Review for My Simple Chemical Life

My Simple Chemical Life

(#) alice93 2008-07-18

Aw Frankie-protecting Bob and being sweet to Elisabeth. I love Frank.
Great chapter-well worth the wait. I'm so sad Elisabeth isn't going to be on tour with them anymore but at least she'll have Derek and Natasha to look after her.
And Bob's so sweet with Madison. I always imagined him being easy to wind up lol.
Update soon,

Author's response

Frankie is so sweet. I liked the relationship she has built with Elisabeth also with James and Matt, if you noticed she hung out with them alot.

Yes Elisabeth's tour time has ended but not her part in the story. Natasha is going back with her parents however they all will meet up again in school. Derek is spending a few days with Elisabeth before heading back to Alabama, but again all will meet again in school. Elisabeth will get some alone time witn her Daddy that she really needs. So once they're back in school they will all be together again.

I always read stories where he's a jerk, or surly. But reading about people who have met him always say that's he's really, really nice so I imagine that it would be that way in his personal life, a very caring person. On the other hand I wouldn't mess want to get him mad.

Definitely sooner than the last update.

Thanks so much for the review!!