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The Savior of the Damned

(#) asherschick 2008-06-10

Sleep is a beautiful song - I'd love to see it live, hell, I'm dying to see My Chem live! Whatever, it's definitely one of my favorites, too. I have a really big set of favorite MCR songs, I obsess over nearly every single MCR song during seperate time periods. I think that's because I can always find something to relate to, something that strangely calls to me - like a line that hits the right spot or a guitar riff that makes me imagine things, I dunno - in at least one of the songs, in any part of my life. And I think that's exactly what makes My Chemical Romance one of the best bands ever. They are special. Epic.

The sad thing is, you're gonna have to tell me the story behind it, I might have a vague idea about it but I'd like to know the whole story. That's two things you're telling me along with Emily The Strange. I'm not gonna let you forget that ;)

Yeah, and about the chapter. Let me tell you that I, too read all the flashbacks and I remembered every single chapter... That was beautiful. And sad, so sad. With Gerard so helpless and Frank so... I dunno. I'm putting myself in Frank's place and it's terrifying, really. What he went through and what he still is going through and to combine the chapter with your note in the end: This story might be magical, might take place in an alternate universe but bad things, really bad things happen to all of us. Every day. And I have to confess, I'm not an emotionally open person, I hate talking to people about my problems or crying in front of them, but there comes a point and you just have to tell something. Even just a tiny part of it. And that makes you feel better. Makes it easier to share the burden... I do that, sometimes, when I feel the need to. And you've done that, exactly. You shared your frustration and misery with us and I hope that has made you feel better, too. You just tell your friend to stop hurting him/herself. He/she can throw things around, kick and scream but hurting yourself is not the solution. Maybe you could kick his/her ass for doing so, too :P Like Gerard always says, everybody should love themselves... And I don't exactly know why, but we should love our lives, too. Because it's too hard to change our lives. We could have been born somewhere else, from different parents and we may not have been able to come healthily to this age. Of course it might have been better, but there's no guarantee of that. You should just accept the life you have, right? You should accept who you are, where you are and learn to live with it. Because harming yourself is not gonna change that and dying won't solve anything, either. Then you'll just be gone. Poof. Nothing. It's too early for that... And because of something as stupid as a guy... I don't know. I'd rather hurt him than myself.

The funny thing is, the Frerard one-shot I told you about, I posted it two days ago. I don't know if that's a coincidence or not but it's a bit about these things we talk about. Is taht strange?

Huge-ass. Yeah. I think I passed even that line with this review.

So, yeah, I'm gonna send you some more love and some even for your troubled friend. You take care of yourself, too, and if you wanna say something, talk about something and no one's around or maybe you just can't actually "talk", type those up and send it to me. Hehe, or to any other volunteers ;P

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Author's response

That happens to me to - the obsessing over certain songs during certain times of my life. But my obsession for sleep had never faded ;) I was obsessed with welcome to the black parade, then disenchanted, then i don't love you, then the house of wolves... they are all such amazing songs. Epic indeed ^^

Yay! haha i was hoping someone would ask about the story behind it xD Well here it is. During part of the song writing process of The Black Parade, the group stayed in a supposedly haunted hotel (i always forge the name of it). While staying there, they all had terrible nightmares, but they especially affected Gee and Mikey. In the beginning of Sleep and at the end its Gee talking about the terrible nightmares he and Mikey suffered during their stay there. He would wake up in the middle of the night feeling as if someone was strangling him. They didn't have an exactly good time! hehe Doesn't that make you like the song even more? haha xD

Glad you read through it all^^ I think its important, especially since this story is really long and we can forget things. While writing the flashbacks i had to go back and look at all the old chapters - there were some i didn't even remember! Like the one where Mikey says Frank has to cut the relationship off with Gee, and the both of them start the next chapter by making out. I didn't even remember that had happened! hahaha Even though i wrote it! :p

Yes, i had to share my rant with the world, even if the world doesn't want to hear it ;) You're so right about it all. I mean, its just insane how kids of 13, 14 years can just kill themselves because they don't have friends or are teased in school. Big deal! It just shows how immature they really are. There are other ways to vent - even if its through Ficwad like i did! haha
I'd hurt the guy before myself too xD hahaha

I just read/reviewed/rated/reviewed again/favorited your oneshot. I think its incredible and i'm not just saying that because you wrote it. I love it. Seriously. I'm going to mention it in my next huge-ass authors note so everyone will go read it and drool over it. Prepare a life boat in case the drooling causes a flood xD

Here's a huge-ass answer to your review xD haha Now i'll probably spend weeks saying "huge-ass this and that" until i get over it :p

Thanks for the love. The problem is solved (hopefully). I had a good chat with her and i think it worked.
Thanks for the offer of hearing my future rants - i send the same offer back your way^^ If you have messenger add me! My email is on my page.

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