the game…”

“Harry, c’mon, we need you to put sunscreen on us,” Angelina said. “I’m captain, so I’ll go first.”

She lay down on a bench on her stomach, giving Harry a marvelous view of her backside. He blushed again… his hands were begging to be allowed to touch her, but his mind was going haywire. “Look, why don’t you three just…”

Katie squirted the sunscreen in his hand and cupped his hand. She then forced his hand onto Angelina’s back. “Oh, Harry, her strap will get in the way.”

“No, it’s fine, I’ll just get around…” Harry gulped and Katie unclipped the bra, revealing her bare chocolate skin. He could see hints of her large breasts pressed against the platform and his cheeks were burning, hoping that none of the girls saw the bulge in his pants. Harry very gently rubbed the lotion into her smooth skin, until the white color disappeared. “Okay…”

“Wait, she needs in on her legs too,” Alicia commented. Alicia hiked Angelina’s short shorts up, revealing half of her round ass, and her toned legs. “C’mon, Harry, don’t be embarrassed, this is what team members do for each other.”

“Oh…okay…. I guess… Angelina, if you don’t mind…”

“Go for it, Harry. Work that lotion into me.”

Harry gently started to put the lotion onto her bum, but Katie stopped him. She one against grabbed his hands. “Like this,” she said, making him grab and knead the lotion into her ass and legs. Angelina hummed as he stroked the lotion into her legs. Harry loved the smooth feel of her legs… and her butt was so squeezable.

“All done, Angelina,” Harry said, breathing heavily, and not because he was tired.

She turned over. “Continue.”

“Umm… Are you sure… where exactly…”

“Everything that isn’t covered, Harry. I’ll burn if you don’t, so make sure you get all of the skin. You don’t want that do you?”

Harry continued to knead the lotion into the front side of her legs. He then tried to skin to her stomach, but she again hiked up her shorts, and forced Harry to rub it into her inner thighs. Harry wanted to disappear and die; when she was on her back, she couldn’t see his erection, and his back was turned to Katie and Alicia. Now, Angelina was staring at it.

Harry quickly did her stomach, and then moved to her neck and arms. The whole while, his eyes were on her breasts. She was wearing a very narrow sports bra, and her awesome cleavage was visible from the top and bottom. She… she couldn’t want him to… to…

“Harry, you don’t want me to burn, do you?” Angelina said. “Let me help you then.” She took his hand and pushed it against her boobs, making Harry squeeze every part that wasn’t covered by the bra. “Oh, Harry we used too much lotion, can you clean the extra bits off?”

Harry was at the point where all he could to was nod. To get the lotion off, he had to pinch the lovely flesh, and doing so made precum drip out of his member.

“Do you see any areas you’ve forgotten,” she said, cupping her cleavage and jiggling it.


“Okay, on to Alicia then. Sorry, Katie, but she is older.”

Alicia smirked at Harry and then lay down on bench.

“Harry, rub it in hard, I burn easily. Make sure you really work it into me.” Alicia said.

Harry rubbed it into her white back, and then down to her slim waist and hips. Once again he blushed when he got to her ass and legs, but he forced himself to just do it, since he didn’t want to disappoint to older girls. He squeezed his way down her legs, massaging in loads of lotion, but just when he thought he was finished, Alicia arched her back, angling her bum in the air. “Harry, you need to make sure the lotion it in. Give it a nice spank or two.”

“Um, the lotion looks fine to me, I don’t really think that…”

She wiggled her butt. Harry spanked it softly.

“Harry, that isn’t hard enough. C’mon, lay one on me.”

Harry spanked her tight ass, but then turned red, knowing that she would turn over and see his bulge. Sometimes he wished he was small like Ron instead of seven inches.

“Okay, same thing with my front. Make sure I don’t burn.”

Harry was lost in the sensation of feeling her smooth skin under his hands. This time, he really massaged her boobs, figuring that he would be criticized if he didn’t. He stroked up and down her body, judging from her moans that she enjoyed his hands and much as his hands enjoyed hers.

“Okay… here let me grab your hand,” she said, reaching for him. Harry jumped ten feet high when she grabbed not his hand, but his member, and then simply apologized and grabbed his hand. “Okay, I’m going to need you to get sunscreen right in between by breasts, okay. Wait, first, we need to get your finger nice and moist.”

She brought his finger to her mouth and she sucked on it and ran her tongue over it. Harry groaned in pleasure and when she brought it out of her mouth, he proceeded to slide his finger in and out of her tits, first without lotion, and then with.

Next Katie lay down, and requested the same treatment as Alicia. Harry groaned silently; he really needed to get out of here and find a bathroom…

Katie had such a cute butt, and a hourglass figure that Harry had to stroke. He was more comfortable now, but his blood was still boiling, and he blushed when he was rubbing Katie’s inner thigh, and her legs squeezed together, trapping his hand very close to an area that he had heard boys talk about with reverence. He exhaled when Katie let him free, and continued. She then rolled over, showing him a white bra and matching shorts. She, Alicia and Angelina, was very pretty, with curves that Hermione or Ginny didn’t yet have.

“Okay, all done, Katie. We should get out there and get some practicing in…” Harry said. Flying would take his mind off of the girls, or more specifically, the mind of his member off of the girls.

“Harry, but we don’t want you to burn up either,” Angelina said.

“Oh, I’ll wear a shirt, like I usually do.”

“But the whole point is to tan. Look, Harry, just lie down on your stomach.”

Fuck. How the hell did he get himself into this situation. He couldn’t lie on a flat platform with his erection. But he had too, because if he lay on his back then they would see it. “I can't…” he said, wishing god would just kill him.

“Oh, I see,” Alicia said.

Harry’s cheeks were burning. “Can we just fly?”

“I have an idea,” Angelina said. She got her wand and blasted a round hole in the bench. “There you go, Harry. Hey, don’t blush, we’re your teammates, you can be comfortable with us.”

“Okay…” he squeaked. Three girls encroached on him, and six sexy hands removed his robes, leaving him in his underwear. Harry noticed that they were all looking at his body, and he quickly lay on the bench, closing his eyes in embarrassment.

He felt a hand rubbing in the tropical lotion on his neck, slowly and tenderly, and then he felt two on each of his shoulderblades, massaging him. He groaned out in pleasure, and they did it harder. Soon his back was covered in lotion, and many hands were working his back muscles. It felt heavenly, he thought. His pleasure turned to horror when a hand reached his rear. They then went on to his legs, and Harry could feel his manhood throbbing as one of their hands strayed a centimeter away from his balls.

“Angie, there’s a spot on his neck you missed.”

“Oh, let me get that…” Angelina bent over Harry, pressing her boobs to his back she rubbed his neck. “Turn over.”

Harry did so, once again wishing there was some way he could take down the tent he was pitching.

“Harry, this works best if the skin is slightly moist before we apply the lotion. Since your front is the more sensitive region, we’re going to have to get it a little wet. Alicia, you take the right leg, Katie, you get the left. I’ll do his chest, then we’ll all get his abs.”

“Got it, Angie,” Alicia said wickedly.

“What exactly… how… no…” Harry stuttered as Angelina suckled on his nipple. Katie and Alicia both kissed and licked his legs, while pressing their breasts against him.

Harry groaned in pleasure; Angelina was stroking his chest and she licked, nipped, and sucked on his skin. It felt heavenly. So heavenly, in fact, that cum leaked out of his member, and it was visible through his white underwear. Katie and Alicia were now straddling each of his legs, getting them ‘moist’. Their heads pushed against his member and they sucked on his skin naught but an inch away. Then, all three girls got off of him, and got globs on lotion in their hands. It felt so good to have the three of them hovering over him, squeezing and stroking his skin. He was sad when it ended.

“Alright, so we should probably get some practice in…”

“Harry, trust us, you don’t want to fly with that,” Angelina said, pointing to his tent.

Harry blushed furiously. “Just let me go behind the locker…”

“No, Harry, we’re your teammates. I think we can help you out,” Alicia said sweetly.

“Why exactly are you doing this?” Harry asked.

“Whatever do you mean?” Katie said moving closer. “Just relax, then we can get to flying.”

Harry relaxed. His underwear was removed, and he struggled against the impulse to cover his manhood.

“Merlin, Harry, you’re pretty big.” Angelina kissed the tip of his member and licked his glands. Harry moaned in pleasure. “There you go, Harry, just enjoy.”

Alicia sucked on the base his cock and Angelina took the head. Katie went in between his legs and licked his balls.

“Oh god!” Harry said. Merlin, their lips, tongues and mouths were so hot and wet. They all started to take turns, giving him a few deep sucks and then trading. Harry felt the burning sensation roaring from his balls, and shooting through his throbbing member furiously, spraying their faces in a hot white liquid.

“There you go, Harry. Now we can fly. Wait, just let us clean up,” Angelina said.

The three girls all came together inches above his cock, and made out sexily, licking each other’s faces. “All clean,” Alicia said. “Oh, but we can't fly.”

“Why not?” Katie asked.

Angelina pointed at his member. It had woken up.

“Looks like a blow wasn’t enough,” she commented. “We’re going to need to try something else.”

The girls gave each other knowing smiles and began to remove each other’s bra and panties. Angelina used her wand to make the platform bigger. “Well, Harry, you’re going to need to get us wet so that we can do this.”

“Wait! Do what? You don’t mean…”

“Katie, since you were the one sucking him when he came, you get to go first, I suppose,” Angelina said.

Katie straddled Harry’s face. “Lick it, Harry. Get me nice and wet.” Harry obeyed, and Katie moaned as he licked and sucked at her pussy. It was a lovely pink color, and he was getting it very wet. It tasted heavenly too, and the smell made his member throb with desire. Soon Katie orgasmed, and soaked Harry’s face. She moaned and cried as she came, and Harry knew, despite his inexperience, that whatever he did worked.

“Alright, Harry,” Katie said, mounting him and preparing to ride him. He groaned out and squeezed her breasts as she sank down, enveloping his throbbing cock in her incredibly tight, wet pussy. The warmth felt amazing, and he breathed her name when he started to ride him, working her curvy hips around his member.

Katie started to cry out with increasing intensity, and Harry was afraid he was hurting her. He then realized he wasn’t, because Katie was riding him like there was no tomorrow. Harry felt the same burning pleasure coming to a climax, and he came with Katie, spraying his fluids deep into her tight, wet hole.

Katie got off of him, and Harry made to get up, but Angelina pushed him back. “It wouldn’t be fair if you only got to taste Katie, don’t you agree.”

“Yes!” cried Harry, all embarrassment gone, only noticing that Angelina was so damn hot. Harry pulled her on top of him, ready to taste her pussy, but as she straddled his head, Alicia climbed on his dick that was wet with Katie’s fluids. Katie grabbed his member and guided it into Alicia’s pussy. Angelina switched her position so that she and Alicia could snog and press their breasts together and Harry thrusted into Alicia’s tight pussy and pleasures Angelina with his fingers and tongue. The two hot bodies on top of him, as well as the heavenly pussies on his two heads, caused him to come before Alicia did. He continued to suck off Angelina, loving the way he could feel her perfect ass and legs as he sucked on her clit. Katie slid two fingers inside of Alicia’s pussy as she licked Harry’s balls. By the time that Angelina had climaxed and released her juices on Harry’s face, Harry was hard enough to pump again, and he gave Alicia an orgasm. She was the most vocal of the girls when she came.

All of the girls were off of him, but he was hard. “Angelina, what are we going to do?” Alicia asked.

“We’re going to have to try again, Ali,” she said sexily, winking at Harry. She lay back and pulled Harry on top of her. Her hands worked patterns over Harry’s back as she kissed him. Harry marveled at the feeling of his chest being pressed against her standing nipples and massive boobs. Then he slipped into her fully, and he groaned, overwhelmed in pleasure as she sucked on his earlobe.

“C’mon, Harry, fuck my pussy, fuck it!” she cried. Harry complied happily. She was so hot and wet, and it felt so good to have him manhood in such a sheath of flesh. Harry was in control of the sex this time, so he made sure he lasted long enough to make Angelina orgasm before he came. When she came, she pulled him tightly against her, and Harry was aware of every bit of smooth skin against his. Harry came into her, thrusting his member up and down, spearing her tight pussy. Her walls were so tight around him, causing just the right about of friction. After he came into her, he collapsed on to her for a moment, his head in between her breasts, and then he got off, rolling over.

As he lay there, in between the three beauties, breathing heavily, he realized that Alicia and Katie had been fingering themselves as he fucked Angelina. Harry decided to help them by fingering both of them, one with each hand. They both sucked on his nipples as he fingered them, and Angelina rested off to the side. Soon they were all lying on the soaked platform, breathing heavily.

“So, I think we had a good practice,” Angelina said.

“Yeah, well done, Harry…” Alicia said. “We were supposed to take care of your problem, but you took care of ours.”

“When’s the next ‘practice’,” Katie asked eagerly.

“Wednesday night sounds good. No one should be around,” Angelina said. “Right now we all need to take a shower though. We all smell tropical and…” Angelina smelled Harry. “Mmm sexy.”


Katie and Alicia got up and held Harry’s hands. “Umm where exactly are you taking me? I can go to the boy’s-”

Angelina entered a shower stall. “Come in, you three, let’s get cleaned off.”

“Are you sure we’ll fit in there,” Harry asked. “And I really should be in the girl’s--”

Harry was silenced as he was propelled into the shower. Katie and Alicia stepped in, and they all had to press together to fit. Harry didn’t complain as the three sexy Quidditch chasers began to rub soap all over his body. He smiled and did the same for them.

Angelina realized that something was poking her, and she looked down to see Harry’s member fully at attention as he rubbed soap into her breasts. “Oh, Harry, what are we going to do with you?” The three witches smiled wickedly, they had more than a few brilliant ideas of what to do with their star seeker.


So, tell me if you enjoyed the sex scene. Perhaps I shall do another with the same four if I feel like it, but so far this is a one shot. If you liked this story, check out my other story Nephilim’s Power, which stars Harry as the dominant one, and many females, although not Angelina/Alicia/Katie… yet. It has more plot, but still plenty of porn. Nephilim’s Power in his Harry’s sixth year, where the idea of a Quidditch orgy isn’t as appetizing, so I figured I would type up a fifth year shot or two.
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