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    About me:
    Name: Michelle (or Heidi if you know me in real life)
    Gender: Female... duhhhhhh
    Ancestry: English, German, Irish, Scottish, Scots-Irish (Ulster), Dutch?, French?, Italian? My ancestors on my granddad's side arrived from Germany around in the 1830s(?), while my grandmother's ancestors are from Jamestown, I think. I'm not 100 percent sure about my grandpa's and grandma's side but I think maybe they're from Europe too. I'm related to Chuck Jones (remember Loony Tunes? Tom and Jerry?), Mary, Queen of Scots (Mary I/Marie Stuart) and some famous lady from Jamestown (I forget her name, sadly). In fact we're all related to each other, so we basically incest each other (nah! I'm joking, hope this didn't offend anyone :P).
    From: Oklahoma! Home to more languages than Continental Europe, most Native Americans, and the world's largest hill! :P
    Birthday: June 27, 1990 (say happy bday to me! :D)
    Zodiac Cancer/Horse
    Job: None, but I hope to become a medical doctor (M.D.), I also love to write, but I dunno if I could ever publish anything! Heh... I also thought about forensics! All of my favourite shows either have to do with forensics or medicine.
    Facebook name, MSN, AIM: Ask, or you tell me yours.
    Wikipedia name: Mitternacht90; Youtube name: LittleBlueHeron (alternate account is StaraptorEmpoleon)
    Favourite genres: Romance, drama, angst, adventure, hurt/comfort... etc.
    Diseases I suffer from: Canker sores, fever blisters (caused by herpes simplex I virus)... fibromyalgia (possibly, I looked through all of the symptoms and it's highly possible), I tend to get allergies, rhinitis, bronchitis, and sinusitis very often... sucks... As of 11/13/09 I think I have bronchitis or a cold... Oh yeah, I have terrible insomnia.
    Favourite subjects: History, anatomy, biology, zoology, German, French, health
    Most boring subjects in the world: Maths, English, ....
    Favourite quote: “Life finds a way... somehow... no matter how damaged a tree or how inbred a cat may be, life finds a way... I find it hard to conceive... God has his ways. I don't think we will ever fully understand. Life is terribly amazing... in a good way!” - Me, 2009. In response to an image on Wikipedia. I also wrote this quote for one of my main characters: "Live life to the fullest, accomplish what you can, no matter how hard it is or what the blocks in the road are." "I don't care if I can't see behind me. However, if I look forward, I can see more good things in my life." - All of them are by me.
    Total no. of words so far: at least 30,000-40,000+ words, I dunno, you do the math XD lol

    IF ANY IDEAS or if you have OC(s) (original character[s]) (yes, I'm talking to you too teachers :D), please email me. I would love see what you have. Yes, I am allowing you to email me your ideas. I'm thirsty for ideas and I have terrible writer's block. I don't see how I'm supposed to get to part two of Stanford any time soon... D': I'm having trouble with chapter 2 of 82 Degress, Radiant Ace (not published yet), amongst other things...

    The Serchio, twisting forth
    Between the marble barriers which it clove
    At Ripafratta, leads through the dread chasm
    The wave that died the death which lovers love,
    Living in what it sought; as if this spasm
    Had not yet passed, the toppling mountains cling,
    But the clear stream in full enthusiasm
    Pours itself on the plain, then wandering
    Down one clear path of effluence crystalline
    Sends its superfluous waves, that they may fling
    At Arno's feet tribute of corn and wine;
    Then, through the pestilential deserts wild
    Of tangled marsh and woods of stunted pine,
    It rushes to the Ocean.

    from The Boat on the Serchio
    by Percy Bysshe Shelley
    This is one of my favourite poems

    Die Gedanken sind frei, wer kann sie erraten,
    sie fliegen vorbei wie nächtliche Schatten.
    Kein Mensch kann sie wissen, kein Jäger erschießen
    mit Pulver und Blei, Die Gedanken sind frei!

    Thoughts are free, who can guess them?
    They flee by like nocturnal shadows.
    No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them,
    with powder and lead: Thoughts are free!

    Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
    Unity and justice and freedom

    Liberté, égalité, fraternité
    Liberty, equality, fraternity (brotherhood)

    Toţi în unu
    All in one

    Hi I'm Michelle, I write some pretty mature things, so if you don't like them, then don't read. So yeah... I'm 19, very mature, freshman in college, write for fun, and hoping to get at least 9,000 words for chapter 2 of 82 Degrees. I'm also a sucker for hospitals and reoccurring themes; I shouldn't name them... lol... you will notice them if you read my stuff.

    I'm from Oklahoma, and I'm quite proud to be an Okie. I have many pets, but the only ones I care about are my five cockatiels and a budgie; Stormy, Shadow, Sunny, Dexie, CJ and Sky. I also care about my fish, too; but I tend to forget about them because they don't make any noise when they want something XD.

    I love writing to death. <3 I don't think there could be any other job I want (oooh wait, I want to be an M.D.! :D) I'm getting better at describing! I can guarantee you I will get better, I know because I can see it.

    Michelle's references and links:
    Law & Order: SVU "Wildlife". WARNING: Blood in this episode.
    All about Diamox mentioned in chapter 35 of Stanford. It's also on Wikipedia.

    My longest story is called Lucian, M.D., at 102 chapters. My second longest story is Stanford.

    My favourite animals are birds, and other wild animals. I prefer wild over domestic. Horses are OK, while I don't really like cats and dogs. I love all birds and animals though (even if they are all right). I LOVE WOLVES. EDIT: A bought a budgerigar (budgie/parakeet) from PetCo. He is so cute!!!! His name is Sky.

    I know German and French.
    I hope to learn a Scandinavian language (any of them), Romanian (<3), Japanese, Italian (I can kinda read it :P), Swahili, ANY Celtic language (esp. Welsh, Irish or ,Scottish Gaelic), etc....

    You will see a lot of Honchkrows, Staraptors, Floatzels (or Buizels), Bronzongs, Houndooms, Lucarios, Skarmories, Rampardoses, Piplups, Empoleons, Garchomps, etc - they are all my favourite Pokémon.

    Some of the best (in bold)/favourite songs ever written:
    Sister Golden Hair/Ventura Highway - America
    Maggie May/You Wear it Well/You're in my Heart/First Cut is the Deepest/Rhythm of my Heart/Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?/You're in my Heart/Ooh La La/Toight's the Night (It's Gonna be Alright) - all Rod Stewart
    Babe - Styx
    Night Moves/Roll Me Away/It's Still Rock 'n' Roll to Me/Against the Wind - all Bob Seger
    Rosanna/Hold the Line/Africa - Toto
    Sea King/Braes of Sutherland/Brave Foot Soldiers - all Wolfstone
    Hurt/Ring of Fire/God's Gonna Cut You Down/Ghost Riders/Ring of Fire/Boy Named Sue/Highwayman - All Johnny Cash
    Pretty much any song by Billy Joel is amazing!!

    I have more... so yeah... but out of all of those, I think Night Moves or Roll Me Away are my favourites.

    I left due to being flamed every two days or so. So yeah, I hate it there. My best friend, CJ, made the same decision and left, too. Hopefully I won't get flamed here, too! If I do, I might leave.

    Please note: I think this site is "cached", so most of my stuff hasn't appeared yet. This especially happens to ''Stanford''.

    Oh yeah, if you're a teacher and can't review, feel free to drop a line at: - I'd LOOOVE to hear from you! :D

    List of OCs (original characters):
    Lucian's family:
    Rex (son)
    Lexi (daughter)
    Crina (step-daughter)
    Adela (mother)
    Cornel (father)
    Sapphire (aka Cynthia; cousin-in-law)
    Luca (sister; somewhat based on me)

    People distantly related to him:
    Jacques (son; accidentally made love to Fantina :P)

    Michelle (basically, an OC based off me)
    Dirk (Cyrus's brother)
    Bartholomäus (aka Baum)
    Jasper (Stan/Jade's son)
    Gage (Émile's brother)
    "Mitternacht" (aka Makayla; Émile's cousin)
    Chad (aka Professor Rose; I'm not sure what a father's cousin is called but he is related to Émile)
    Cassidy (only related to Stan via blood)

    Members of Team Galactic (after the anime; now known as New Galactic):
    Ylva (aka Alcyone; Lucian's aunt-in-law)
    Norman (aka Nix)
    Emma (aka Elektra)
    Jonah (aka Janus)

    Takis (Cynthia's father) - Togekiss
    Ana (aka Anastasia; Cynthia's mother) - Gastrodon
    Beowulf (aka Cooper) - Houndoom
    Leon - Lumineon
    Noel (aka Rein; Marie's brother) - Pelipper
    Esme - Lucario
    Cecilia - Luxio
    Jacob (Cecilia calls him Mac)- Jolteon
    Fortune (her real name is Aurora) - Articuno

    Luca (yes, I am a sucker for that name; Delcatty)
    Cyn (Cyndaquil)
    Chomp (Lucian's son, Pokémorph, Umbreon x Garchomp x human)
    Skywing (shiny Skarmory)
    Star (Staraptor)
    Jack (Lucario)
    Chloe (Skuntank x Lucario)
    Sable (Honchkrow)

    I pretty much named everyone's Pokémon; I wonder if I own them in that way? :P I doubt it lol

    I renamed every Team Galactic member, except Cyrus/stupid grunts:
    Saturn --> Stanford (aka Stan or Cass)
    Mars --> Marie
    Jupiter --> Jade
    Charon --> Paul (it was before his name was changed from Pluto)

    Psst... I also gave Crasher Wake a new name: it's Ty; as for Looker, it's Émile and for Rowan's first name, it's Siôr (pronounced SHOR. It's the Welsh form of George).


    None, but I will create one someday! Maybe a son that Gregory never knew about...? :P

    OCs that aren't mine:
    Iggy (aka Incognito; from Luca) - belongs to my best friend CJ
    Blade (from Ulsium) - same as above
    Twilight (from Luca) - belongs to my friend Robert

    I made up some love songs for some of the characters:
    Lucian/Cynthia: Maggie May (Rod Stewart) - Apparently, the song Flint played on his guitar when they first kissed for real - oh damn, that was a spoiler D': (will be in SnazzyShipping)
    Candice/Flint: Brown-Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) - I haven't revealed it yet... oh sh- *cough* (will be in SlushShipping)
    Stanford/Marie: You Wear it Well (Rod Stewart) - the song Stan sang to let her know that he loves her, but she doesn't realise this (chapter 6 of ConjunctionShipping)
    Émile/Cassidy: Haven't thought of it but I have thought about 'Babe' by Styx or maybe 'Night Moves' by Bob Seger.

    Just so you know, Flint is not Cynthia's brother, he is her cousin. So don't kill me there. I'm going to reveal this in chapter 104 of Lucian, M.D.. ;) Just as soon as I get more ideas for that chapter. Just thought you'd like to know.
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