Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2008-01-15

Okay. So I sucked it up and you are not only getting my review here, youre getting robbys and matts and even elf wants to throw his two cents in. lol.
I think it was a good chapter. It was kinda heartwrenching to read. Specially the parts about how she missed him. Like how she use to complain about his hugs and then to have him hug her again, she didnt care. That really touched me for some reason and I dont know why. It just felt real. And that line about the bookstore was a nice touch. It rounded out the scene, you know bringing back the past like that.
And skys whole bit about giving up on him. that hurt me too. I dont know why. its weird cause her giving up on him is what sorta saved him from the drugs in a way but I just hate that phrase. I hate how she thinks of it as her giving up on him. Looking at it from afar you can plainly see that her leaving him was what motivated him to change, but she doesnt see it like that. Shes her own biggest critic and I hate that about her.
Rob of course agrees. But he always agrees with me. Its cause Im super scary (rawr)
no srsly. He says it was a nice chapter. But is he is curious about what happened after the last chapter, like if Gee went after Billy or not. I told him you promised no lose ends when its over so we'll see.
Matt says he didnt know you were so romantic. (I guess he thought it was a bit mushy the gee-sky love at the end) and elf wants to know who the fuck are these people. lol.

Author's response

Elf clueless as usual and I bet Matt would love my new chap! I'll go an extra mile and dedicate it to him just cause he sucks.