Review for The Savior of the Damned

The Savior of the Damned

(#) asherschick 2008-01-27

Amazing update!

Oooh, I wanna guess! It seems to me Frankie has psychic/telekinetic powers - like Jean from X-Men! But poor Frankie, the powers just came crashing down on him! He's in trouble!

And Gee's so sweet, not caring about hurting himself and just wanting to comfort Frankie. I can totally see him sitting patiently trying to draw the perfect Frank or walking to Frankie's side through all that chaos, getting injured in random places and not caring... It's so sweet :)

Again, good luck for that last exam. Write more when they're over.


Author's response

I can imagine Gee doing that too xD
Thanks for the luck, I'll need it!