Review for No Air

No Air

(#) disturbedangel6 2009-04-21

I think many people here said that they can relate to this, so I'm going to add onto the list
This always happens to me especially when I'm not close to god and stuff
And right now I'm not
I feel like that I don't deserve to be close to god because I'm gay
I feel that I'm doing bad things just as simple as kissing my girlfriend
So I don't bother because I know god won't answer my prayers
I kinda stay away from horror movies also
But then again I still can't sleep at night
This is a great standalone... but it would be cool if it was a sequeal
I'd like to know where that one goes xD
It's so creepy tho, but I love itxx

Author's response

Wow, you totally know exactly how I feel. Like no shit. I’m not really like 100% sure that I’m gay, but I don’t know, I’ve been experimenting a little, I guess you could say, and I’m pretty sure that I’m bi. I just feel so bad because god says that it’s wrong, and I don’t know all those years of church-going and being a student in a catholic school have had a big enough effect on me so that now I feel really guilty about it. I always feel soo hypocritical when I ask god for something—cause I feel a little bit like he would probably hate me—that is, even if he exists. Thank you so so much for reviewing. Your review really did mean a lot to me. I’m not really sure if I’ll be writing any sequels or not, but I’m putting some serious consideration into it. Thanks for reviewing.


I've been thinking about writing about trying to figure out if I am straight or bi or gay, but Idk how I would be able to write that for a guy.