Review for You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

You Are Obsessed With MCR If...

(#) TrekkieMonster 2009-01-08

I didn't stalk a Mikey Way look-alike at Wal-Mart. I stalked a Bob Bryar look-alike at a Mindless Self Indulgence concert.

That cracked me up. I've made loads of those. I think we- and by we I mean everybody who read this- has a disease. And I think it's called OCRD. [Obsessive Chemical Romance Disorder.]
A few you forgot, though:
-Your parents have come in to the room when you were watching a My Chem video and told you to stop screaming.
-People you're not even friends with know how obsessed you are.
-Anytime you're in an office building you tell strangers how you'd love to die alone.

And I am guilty of quite literally every one of them. That, dear children, is the definition of insanity.
xD Great job.