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These Twists And Turns Of Fate

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The ear in Gerard’s pocket belonged to Ryan Ross; The Nerd.

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Title from "Little Wonders" - Rob Thomas

The ear in Gerard’s pocket belonged to Ryan Ross; technical engineer and field technician. AKA; The Nerd.
He was one of the men disappeared from Justin and Adam’s team.
Gerard could have smelled the blood from the rotting body part from miles away if he’d tried, so it was easy to get traces of the scent once he had it.
He felt slightly degraded; they were using him as their search dog?
They stopped tracking only to feed and eat. More so for Gerard; practically all Adam had to do was buy a burger from McDonald’s.
Adam mostly trailed after Gerard as the vampire grumpily made his way through claustrophobic crowds of people. He didn’t like people, and didn’t see why he’d said yes to spending unnecessary time around them.
Gerard doubled over suddenly, clutching his middle and hitting the wall with his fist.
Adam frowned and looked at Gerard’s eyes. They were black; hollow.
“Stay still.” He ordered.
“N-no, I-” Gerard groaned, struggling.
He finally surrendered and Adam flipped him onto his back against the wall, unbuttoning his shirt all the way down.
Black bruises marked his rib cage and were slowly spreading up to his neck.
“We need to find him.” Adam said, “You’ll die.”
“No… no, we’ve got… got to find Ryan.” Gerard protested, “Told… we told Justin.”
Adam shook his head, trying to button Gerard’s shirt back up and ignoring the stares; they were in the middle of the street.
“Come on.” Gerard growled, pulling Adam after him; shirt buttoned only up to the middle.
Adam snorted, but complied.
“Stubborn bitch.”
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