Review for Getting My Baby Back

Getting My Baby Back

(#) Sassy 2009-05-13

Heya! Me again!

You really shouldn't think of chapters like this as 'fillers'. They're not! They are essential pauses for character development and background. If we don't know what motivates a character, we don't care what they do. That's what I really love about your writing, you're not afraid to write a good thought or emotion provoking chapter, even if it doesn't move the plot along that much. That's why your stories are so good. Well, that and you're an excellent writer!!

Sas x

Author's response

Hi there Sas,

When I was writing using the word "filler" I was toying whether it was filler or character developement. But chose filler because like you said it didn't move the plot, but in a way it sort of did. It setting things up for things that will happen down the line.

I really try to use each chapter as a way to the climax. I feel sad when a author gets stuck and doesn't know what to do with their story. I think we're alike in that we probably know how the story is going to end either when we think of the plot or very early on and write our stories around it. Always having a goal in sight. I only strayed once from that formula in my first story, To Save A Life.

Thanks for the compliments coming from you is such an honor as I think the same of you.

There should be more soon, I think I'm going to concentrate more on this story because I know where I want to head with it. I know plot points I want to hit so hopefully it's more about finding the time and motivation to put it to the computer.

I hope you'll like it because I'm hoping it conveys the way I want it to.