Review for Moody, dark, and oh yeah, a giant prick.

Moody, dark, and oh yeah, a giant prick.

(#) lostmymindxx45 2008-12-09

I really liked this one.

1) I've always wondered, 'what do celebs think of fans?" i mean, I know they prob think the sex ones r freaky, but now I kinda know how they just wanna be normal..Like leave them alone! I had this dream that i met Gerard in Walmart(dont ask..) and I went up to him and was all "I love your band! You guys are amazing and just so wonderful! You guys kick ass" and i wasnt like annoything or anything..So then I stole a shirt from Walmart and he signed it =) Lmao.

2) I felt scared for Gee at the end..I was like "DONT RAPE HIMM!!!" Yeah, if I was him, I would have fucking jetted...And maybe before that kicked the girl..But then again, i would have been a guy and dudes dont do that...Im rambling!

3) YAY!!! I love the stories with mostly his thoughts (i've said it b4, but its true) I think you put so much effort and thought into writing it! It's so detailed and just well written.

I want you to know, You are probably now my favorite writer on ficwad!!!

Keep it up!


Author's response

Thanks for leaving all these reviews! =D

I think for the most part, "famous" people are really appreciative of fans - and Gerard is especially understanding - even though, everyone has "off days", I mean, we're all only human, right? I've never been "in his shoes" in that respect, but I can be empathetic about it.

And, ha! That's a funny dream lmao!

And on the second part ... I actually mentioned in a response to easykeys that that has happened to me ... and I'm slightly shorter than Gerard so I'm not a big dude either. Besides just being weirded out, there's also this thing in the back of your mind like, "I would actually have to hurt this chick to get her off me if it came down to it because I couldn't just 'overpower' her real easily", and then all the conflicting emotions about that - like you're never supposed to do that, you know? And there's always the chance that the girl could flip out and try to say that you were the one that instigated it - especially if you're in the "public eye". It's a real fucked up situation all around, so I'm glad that came through in the writing.

It's awesome I'm one of your favs on here!