Review for For the Greater Good

For the Greater Good

(#) Alorkin 2008-05-05

An excellent story. Yes, it is unpolished but it has a certain gritty feel to it. Harry isn't the knight in shining armor people think he is, but then neither is Dumbledore. There are shades of grey everywhere. Assuming Hermione has signed the contract, she will protect Harry's fortune from the ministry and perhaps use it to foster understanding. Luna will likely do the same. Despite the deplorable way Harry treated her at the 'Slug-club' she has always seemed to understand him better than anybody else...even Hermmione.

Pansy is a strange character. In cannon she's portrayed as Malfoy's pet toady. There are so very few fics where she is anything but a spoiled princess, utterly dedicated to Voldy.

Her being suicidal is not a surprise, given her environment. Her methods, however, are. She apparently wanted 'suicide by cop'. That they felt something in common with each other is also a surprise.

Harry's anger at being used by so many people, especially those he thought of as family and friends, is understandable. While his actions were less than honorable, he used far more restraint than I would have.

His letter to Hermione is more along the lines of suicide note. He intends to succeed in his rescue attempt, or die trying.

All in all, well done. I would really like to see a polished version of this fic, and any aftermath you might envision. Alorkin