Review for Moody, dark, and oh yeah, a giant prick.

Moody, dark, and oh yeah, a giant prick.

(#) easykeys 2008-12-07

I 'awwwed' at the last line.

It's funny cause lately I have been wondering myself why people cant be empathetic. It must be weird for Gerard having people want to have his babies and shit, that would freak me out.

I honestly felt like punching that girl, even though she isn't real, that is technically like fucking, uh, hand rape!

You wrote it very well, I wanna know what happened with that Beth girl lol, like did she ever find out that was Gerard sitting behind the fence? Hmmmmm.

Anyways fab job, cant wait for more :D

dondon xo.

Author's response

Thanks, dondon.

In all honesty, I wrote this one up because OF people who think Gerard's a prick. You know, everyone has their off days and it isn't easy dealing with "fame" while really trying to just live a "normal" life - at some point you just have to stop giving a fuck about what people think though.

And there's this certain type of girl out there that operates like the chick in the second flashback. I've had it happen to me, and I'm not a rock star! The way I describe it in the story is how it made me feel. It's like, somewhere along the line, these girls got the notion that EVERY guy could be manipulated if all you did was rub his junk or something. I've been in the whole band scene as well as the nightclub scene in the past and that's where I encountered that the most. They're like the female versions of the dudes that just live for a "tally" of how many women they've nailed. It's freaky.

Oh yeah, the Beth girl ... I think she never knew. When Gerard really wants to go incognito, sometimes he can pull it off LMAO! xp

That second to last paragraph wasn't sitting well with me ... too short ... so I added a few lines and am happier with it now ;)