Review for The Sharpest Lives Are The Deadliest To Lead

The Sharpest Lives Are The Deadliest To Lead

(#) hopeanne 2007-10-08

Every time I submit a review on your story it seems to disappear into cache land and never come back!~ aaah. so this review is for like the last few chapters.
Loved them all! I was a bit worried with the one that started 'this is gonna be confusing!' I was like fuck, if she wrote it and she thinks it confusing... lol.
But it wasnt. (confusing) I mean no more confusing then the rest of the story. (which is a good thing!)
I love your style of writing. All these pieces seem to be fitting together slowly and its great. But there are sooo many unanswered questions still! Ugh, need another chapter, like now...
Poor Gee. I get the feeling being away from Frank is killing him. Like literally killing him...
Who would want to hurt him like that. I bet it goes back centuries. :)
And dont feel bad. I cant draw either. My comic would be a bunch of stick figures! lol.