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Live! For God's Sake, Live!

by HarryGinnyTonks

The Weasleys drag Harry to a club after the war. But mocking Harry causes everything to unravel

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A/N: Random little one-shot, don't really know where it came from. Enjoy! Smut wasn't really important, but the people at WCIII will kill me if I publish anything without smut!

"What's wrong Harry? You can defeat the Darkest Lord in the history of the world but you can't handle a little firewhiskey and dance with a girl?" Bill's remark drew laughs from the rest of the Weasleys, along with Dean and Seamus. Lavender and Parvati, on the two Gryffindors' arms, giggled. Ginny regarded Harry with an inquisitive look.

Charlie was next. "Yeah Harry, you're 22. Grow some balls man." Harry rolled his eyes and waved away the bartender.

"Guys stop; I don't want anything to drink." The rest of the Weasleys, especially Ron continued to cough through shots of Firewhiskey while prodding Harry.

Finally, Harry had enough. Fred yelled out,"What's wrong Potter, afraid the ladies won't like ickle Harrikens. Sirius would have done it.?" Harry stood up and flipped off Fred.

He turned to Bill. "Firewhiskey now." The crowd, by now a sizable amount, roared in applause.

Bill grabbed a bottle from the tender, poured aglass and slammed the bottle down next to it. He pushed the glass towards Harry with a smirk. Fleur laughed behind her hand but winked at Harry.

Harry grinned at her. He grabbed the glass and downed it. The crowd was shocked to see him grin without any reaction. Throwing the glass somewhere behind him, he grabbed the bottle and chugged down a gulp. The wizarding crowd was astounded; any of them would be on the floor right now.

Holding the bottle by the neck, he walked around Bill and Fleur to Gabrielle who smiled shyly at him. "Dance?" She smiled and stood. He handed her the bottle and gestured for her to wait.

The Weasleys followed him with their eyes as he strode across the floor. Stopping at the Slytherin table, he was met with glares. He arched an eyebrow. "You think that be stopping a Dark Lord from enslaving you and furthering the desecration of the name of your House would earn some respect."

Daphne Greengrass, a slim girl with gorgeous blonde hair stood and smirked. "Of course Savior of mine, whatever do you wish?" The whole group, including Harry burst out laughing.

The Weasleys gaped as Harry was welcomed with hugs from the girls and slaps on the back from Theo Nott and Blaise Zabini. Harry turned back to the blonde bombshell who spoke originally. "Daph, you want to dance?"

She regarded him curiously. "What's in it for me?"

Harry smirked and threw a nod towards the watching Weasleys. "How about pissing off a shitload of Gryffindor bitches?"Daphne glanced at the Weasleys and smiled.

"Any day, Boy-Who-Won-Over-The-Slytherins." He laughed and grabbed her hand. Winding through the crowd, he arrived back at the group. He quietly introduced Daphne to Gabrielle and vice versa.

Harry took another long swig of the Firewhiskey before handing it to Daphne who followed suit. He leaned over the bar. "Hey barkeep, got any scotch?" A glass slid down the bar and Harry, in one fluid motion, scooped it up and drained half of it. He slid it to Bill who took it with a challenge.

The eldest Weasley child, self-proclaimed greatest drinker in England threw it back. He immediately started coughing and hacking it up, as his face reddened. Harry burst in to laughter.

He turned back to the girls and wrapped an arm around each waist. With a smirk towards the Weasleys, he spoke loudly. "When you know you got it, you don't have to flaunt it. When I get back, I expect there to be more scotch and less bitching."

With that parting shot, he led the girls on to the middle of the floor. As always, the crowd seemed to part before him.

What followed was a twenty-five discourse on modern dance in a crowded club. Daphne, Harry and Gabrielle grinded, writhed and slid around the center of the floor. Fleur burst in to laughter, knowing the secret of Harry's success.

The Weasleys were quite peeved. The boys were angry at being shown up. Ginny was frustrated that Harry took two girls to dance and neither was her.

Harry was completely unaware of the Weasley irritation. He was quite preoccupied with the silver and blonde haired tag team riding him. He was in the center of the mass of flesh circulating, and he took advantage. At one point, he had Daphne in front of him and Gabrielle behind him. Gabrielle's hands were locked around his waist, sliding up his button-down, emerald green shirt. His hands were quite busy as well, one dancing across the naked flesh of Daphne's toned abdomen as the other stroked up and down Gabrielle's thigh.

Finally the song ended and the threesome returned to the seething Weasleys. Harry sat in his chair gracefully, as Daphne and Gabrielle each found a waiting thigh to collapse upon and lean back against his chest.

Harry grabbed the bottle of waiting scotch and gulped down a mouthful. Daphne was next and swallowed as well. Gabrielle took it hesitantly but, at a kiss on the back of the neck from Harry, swallowed. She managed to keep it down, further infuriating Bill.

The silence was tight as Harry, Daphne and Gabrielle each took turns partaking in the drink. Finally Ron stepped forward and glared at him.

"What do you think you're doing Potter?"

Harry cocked his head to one side. He glanced around the club before meeting Ron's eyes. "Dancing with the two sexiest girls this side of the Pond. No offense Fleur my dear."

All eyes turned to the elder Veela who was barely containing her laughter. "None taken, Mr. Potter." Harry chuckled and Gabrielle couldn't contain a giggle.

"You know what I mean Harry."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Oh please shut your face Ron. You guys have been giving me shit for years about not drinking, and not partying. What the fuck did you think I did during the summers, sit at the Dursleys and wank? I went out and met girls. Contrary to popular belief, Cho wasn't my first kiss." Harry suddenly glanced around in a mock-paranoid manner before leaning between the two girls on his lap to look closer at Ron.

"Also contrary to popular belief, I'm not avirgin." Faces burned in the small group as Daphne burst in to laughter.

"Hey Savior boy, that wasn't just the muggle's work. We had a little fun too." Daphne said as she leaned further back in to Harry's chest.

The group looked to Harry for confirmation. Harry sighed and gave each girl a pat on the bum to get off. After aquestioning glance at Fleur, who nodded, he smiled.

"Look Ron. I am going to tell you all a big secret. People hated the Slytherins during the time we were at Hogwarts. But they also hated Gryffindors. Unknown to all of you little arrogant pricks, every Saturday night was party night at Hogwarts. The other three houses met in the Slytherin dorms for a little fun. Snape knew about it, and Flitwick and Sprout would claim willful ignorance."

He threw back another shot of Firewhiskey, glaring at the weak alcohol. "Pureblood, muggleborn, we danced, we sang, and sometimes we fucked. Get used to it."

Charlie stepped up to defend his family and House. "Really Potter? You slept with Greengrass here?"

Daphne chortled. "Sweetie, Savior boy has...what's the phrase the muggles use? Tapped the ass of more girls than you know."

George stood now. "Really, like who?"

Daphne burst in to laughter and Harry smiled. He wrapped an arm around Gabrielle and kissed her forehead. Daphne turned to Fred and looked him up. "Besides myself? Tracey Davis, Pansy Parkinson, Cho Chang, Penelope Clearwater, Padma Patil," Parvati looked up in anger. "Sorry sweet cheeks, your sister ain't as bitchy and when the drinks flow, a lot more fun. Where was I? Mandy Brocklehurst, Su Li."

Harry groaned. "Jesus that was fun. She was so tiny..." He shook himself and Gabrielle giggled in to his shoulder.

Daphne mock-glared at Harry. "Stop interrupting me when I'm counting your sexual escapades. Where was I? Su Li, Nymphadora Tonks, Morgana that was a fun night. Megan Jones, Lisa Turpin, Luna Lovegood who stretches in way you wouldn't imagine. Oh and my sister Adore." Harry grinned at the shocked looks.

"Now Daph, let's not forget the two special nights." Daphne groaned and smacked her forehead in mock anger.

"Damn. Can't believe I forgot that. First, Harry had the first, and so far only inter-house threesome with Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott. After they finished, the entire party applauded and Harry crashed in my dorm that night. I could still taste them on him, if you catch my drift. Secondly, Harry also managed to make us, the Slytherins, let Alicia, Angelina and Katie in for one of the wildest nights ever."

Fred and George stood at once. Each had broken up with their respective girls towards the end of Hogwarts. Daphne continued, pretending not to notice. "Oh man. That was insane. Trace and I were the only ones watching, but it was crazy. Harry was a machine. Pussy, mouth, ass, pussy, mouth, pussy, ass." Harry's eyes drifted half-shut as he recalled the night.

The boys were unashamedly gaping at Harry now. Parvati and Lavender shared a glance before cursing under their breath. Seven years of Hogwarts and they missed that?!

Harry shook out of his daydream before slipping his hand back around Daphne's waist and turning the trio away from the Weasleys.

"Let's go Daph, Gabby. I know a better place to hang out." He led them across the floor, the crowd once again parting to make way. This time, he got a few hugs and kisses from girls, and some one-armed hugs from some guys.

Harry smiled at the burst of noise that greeted his arrival at the Slytherin table. Or as it was really known, the non-Gryffindor table. Hannah Abbott was perched on Theo's lap quite comfortably, and Padma Patil was lying across the laps of Pansy, Susan and Su letting the three girls lick pools of firewhiskey from her stomach and chest as she giggled, not caring about her sister's burning gaze.

"HARRY!!" The cheers broke out and he mock-bowed. He escorted Gabrielle and Daphne to their spots, in the middle of the semi-circle cushioned couch.

He stood though and dispensed hugs and kisses for all the girls there. The group fell in to easy banter. Gabrielle was nervous at first but after she was introduced, quickly warmed up to the group, especially Daphne and Tracey.

The Weasleys left soon after, throwing glares at Harry. He winked at them before doing a Jell-O shot from within the cleavage of Susan, who pulled him down for a kiss afterwards.

Finally Nott stood, and with a yell, left with Hannah latched on his arm. Blaise followed with his long-time girlfriend Pansy. Terry Boot stood and left alone, drawing moans from the crowd as he explained he had to work the next morning.

Cedric stood and gave Harry a one-armed hug."Who can I take Harry?" Harry regarded the group left, as the only other boy still remaining was Ernie McMillan.

He smiled. "Take Su. I can't handle her tonight." Su stood to great cheers and gave Cedric a quick kiss before lecherously grabbing his crotch.

He smiled at Harry. Harry had saved his life in the graveyard, and Cedric and his father had sworn fealty to the Potter house afterwards. Cedric was his best friend, and confidant and the man who had inducted Harry in to the Slytherin parties.

Harry glanced at Ernie who smiled back. "No chance Harry?" Harry laughed and slapped him on the back.

"Sorry Ern, I don't swing that way." He threw Ernie a few coins. "Go buy the blond guy at the bar a few drinks." Ernie winked and slid out, giving light hugs and cheek kisses to the girls.

As the gay Hufflepuff walked away, Harry leaned back and smiled. Padma, Tracey, Daphne and Susan looked at him with various looks of hunger. Gabrielle saw them and her eyes widened as she finally put it all together.

She paled and started stuttering softly. Harry waved away the other girls and lifted Gabrielle by the hand. He led her in to aquiet table and sat her down.

"Gabrielle love, wake up." The girl shyly looked up at him. "I know this a bit hard to take in. And I know that you just came out here to spend time with your sister and in-laws." He took her hand and rubbed it softly. "You do not have to do anything you don't want to." She blushed and looked down.

"I mean it. If you want to go home, I will take you back to the Burrow. I will take you back to France if you want. I'll leave the girls and go out to a late, well very late dinner if you want that." Daphne came over and sat down next to Harry.

Harry kissed the blond on the forehead."Gabrielle, listen. I was talking to Fleur and she said that she was worried about you. She said that you seemed so down and never talked with any of the boys she tried to set you up with." Gabrielle muttered something and Harry coughed.

She looked up. "None of them are you. You saved my life and I knew that moment, I would be with you." He smiled and rubbed her hand again.

He sighed and frowned apologetically. "Oh, Ibuggered this up didn't I? How can I explain how this happened? During the war, and after it, life was hard. We, meaning pretty much everyone at Hogwarts outside of the Gryffindors, we needed to unwind. During the war, the parties were a way to release stress. We drank, we had sex. It was an unspoken rule that nothing was concrete unless it was taken public during the day." He looked up and swallowed a gulp of his drink.

"After the war, I was really down. I lost Sirius, I lost Remus. Ginny always had that crush but I didn't know how to let her down. I had met Daphne at the parties, and we had hooked up a couple times." Gabrielle looked up, shocked.

"All those names, that was true?" Harry blushed a bit, and Daphne giggled.

"Yeah sweetie. Savior boy was a real Casanova. You know what I am talking about. He's handsome, confident, a good dancer. But most of all he's..."

Gabrielle sighed. "Harry Potter." Daphne nodded, as did the other four girls who had joined them at the table.

Harry shook his head. "I still don't get what you mean. Of course I'm Harry."

Padma groaned. "Jesus. You would do anything for a complete stranger. You are the most loving, caring person and anyone not named Snape instantly likes you. You are loyal and brave." She sighed and glanced at the other girls. "Most of all, it's the presence. You just have this feeling about you of protection and safety. You are Harry Potter."

Harry shook his head and sighed. He took Gabrielle's hand again. "Gabrielle, I don't know what love it. I never had parents; the Dursleys never showed me any. The Weasleys were very nice but they were never my family. I don't think I can love right now." Gabrielle started crying silently. Harry shushed her and wiped the tears. Susan and Tracey, sitting next to the young veela, wrapped their arms around her.

"Shh don't cry. It's alright. I am enjoying my life. During the week I travel around the world, making appearances here and there. And on the weekends, I stay with the people who I like the most. These girls, Daphne and Tracey especially, they are my family right now. I don't know if I love them, we all don't know if we love. But we enjoy ourselves, we are responsible and perhaps, one day, love will happen."

Gabrielle wiped her tears and smiled in thanks at Tracey and Susan. Harry smiled at each girl as well. Daphne took up the speech. "Gabby, my parents were killed when I was 7. I grew up with Tracey and my sisters went to an uncle. In our sixth year, her parents were killed. Harry was someone we could talk to. Eventually, outside of the parties, he became our lover. The majority of the girls who come back to Harry have something like that. Susan lost her parents and her aunt. Hannah lost her mother, and her dad is a muggle and ran away from magic. Padma and Parvati's parents moved back to India. Su's and Cho's parents went back to China. Tonks lost pretty much everyone. Some girls, and guys, just came to party but the core ones, which revolved around Harry, all had something more." Gabrielle was by now entranced, listening to the narration with wide eyes.

Daphne paused, looking for the right way to say it. "Harry is like a rock. He saved the majority of the Slytherin boys from becoming Death Eaters and let's be honest; he saved everyone else from Hell. He won't let us call him a boyfriend because he wants each of us to find someone else who we can fall in love with. And we are open to it. But until we do, we stay close to Harry. It isn't exclusive on either end, though I know Trace, Susie and I all haven't had another guy for a couple years." Padma shook her head in agreement. "We know Harry has a lot of us girls and we wouldn't say he couldn't pick up more."

"It's true Gabrielle. I know Cho stayed with Harry for a while. Then she met this great guy from Shanghai, and they are engaged. Harry is going to be the Best Man. She broke down when she told him, she didn't want to lose him. He lifted her up and congratulated her, then scared the living fuck out of the guy. He will never cheat on Cho." The girls giggled as Harry blushed and shrugged. "Tonks comes back when her Auror schedule allows. She had a thing for Remus, Harry's father's friend, but he died. She says that three guys in her life made her feel safe and happy. Her father, Remus and Harry."

Gabrielle looked at Harry and he shrugged meekly, looking down at his lap. Susan took up the narration. "Hannah was pretty obsessed about Harry, but she and Theo have a good thing going. That was a surprise to all of us. When she told Harry that she was seeing Theo, he kissed her cheeks and took Theo to another room. Theo came back white as parchment and kissed Hannah before leaving to their room." The girls giggled again and Gabrielle couldn't hold it back either.

Tracey tapped her chin. "Who else? Su is pretty physical, as whenever she and Harry go at it, it's a marathon. I don't know, she was raised to be a warrior because her father wanted a son. She just loves sex. She has had a thing with Cedric for a little bit though. Pansy and Blaise are engaged, and Harry is the best man there as well. Ernie has been trying to convince Harry to swing his way for years. Harry is also Ernie's confidant and the one he came out to in 7th year. Harry picked Ernie up, stood in front of the party. Told everyone and threatened that anyone who picked on Ernie, or told outside the party would face him. Ernie was mortified but relieved."

Harry finished the dialogue. "Terry is pretty in and out. His job, he works at the Daily Prophet, is pretty rigorous. He had abrief thing with Padma but it ended quickly."

The Indian girl shrugged. "Neither of us were ready to be exclusive and at the end of the day, or in the morning as the case may be, it's not Harry who we are waking up to." Harry blushed again as the girls laughed, this time Gabrielle right with them.

The table got silent as the six friends sat there in silence. They sipped their drinks, lost in their own thoughts. Harry had an arm wrapped around Daphne and Padma. Gabrielle looked up at Harry."Let's go."

He glanced up at her and understood. "You sure?You can back out anytime you want and no one will judge. All friends here."Gabrielle gulped and nodded.

He smiled and stood. The girls stood and stretched, showing off plenty of toned skin in the process. Gabrielle smiled as Harry received more than a few jealous looks from the male members of the crowd watching.

Harry pulled them away from the table and stood. Daphne leapt in to his arms and stuck a pink tongue out at Tracey, who was just too slow. Harry rolled his eyes and released Daphne. He beckoned Gabrielle over and held her tightly, her head resting against his chest as she heard his heartbeat. Her eyes closed as she sighed in to his chest.

Padma slid behind Harry and wrapped her arms around his waist. Susan and Tracey grabbed a well-muscled bicep and licked their lips. Daphne pulled Harry's head down, and between Gabrielle and Susan, kissed the Boy-Who-Beat-Voldemort. The group disappeared silently.

They reappeared in a plush apartment. The group reluctantly dissembled and Daphne pulled Tracey's arm. Tracey opened her mouth to protest and Daphne grabbed her tongue tightly but not painfully. "If you are going to stick that thing out, you better be prepared to use it." Tracey smirked and pulled her tongue away. As Gabrielle watched in shock, Tracey kissed her fellow Slytherin hard on the lips.

Gabrielle could only gape and Padma grabbed her arm. Gabrielle stuttered quietly. "You guys are lesbians?"

The petite Indian girl cocked her head. "We call it Harry sexual. But there's only one Harry, and many of us. We learn to improvise. Besides, only a woman, and Harry, knows what a woman really wants."She had been moving closer to Gabrielle as she spoke and the last syllable slipped out, she softly kissed the Veela girl.

Gabrielle froze and let the Indian girl caress her lips with her tongue. The pleasure that exploded throughout her face was hard to ignore and she moaned in to Padma's mouth. Padma pulled away and smiled."I've been wanting to do that all night. Sweetie, you taste good." Gabrielle blushed and touched a finger to her own lips, which still tingled.

"Are you alright?" Harry's deep voice sounded behind her. She turned and Harry smiled gently. "You sure about this? I know it's a lot to take in."

She nodded absently. "Harry, my first impression was bad but...I can't judge you guys. You have done things I couldn't have dreamed of. Who am I to tell you what's right and what's wrong?" Harry smiled and kissed her gently. She continued in a soft whisper. "Besides, what if Ilike it too?" Harry grinned and kissed her again.

"Then I won't judge you for liking it, and you won't judge us for doing it." She smiled and kissed him this time, encircling her arms loosely around his neck. Harry held her hips softly, a finger sliding along the bare skin between her skirt and top.

"Damn that is the hottest thing since he fucked the Chasers." Gabrielle glanced over Harry's shoulder to see Tracey watching them hungrily with a hand absently pawing across her well-developed chest.

"Come on, let's start fucking." Everyone turned to see Susan already naked, her hands on her hips. Harry burst out laughing and waved Susan off.

"You four entertain yourselves. I think Gabrielle and I will start off alone." Gabrielle smiled at Harry in thanks and waved bye to the girls. Tracey was already in Daphne's arms and Susan was undressing Padma at a rapid rate.

Harry led Gabrielle in to another room with alarge bed on it. Gabrielle looked around for the first time. "What is this place? It's so nice here."

Harry chuckled and guided her to the balcony. Afamiliar landscape shocked Gabrielle. "Welcome back to France, mademoiselle."

Gabrielle gasped as she looked out over the landscape of Paris. " is this possible?"

Harry smiled and circled his arms around her waist from behind. "Gabrielle, I have a confession to make. I am very, very rich. We are in the Hotel Magnifique, penthouse suite. We have the entire top floor to ourselves." Gabrielle gasped; that was the most plush and fancy wizarding and muggle hotel in France.

"Harry, that must cost millions!" Harry chuckled and rubbed her stomach softly through her top.

"Bah. I have more than enough money, and have endorsement deals coming in all the time. I wanted to splurge after the war, and Daphne found this place. It's our escape. No one knows about it who doesn't go out with us, except for Fleur. Your sister actually got us in to the bidding for it." Gabrielle unconsciously leaned back in to Harry's chest and sighed contentedly.

Harry began dropping light kisses on her hair, and Gabrielle wriggled slightly. He kissed down her face, across her jaw line until her head was tilted back and their lips met. Gabrielle immediately decided kissing Harry was her goal in life for now on.

He turned her around in his arms and slowly backed back in to the room. He sat on the bed and made her stand between his legs. He smiled up at her. "Gabby, this is your last chance. You can stop and it will be fine." Gabrielle kissed him softly.

"Make me a woman Harry." Harry smiled shyly and kissed her again. His hands slid up her calves and thighs softly, drawing slight moans from the girl. He leant down and began to kiss her stomach, drawing up her top as he did so.

She was breathing heavily; how could this boy do this to her just by light kisses? Her hands wrapped in his hair and massaged his scalp.

"You're so beautiful Gabby." She blushed as he continued to kiss up between her breasts, sliding her top aside. She couldn't wear a bra under that top so she was now naked from the waist up.

He leant back and swallowed. "Merlin, Godric and Salazar you are gorgeous." Leaning forward, his eyes met hers for permission. She nodded and his tongue darted out, tasting her nipple for the first time. She groaned as vibrations went down her spine.

Her breasts weren't huge, definitely smaller than Daphne or Susan. But they fit her slim petite body well. The nipples and areolas were pink, a beautiful contrast to her pale-white skin. He began sucking her right nipple in earnest, his other hand rubbing her stomach.

She was moaning heavily, rocking her upper body in to his face. He switched nipples and as he met her eyes, bit down lightly on it.

"HAAAAAARRY!" She moaned as she came, fluids sliding down her thighs after causing severe water damage to her floss-like thong. He smiled up as her and kissed her nipple.

Her hands began scraping at his chest, trying to pull his shirt. He slowed her down, whispering in her ear. "Relax Gabby; we have as long as you wish. Take it slow." She complied but couldn't help the groan that came out as she unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside.

His sculpted chest called to her. She dropped to her knees and kissed him hard on the lips. She began making her way down his torso, licking and sucking at every inch of exposed skin. He stroked her hair lovingly.

"What do you want Gabby?" She looked up at him, and her eyes were wide and her face was flushed.

"I want to taste you. Please." He smiled and kissed her. She felt another orgasm approaching and, reaching under her, slid her thong off and tossed it aside. She was now just dressed in the pink frilly skirt she wore to the club and high heels.

She gulped quickly and undid the belt to his black slacks. She began to slide it down and started breathing heavy when his severely tented boxers were exposed. He leaned down and whispered in her ear."Look what you do to me..." She moaned again.

Her shaky fingers found the waistband of his silky boxers and grasped it tightly. He rubbed the back of her palm softly."Slowly, relax." She breathed deeply and began to reverentially lower his underwear down.

She slid them off and finally looked up at his erection. She inhaled deeply and blinked. Harry was large, but not gigantic. At a solid eight inches, he stood erect, bobbing slightly in front of her face.

Harry smiled at her and waited. Slowly, she encircled his manhood with one hand. She moaned at the warmth pulsing out at her. She began to pump and Harry moaned softly. Her other hand crept forward of its accord and began kneading his scrotum softly.

He surprised her by jerking slightly, his hips thrusting through her hand. A dollop of pre-cum leaked out. She leaned forward and her tongue darted out to taste it.

She groaned and leaning forward, took the head in her mouth. Harry grunted as his hands wrapped up her hair and rubbed her neck. Her tongue massaged his head and more lubrication leaked out.

Slowly, her eyes locked on Harry's, she descended. Her Veela abilities kicked in unconsciously as her gag reflex disappeared. As Harry groaned in pleasure, she took him all the way in, his head descending down her throat.

Her nose tickled his lower stomach and she hummed. Harry jerked again, apologizing through his moans. "Oh God....sorry Gabby...your mouth just feels so good."

She pulled back up and his cock popped out with a plop. She swallowed deeply and smiled. "Harry you taste so good." With that, she descended again, this time bobbing her head up and down the last five inches or so. Her tongue danced across the underside and touched his sensitive spot repeatedly.

"Gabby...going to come..."

She popped off. "In my mouth, I need to taste you." He groaned and began lightly thrusting his hips in to her mouth. She continued to bob on him, until his cock grew a bit extra and with a primal grunt, he exploded.

Gabrielle came as Harry's seed blasted down her throat and coated her esophagus. Her pussy had been unconsciously grinding on his ankle and she exploded all over the floor.

She swallowed him until he pulled out, semi-flaccid. "God Gabby...that was the most wonderful blowjob I have ever had."She blushed and flicked some hair out of her eyes.

He lifted her up from her knees and placed her on her back on the bed. Her frilly skirt was still on, and he grinned down at her. Starting at her toes, he sucked and kissed at her skin as he moved up.

Gabrielle's eyes were closed and she dove in to the sensations. He kissed the back of her knees, and licked up one thigh. Then the other. Finally, he pushed her skirt up on to her stomach and gazed upon her for the first time.

"Gabby, you have the hottest pussy I have ever seen." She blushed and looked down at him. With a snap, he summoned a pillow and she placed it under her head. His eyes returned to the prize in front of him and he leant down.

He kissed her clit softly and she exploded. Fluids rained down on to his face and Gabrielle froze. "Oh God, Harry I am so sorry." She went to get up but he pushed her back down.

He smiled. "Don't worry love, its fine. I've slept with squirters before." He cleaned his face with a snap, and dove back in. His tongue crept up her slit and she moaned, long and low. Slowly, she opened up her him, her legs spreading wider and wider and her inner lips exposing themselves.

With a grin, he stiffened his tongue and penetrated her. "HARRY!" Shock waves of pleasure began at her canal and spread throughout her body. As his tongue thrust in to her, his upper lip gave her clit a little pat each time.

Finally, two orgasms later, she couldn't take anymore. "Harry...please...fuck me." He smiled at her language and crept up her body. His face glistened with her juices and she took his face in hand and licked all over.

Soon they were kissing heavily. "Contraceptive charm..." He whispered but she shook her head.

"Veela don't need. I can control my egg production." He kissed her and lined himself up.

"Are you ready? It is going to hurt a bit." She looked up at him and nodded shakily. He leant down and kissed her neck.

"Bite my shoulder." She placed her head against his muscled shoulder and nodded.

"" He thrust in, breaking her hymen. She cried out and bit his shoulder hard enough to draw blood. She shook slightly as her previously un-stretched vagina opened up for him.

They paused there, Harry on his elbows above her, kissing her tears away. Finally, she began to notice the pleasure at being partially filled. She pushed against him and he looked at her.

"Ready?" She nodded and he slowly thrust in. She mewled slightly as she continued to stretch. Finally, he bottomed out, as their pelvic bones met. She breathed against him, her hands locked in his hips holding him in her.

She felt content and perfect. She resolved that having Harry inside of her was her real goal in life. She felt full and complete.

She mewled again as he withdrew until just his head was nestled inside before pushing back in, a bit faster this time. The pace slowly picked up and Gabrielle was lost in the sea of pleasure.

"Harry...Harry...faster...god....its so good..." She began to moan as she bucked her hips against his.

Harry was grunting with each penetration. She was tight and warm around him and her pussy seemed to mold to his cock.

Gabrielle was veritably bouncing on the bed as she rose to meet Harry's thrusts. "That's it. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my Veela cunt that was made for your cock." He groaned at her words and she became dimly aware of others settling on the bed.

Daphne's voice reached her ears. "Jesus that's hot. He's fucking pounding her." Harry's hips were like a jackhammer, slamming his cock in to Gabrielle.

Padma's Indian lilt was heard. "Oh Ganesh, Ineed some of that tonight." Gabrielle moaned at the thought of the four girls watching them.

A face descended from the haze and Tracey smiled at her. "Hey there sexy."


The Slytherin girl laughed and patted Gabrielle's cheek. "No talking, more kissing." Her mouth descended on Gabrielle as she felt herself being lifted up. Gabrielle allowed Tracey to slip her tongue inside her mouth and she moaned.

Harry continued to fuck Gabrielle rapidly, but his mouth was very concerned with Susan, who standing on the bed next to him. He was devouring her cunt as she humped his face slowly.

Beneath Gabrielle, Padma slid down until her face was below Gabrielle's ass. Gabrielle squirmed as her ass-cheeks were spread. Tracey grinned at her. "Pad loves ass. Like LOVES it."

Gabrielle clenched in orgasm as Padma's danced around her rosebud. Harry fucked her right through it, as lubricants dripped down on to Padma's forehead.

Gabrielle felt a weight descend on her chest and looked down to see Daphne sucking gently at her heaving breasts. Tracey dropped down and took the other one. Gabrielle moaned and came again.

Susan moved away from Harry. "Gabrielle, do you mind if I ask you to eat me out?" Gabrielle looked at Susan's dripping pussy.

" good." Susan knelt over Gabrielle's face. Gabrielle's hesitantly licked her dripping, wide-open slit and fell in love with the taste. With a fever, she attacked the redhead's cunt.

Susan bent over Gabrielle's head and sucked on the only thing she could reach: Padma's toes.

Gabrielle was in heaven. Harry was still filling her cunt. Tracey and Daphne were moaning against her breasts. She had awonderful cunt in front of her. And Padma was devouring her ass.

Harry began to speed up. "I'm gonna come. Gabby you ready?" She gave him a vague thumbs up from behind Susan and he bottomed out.

Gabrielle screamed as she came in a long, powerful orgasm. Harry's seed hit her back wall with force, sending tremors through her body.

The group broke apart, and Gabrielle sunk in to the bed. "That was the most wonderful feeling." Harry crawled up the bed, his cock dangling between his legs.

He kissed her and smiled. "Susan?" Gabrielle blushed and nodded. Harry kissed her again.

Daphne growled and slid between Harry's legs. With vigor, she attacked his cock, sucking and stroking it to hardness.

Once he was hard, Daphne got on her hands and knees. Padma dropped in front of her and looked back. "Eat my ass; I want Harry in there tonight." Gabrielle allowed Tracey to drop her in front of Padma and the Indian girl renewed her last meeting with Gabrielle's ass. A bare, smooth pussy appeared and Tracey smiled down at her. Susan sat with her back against the headboard as Tracey worked on her.

Daphne hummed in happiness as Harry filled her from behind. He began a rapid-fire pace that he knew Daphne loved as she worked on Padma's ass. Padma was, to Gabrielle's gross fascination and pleasure, eating the shit out of the Veela's ass. Tracey bounced atop Gabrielle's head while she was at work deep within Susan.

As Gabrielle ate out her second girl, she smiled. This felt right. Right here in the middle of this orgy, with a cunt in front of her and Harry's seed in her belly.

Harry was pounding away in to Daphne. He loved taking her doggy-style; she had an ass you could ride for days. His hands held her hips as he thrust, their pelvic bones smacking together painfully.

Susan leaned back against the headboard and smiled. From this perspective, she could watch everything. Harry's face of concentration as he fucked, there was no other word for it, Daphne from behind. Daphne groaning as she attempted to stretch Padma's asshole enough for Harry while being brutally fucked. Padma's face of utter bliss as her tongue delved in to Gabrielle's ass. Tracey's eyes were locked on Susan's as her stiffened tongue penetrated the former Hufflepuff.

And Gabrielle. She was gorgeous before. Naked on the bed, with Harry's seed dripping out of her as Padma ate out her backdoor while Tracey rode her face, she was perfect. Susan groaned and shoved Tracey's head deeper in to her crotch.

Daphne moaned. "I'm coming...oh god." Harry spanked her hard on her ass-cheek and she screamed as she climaxed, juices dripping on the bed.

Harry pulled out of her and let her slip to the bed. At the same moment, Tracey groaned out a smooth orgasm from Gabrielle's apparently talented tongue. The two former Slytherins rolled away and lay back, their naked bodies gleaming with spit and cum.

Harry knee-walked up the bed before spanking Padma lightly. The Indian girl flipped over and Harry pulled her hips up. She was face-up now and she pulled Gabrielle with her. The Veela girl followed and allowed Padma to pull her on to her face. Gabrielle groaned out long and hard as Padma re-acquainted her mouth with the Veela's ass.

Harry looked at Padma's ass. It was puckered and open, but still tight and beginning to close. "Good job Daph." In one long movement, he slid himself firmly home within the waiting rectum.

"HAAAAARRRRY!" Padma's scream was muffled by Gabrielle's ass and cunt. Harry began to slowly pound in and out of Padma, and he leaned forward.

Gabrielle saw him and met him in a heated kiss. He pulled back and smiled. "Tray this time?"

She moaned and nodded, her breasts rocking gently as she bobbed gently on Padma. One of Harry's hands began to knead Gabrielle's breast as the other crept down her stomach and fiddled with her clit.

Gabrielle groaned and pushed her hips down hard on Padma. Without breaking her kiss with Harry, she managed to maneuver one hand down and began thrusting 2 fingers roughly in to Padma's glistening red cunt.

Gabrielle moved down Harry's chest, retracing her path from earlier. Finally she was lying flat on Padma and was furiously eating out the other girl. Harry was holding both girls and pounding hard in to them. Padma was on her way to her third orgasm, and on her way to coaxing afourth out of Gabrielle.

Harry sped up and managed to croak. "I'm about to come." Gabrielle looked up at him and adopted her most innocent face.

"Can you come on my face?" Harry looked down at her and groaned before bottoming out. The head of his cock pushed deep in to Padma's anal canal before he came. He shot thick wads of cum in to her.

After the third shot, he withdrew quickly and aimed at Gabrielle who was smiling at him. The other girls all groaned as he shot his load all over her face and hair. Finally he was exhausted and just weakly stroked himself.

Before he could pull away, Gabrielle lowered her mouth to his cock. He groaned and rubbed some cum in to her hair as she cleaned him off, swallowing the leftover shit pulled out of Padma's ass. The Indian girl had slipped out from under Gabrielle and was squeezing Harry's cum out of her ass and scooping it up to her mouth.

Gabrielle felt herself pulled up and turned around. Susan and Tracey, each of whom hadn't had any real sex with Harry, began licking at her face and swallowing his cum.

Finally, Gabrielle was clean and the two girls each pulled her in to a kiss before kissing each other.

Harry waved his hand wearily and the bed was cleaned freshened, as well as the girls. Harry collapsed on to the large bed. Gabrielle crawled wearily up and snuggled in to his chest, basking in his warmth. Daphne claimed his other side.

Susan, Padma and Tracey all stood. Tracey gathered her clothes and talked. "Sorry guys, got to go. Have to sleep at home tonight." Susan and Padma repeated the same claim. The three on the bed clamored for them to stay but they eventually left.

Harry lay there basking in the warmth on the two girls in his arms. He kissed Gabrielle's head and noticed she was shaking slightly. "Gabrielle, you alright?"

The girl shook some more and Daphne shared aworried look with Harry. He lifted her head gently and was surprised to see tears coating her cheeks.

Daphne wiped them away and stroked her cheek softly. "Gabby, what's wrong? You can tell us."

Gabrielle cried and choked back some tears. "I'm sorry...I all came back to me and I realized what I must think me such a slag, jumping in to bed like this. God look at me. I lost my virginity, ate out two girls and had one girl eat out my ass. I sucked your cock after you fucked Padma's ass. I'm a whore!" She burst in to a fresh set of tears and Harry wrapped his arms around her and sat up. He pulled her in to his lap and Daphne stroked her hair.

"Oh Gabrielle...I'm sorry. I knew I rushed you in to this. No one thinks that of you. Oh I'm so sorry." Gabrielle continued to cry in to his chest as he rocked her.

Daphne nodded. "Love, you know what we think of you? We think you are a beautiful young woman. We know you aren't a slag or awhore. We don't invite them to our bed." Gabrielle shook her head and dug further in to Harry's chest.

They let her lie there, curled in Harry's arms and with Daphne stroking her hair softly until she stopped crying.

Harry spoke softly. "If you are all that, then what does that make me or Daphne? What does that make Padma, the agreed-upon kinkiest girl in the group?"

Gabrielle's head looked up quickly. "Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it like that." Harry kissed her nose and rocked her.

"No you didn't. You aren't a whore or a slag. You are a young woman who survived the war. The one thing that I learned from growing up that at the end of the day, the person you have to answer to isn't the rest of the world. It isn't your mother. It isn't your sister. It is you. You need to be able to look yourself in the face in the mirror. What would you have done if you had said no earlier, and gone up?"

Gabrielle shrugged. Daphne smiled before answering."You would have spent the entire afternoon wondering what could have been."

"I lost almost everything I had. I know better than anyone: you never know when this ride is going to end. So do what you want and live for the day." Gabrielle sighed and half-nodded. Harry kissed her nose again and the three settled down for sleep.

The Burrow was tense. Harry and Gabrielle never came home last night. The assorted Weasley clan was in the sitting room, doing things to keep busy. Fleur was misleading and obtuse the whole day, though the small smile on her face gave them something to think about.

Finally, a little after lunch the door banged open and Harry and Gabrielle fell in laughing. Harry called over his shoulder."Bye Daph, love ya."

The two picked themselves up and glanced up at the reception. The house tensed as the collective Weasley family inhaled to berate them but Fleur cut them off. Swooping forward in true Veela fashion, she smiled deviously at Gabrielle.

"Well Gabrielle? Did Monsieur Potter make your night?" Harry, far from the blush everyone expected, grinned and crossed his arms while leaning against the doorpost.

"Yes Gabrielle, tell them about our night."

Gabrielle managed to rein in her blush and blew an air kiss to Harry. She turned to Fleur. "Oh Fleur, first he kissed me. Iswore to do that for the rest of my life. Then he led me to the bedroom."

Fleur hushed her. "Gabrielle, En Francais."Gabrielle burst in to a story in hurried French. Fleur went from smiling, to smirking, to gaping to groaning audibly. Bill stepped forward to inquire what happen when Fleur quickly ushered Gabrielle in to the kitchen where they continued the story.

The Weasleys glared at their retreating backs before turning their attention to Harry. Mrs. Weasley broke first. "Harry!Where were you last night? And obviously staying with a girl as well. It is not proper Harry. I knew going to that club was a bad idea."

Far from being cowed by the infamous Weasley temper, Harry groaned and waved her away. He turned to walk to the fireplace. Mrs. Weasley exploded. "Harry James Potter. You turn around this instant and explain where you were and what you were doing with a young girl like Gabrielle."

Harry whirled around and glared at Mrs. Weasley. "First, despite your meager attempts at kindness, /Molly/, you are not my mother. Lily Potter is dead, and unlike your jealous, illiterate brood of miscreants, I never got to enjoy having a mother. So back the fuck up. Second, Gabrielle isn't a young girl. She is a grown woman who can make her own choices. The only one who has a remote claim to that is her sister, who gave me the idea in the first place. I asked her to dance and she accepted. Unlike your idiot of a son Ronald, I didn't have to essentially rape a girl I want." He turned to the offended son. "Hermione knows about the potion. She cried for ten hours straight. If you show up near her again, I will kill you." Turning back to Molly, he finished. "Third, you want to know where I was."

He paused and glared around the room before meeting eyes with Gabrielle. She was in the doorway and she smiled and nodded. "I danced with Gabrielle and Daphne for awhile before sitting down with my friends. We talked for a while until Daphne, Gabrielle, Padma Patil, Susan Bones and I returned to my flat. There we finished our evening in the classic way of an orgy cumulating in a wonderful facial on her pretty face. We slept late, ate a wonderful breakfast and Daphne and I had a quickie before we left. Happy?"

The Weasleys were stunned; Gabrielle was containing her laughter while holding her head high. Fleur was rolling on the floor, silent only because of a well-placed charm by Gabrielle.

Mr. Weasley stood. "Now Harry, Iunderstand you seem to be upset. But it is no reason to yell or be profane. Now, are you saying you slept with Gabrielle?"

Harry arched an eyebrow. "You know Mr. Weasley, I always liked you. Unlike the rest of your family, you seem to appreciate the important things in life and you think before you speak. However, I will yell, since Mollywobbles over there has been screaming unchecked for years. Finally, I didn't sleep with Gabrielle."

The Weasleys, Ron especially, adopted a superior smirk on their faces. Harry grinned and leaned forward in a mock whisper. "I fucked her brains out. Then I fucked Daphne, then I ass-fucked Padma. It was wonderful and I hope to do it again sometime." The Weasleys were completely flummoxed.

Harry rubbed his eyes and sighed."Look, you all fought through the war with me and I am eternally grateful. However, that does not make me a part of your family. I know you have this antiquated notion of me marrying Ginny and Hermione hitching up with Ron and pumping out babies. However, Hermione has really hit it off with Neville once Ronnie stopped doping her and Ginny is, and always will be, a friend." He turned to the girl who looked absolutely devastated.

"Gin, I know you always had this crush on me. I just don't feel that way about you. I'm sorry. But I know this: you are a beautiful young woman who any guy would be lucky to love. You will find someone, and I promise that I will be behind you, watching over your shoulder." He smiled at her and she looked up.

Ginny knew Harry didn't love her. But her mother always talked about them as one big family and hinted at Harry liking her. But this heartfelt confession far from destroyed her. She smiled back at him as she heard the last part of the claim. Unlike the empty threats her brothers would throw at boyfriends, this felt real. Someone who would fight for her wants and beliefs, rather than just keeping her cold and single.

Harry kissed her cheek and stood. Gabrielle looked at him proudly. Harry sighed again and turned back to the Weasleys. "I am sorry, but I just can't do it anymore. You guys fought for everything you believe in the war and what happens when it's over? You go back to your lives with your dinners and Quidditch games. God, haven't you learned anything? Any day, a Dark Lord could pop up and wipe us out. Live while you can. Stop gossiping and pointing fingers and experience the world."

Charlie stood to defend his family."Really Harry? What have you done? Fucked a bunch of sluts?"

Harry glared at him. "If you ever call them that again, I will rip your tongue out and shove it up your ass. And what have I done?" He began ticking off fingers.

"Rode a gondola through the canals of Venice. Hiked, magic-free, to the top of Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Vesuvius. Stayed alone in the Arctic Circle for a week in the darkness of winter just to see the first sunrise in months crest over the horizon. Walked the length of Great Wall of China. Explored the Library of Alexandria. With special permission from the Pope, spent a month in the catacombs of the Vatican, reading books and parchments written by the Apostles. Meditated atop Mount Sinai, on the very spot Moses once stood. Scuba dived off the coast of Australia, and explored the coral reef."

He looked up from his recounting."For the first nineteen years of my life, I saw the worst this world had to offer. Torture, rape, abuse, murder. For the past three, I have seen the best. I have seen a child's first breath, an ancient woman's last gasp, and everything in between. I've been at the top of the world, and the very bottom. I've seen the sunrise over a mountainous desert and a sunset over New York City. I have /lived/."

He shoved his hands in to pockets, almost apologetically. "The war taught me that life is so precious, so precarious. Enjoy it. Live. For my parents, for Molly's brothers, for Sirius. Hell, for Voldemort himself, as a giant fuck-you."

His voice was a whisper and his eyes seemed to be cloudy and distant. "Live. For god's sake, live." He took one final glance around the room. Gabrielle had walked to his side and taken his hand midway through his speech. At a tearful nod from Fleur, he held Gabrielle, threw some powder in the fireplace and they disappeared.

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