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Chapter 5

by dragon_land1079

Wilson's infidelity threatens their delicate relationship. House devises a plan to help them through it.

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It was minutes before Wilson’s probation for masturbation was up. He lay sprawled out on the couch, bottle of lotion on the coffee table begging to be used in an erotic way. 6:30! He could make it to 6:30.

He shimmied his boxers down to his knees. His body tingled with anticipation. Seven days of neglect had wound him tighter than a 5 speed at 5 grand in first gear. He squirt some lotion in his hands and rubbed them together to get some warmth. With his eyes pinched shut, his hands made their way to his twitching cock. He knew this session would be quick and unfulfilling, so he sped up the pace. Before things could spiral out of control, he felt familiar hands stilling his movements.

Wilson snapped his eyes open to find House towering over him. He closed his eyes, hoping he was a hallucination. As Wilson became more aware of his surroundings, he still felt House’s hands on his.

Cocking one eye open, he groggily exclaimed, “Damn it! Can’t a guy masturbate in peace?”

“Change of plans,” House replied. “You lose ‘emptying your sex pistol’, but you gain kissing.”

Wilson’s cock was screaming in protest.

“House!” Wilson groaned in a crescendo.

“Hey, I’m being pretty generous here. Don’t you miss kissing my full, supple lips?” he asked, pouting.

“I can wait another week,” Wilson snapped.

He tried to pump his cock, and ignore the overbearing presence of House. But he was stopped as soon as he started.

“God DAMN IT!” Wilson exclaimed.

“Who were you thinking about while you were ‘giving yourself a hand’?”

“Do you sit around and conjure up terms for… masturbating? Seriously, House. I wasn’t thinking of anything. I hadn’t gotten that far.”

House glanced down at Wilson’s shriveling cock, then back up at him.

“Hands off in… 1, 2…3!”

House raised his hand up in the air and waited for Wilson to do the same. Annoyed at rapidly losing his erection, he took the pillow from under his head and threw it at House.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“It was hard enough, House.”

“Sit up,” House responded, prodding him with his cane.

Wilson tucked himself back into his boxers, and did what he was told. Flopping down next to Wilson, he gave a sideways glance, and then patted his lap. It was a rare opportunity to cuddle with Gregory House. And even more so when he instigated it. As pissed as Wilson was, he wasn’t about to pass up this opportunity. Wilson laid his head in House’s lap and felt fingers thread through his hair.

“Poor ‘lil Jimmy. Big, bad, Greg is being so mean.”

Wilson looked up at his personal tormentor, and wondered what he did in his childhood to deserve House.

“I already get kissing this week. You either give me sex, or I get to sleep in the same bed as you.”

House grinned widely. “See? I knew you were paying attention. If you can keep your hands off your penis and my penis, you can come back to bed with me.”

“Right now?”

“You have something better to do?”

“Well I did 10 minutes-”

A stern look from House silenced him.

“I’d rather stay here.”

House knew why Wilson wanted to stay. But he also knew that it’d be more comfortable if they went back to his room.

“We can continue this on my spacious, comfortable bed together, or I can go back alone and get some shut eye.”

“Alright,” he murmured in resignation.

Wilson stood first to lend a hand to House. House took the hand and was yanked from the couch with such force that he collided with Wilson. The immediate reaction from House was to latch his hand onto Wilson’s shoulder to keep from falling. By doing this, they both became pressed against one another, eyes locking.

Wilson was the first to look away, a faint blush creeping up his cheeks. House’s eyes had great power over him. Waiting patiently for a smart remark, he raised his glance back to House. As their gazes locked again, House leaned in and placed a chaste kiss on Wilson’s surprised mouth.

“I can’t grope you properly unless we’re in bed.”

He reached down and pinched Wilson’s butt for good measure. Wilson yelped in surprise rather than pain.

“I’ll lead,” he said, reaching for his cane.

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