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Bending Over Backwards

by FallsOuttaPlace

well Cone and Deryck finaly go out! How well do you think its gonna go??

Category: Sum 41 - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Erotica,Humor,Romance - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2008-02-27 - Updated: 2008-02-27 - 500 words

I couldn't have been more nervous. I grabbed my jeans and slid into them. 'what does he think of skinnies??' I fumbled crap through out my head. I grabbed the stud belt from off my bed and put it through each loop placing the buckel to the side. 'If Billie Joe style belts don't work this guy has bad taste in music'. The door bell rang. I ran down stairs totaly forgetting about my shirt. "Hey I'm not ready yet but you can come in. I mean my room not here." "Okay." Deryck followed behind me. I looked down at his jeans. 'Their skinnies!' "You look good." "You too, well.." Deryck just blushed a little. I dicisided why not, so I pushed him onto the bed. I stradle on top of him. "Cone umm...." he giggled a bit. "Are you sure about this??" I smashed my lips to his. "Damn it Cone where's your buckel??!" He found it and yanked the belt off. About three minuets later we were both down to our boxers. Deryck slid his hand into my boxers and wrapped his hand around my cock. He moved his hand slow then faster and faster. I moaned. Deryck pulled on my boxers placing my cock in his mouth. "Oh fuck! Deryck! HOLY Fuck!" When we both came we fell on one another."Weren't..we...supposed to...go out?" "We did! We went out with a bang." We both smelled like sweat. So we took a shower. "Hey cone?" "Yeah?" "I didn't force you to do anything you didn't want to do did I?" "No." I slid my hand up and down Deryck's chest. "Okay I mean we haven't know each other that well and I don't want you to do any thing your uncomftable with." I looked into his eyes and kissed him. It wasn't like one of those quick kisses it was a long romantic one. When he pulled away he smiled. "I love you cone." "I love you to Deryck." When we were done we went to go pick up Steve. "Hey Cone, hey Deryck." "Hey Steve." "So whats the name have you dicided yet?" "hmmmm..." we were planning on making a garage band. Hoping it would become bigger. "I've got it! Today in math the answer for one of the questions was Sum 41." "Ya! We could so use that!" "Sum 41 I like it! Nice job Deryck." "Nice job baby." I whispered into Deryck's ear. After the 6 hour party we dropped Steve off. "Sorry Steve. I know its late but we had fun right?" "Yeah! See you Cone, see ya' Deryck." "Well your getting along great with Steve." "Yeah. I mean after being such a douche!" I giggled. "God you've got the cutest giggle. No school girl can even bet that!" I kissed his forehead. "Thanks. We have to do this again." "Yep." He smiled. "I'll talk to you later babe." "Okay" I hopped out of the car. Could my life get any better?
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