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Atleast we got eachother, [frerard]

(#) xxMCRMYxx 2009-05-15

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In the morning I got up. Got dressed really fast then ran downstairs to try and grab a fast breakfast before my father stirred. While I was makeing my coffee he came down and stood next to me,
"Just friends?" He huffed. I ignored him, left my coffee half made and walked out of my door. I started walking towards Frankie's house. When I was walking around the second corner I literally bumped into Frankie, causing him to drop his book bag. I picked it up for him then passed it to him smiling.
"School's that way, I thought.." I said.
"Yeah it is. I wanted to come get you first." He smiled. I smiled back then we turned to walk towards the forest. "You really want to go to school today?" He asked me.
"Nope." I replied blandly.
"Then let's go into the forest, I know this neat place with a river and everything.." He said sounding excited. I followed behind him into the forest and once we were off the main track in the forest I reached out and twisted my hand into his. He slowed to my pace and smiled at me. Then faced forward so that he'de know where he was walking. We walked for about 5 minutes then he lead me onto a clearing with a small river. It wasn't fairytale material, but as long as he was there it was the most beautiful place on Earth. He turned to me "TA DA!" he yelled. I laughed and then he giggled.
"It's wondorfull." I commented.
"I know." He replied then pulled me to a grassy patch and he let go of my hand and sat down. I look a seat next to him then wrapped my arm around his waist and he rested his head on my shoulder. He sighed.
"I guess I should say sorry about my dad yesterday?"
"Not your fault." He whispered. Then he sat up and turned to me. His eyes were sparkling. Then he got to his feet and reached his hands down to help me up. I held one of his hands and used the other one to help myself up, so it was easier for Frankie to help me. I got to my feet and Frank pounced onto me to hug me so fast I almost fell over, but I managed to stay on my feet. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I put my hands loosly on his shoulders. "How do I know I really love you?" He said softly. Looking into my eyes with his dazzling eyes.
"Well.." I began, "Only you'de know." I grinned. He smiled too then stood on his toes so he could reach, and kissed my cheek.
"I think I do." He whispered after a short pause for thought.
"But," I said looking away trying to force away my smile.
"What's wrong Gerard?" He asked me caringly.
"Isn't it obvious?" I said and sniffed. It was really hard not to smile, I sneaked a glance at Frankie and saw that he was no longer smiling, but was looking up at me admiringly in interest.
"No.. " He said and tilted his head to one side waiting to find out what I thought was obvious.
"That I love you more." I finally whispered after a pause. A huge smile spread across my face and I met Frankie's breathtakeing gaze.
"I doubt that." He said and giggled. "Bet you couldn't prove it." He added and smiled at me challengingly.
"I can think of some ways." I said, then put my hands behind his head lightly and Frankie moved his hands from my waist to my shoulders. I lightly brought his head closer to my face and Frankie closed his eyes, then I closed mine. Our lips touched for about 2 seconds then our faces pulled back from eachother. It was barely a kiss, but I felt like I was flying and Frankie's expression was extatically happy so I guessed he felt the same. We stood in eachothers arms smiling into eachothers eyes for a while then I heard Frankie's stomach rumble. "You're tummy sounds sad Frankie." I laughed, then Frankie giggled and looked at his feet, turning red.
"Haven't had much to eat.." He said, not moveing his gaze from his feet.
"Then let's go get something to eat?" I suggested. I asked then he smiled up at me.
"Sure." He smiled.
"Where's the best place 'round here?" I asked.
"There's this little café just up the road from our houses." He suggested, then we let go of eachother and began to walk out of the clearing. When we almost got out of the clearing Frankie reached his hand out and I held it. We walked hand in hand through the forest, until we got out of the forest then Frankie let go. "Incase we run into your dad. Don't wana cause him a heart attack." Frankie explained then giggled. I laughed too. He lead the way to a small café.

Me and Gee got to Chester's café at the end of our road. And my heart was still uneven from our kiss. I knew I loved him, I'de deal with my new sexuality later. Gee opened the door for me. I walked in and headed straight for the little desk where you bought your food. Gee walked to my side and waited patiently.
"Hey Frank! Haven't seen you here in a while." smiled Jane. She was a daughter of one of my mother's friends. I remember seeing her last year sometime, and haveing a huge crush on her. Now I felt nothing for her. I sneaked a glance at Gee but he was looking striaght past Jane and into the kitchens. He looked slightly jelous.
"Hey Jane. How you been?" I smiled back, trying to be friendly.
"Just fine, Shouldn't you be in school?" She asked suspiciously. Jane had dropped out a long time ago after her mother offered to take her on in the café.
"No, we have a free lesson." I replied, useing my eyes to draw her attention at Gee. She looked at him and grinned.
"You have a new friend?" She asked me without even looking at me, eyes fixed on Gee. I turned to face him too. He met her eyes, but didn't grin back. Just smiled once then glanced at me quickly.
"This is Gerard," I introduced me. She still watched him, smiling.
"Hi Gerard." She said, "I'm Jane. Frank's mother's friends daugher." She was trying to flirt with Gerard but he showed no interest.
"Nice." He said then looked at me. "What are you going to eat?" He smiled.
"I'll have, a slice of cake. You want anything?" I offered.
"A coffee." He said then grinned at me. Jane stood the other side of the desk watching us.
"Coming right up." She smiled at Gerard. He smiled back, then when she turned her back he reached for my hand behind the counter and I took it gladly. Jane came back a moment later and put the cake and coffee onto the desk then grinned at Gerard.
"How much altogether?" He asked her.
"3.50." She said. I reached for my pocket with my free hand to get my wallet, but Gee looked into my eyes and stopped my hand.
"I'll pay." He said and added a smile.
"Thanks Gee." I said. I don't think I had enough money anyway. He reached for his pocket with his free hand and took out a five dollars. He placed it on the desk and waited for change. Jane looked at our arms which were reaching out to eachothers hands. I didn't realise she could see that we were holding hands from where she stood. Her face screwed up and she suddenly didn't look as friendly. Jane picked up the cash and put it into the counter not looking up she put change on the counter. Gerard picked up his change and put it in his pocket then picked up his coffee, and I grabbed the cake with my free hand and we walked away from the counter not bothering to let go of eachothers hands. We sat in a booth in the corner, as far from the now bitter Jane as we could, but she could still see us from where she sat behind the counter and she was giving us one of the most scary death glares I had ever seen.
"She's creepy!" Gee muttered to me.
"I know! Why is she looking at us like that?" I whispered.
"Fucking homophobe." Gee replied, just loud enough for her to hear us. She looked away, then picked up a magazine and sat at the counter reading. I giggled. Gerard laughed quietly too. "Well, are you gonna eat that cake Frankie? Or are you going to keep your tummy depressed?" He smiled at playfully, it was one of the most beautiful smiles I had ever seen.
"I think I'll please my stomach. Being with you's makeing it play up enough as it is." I giggled.
"What you mean?" He said raising an eyebrow, then took a sip of his coffee.
"I mean you give my stomach butterflies you idiot!" I said loudly, we both laughed. Then Jane looked up at us from her magazine and glared at me then saw us notice her and continued reading.
"She really doesn't like us." Gerard said, trying his best to fake dissapointment, but a smile was still spread across his face.
"I know. Damned pity." I agreed.
"I so fancied her too." Gerard grinned. Then winked at me.
"Did you? That's so freaky! So did I! I was going to dump you and run away with her." I giggled and Gerard smiled at me.
"Don't blame you. Offft." He joked trying to sound like a man. I couldn't help but go into a giggle fit and spitting my cake everywhere. Which made me laugh even more, I looked up at Gee mid-laugh and he was also in laughing fit mode, and was trying to rub cake off his face. We laughed for a minute or two then Jane came over,
"What's so funny guys?" She said, not at all even trying to sound friendly.
"Just a little joke." Gerard said then winked at me.
"I don't see how it's funny." She moaned.
"Well then, mabye you're not a funny person." Gerard said putting on a smug face. I covered my mouth not to giggle more.
"Mabye I am." she replied sternly then walked off muttering, "Fucking fags."
"Excuse me?" Gee said loudly in a overly-polite voice. I giggled more.
"Hmm?" She said stopping mid step.
"Did you just mutter, 'ducking sags'? That's a load of nonsence!" Gerard said in a serious voice and was struggling to keep his face straight.
"I said 'Fucking Fags'" She replied.
"Fags? WHERE?" Gerard yelled. I giggled even more. I couldn't control my giggle fit now. "Frankie! There are fags! FAGS! FUCKING RUN!" He screeched then hid under the table. I was really really laughing now. "Frankie? You're not safe from the fags!" He said trying to sound scared but was laughing slightly. Then he grabbed my legs and tried to pull me under the table. I was giggling so much he pulled me under no problem. Jane had turned round to face us and was crossing her arms looking at us like we were stupid. "Jane! Jane! You need to hide!" Gerard shouted. I giggled even more, I was laughing so much it hurt.
"Gee.. Gee... Seriously.." I tried to get out but the laughing was a bit too much for me to talk.
"Frankie? What?" Gerard said trying to sound concerned, "The fags have bitten you? You're a fag now?" He said trying his very hardest not to laugh. Then he hugged me, "It's okay.. They got me too." Then we both burst out into hysterical laughter. We had completly forgotten Jane was there just when she said loudly,
"I'm going to have to ask you to leave." She sounded pretty angry.
"Okay we're outta here." Gee said trying to pull himself together. "Load of fags in here anyway." He got up and then reached under the table to help me up. I got to my feet takeing deep breaths to try and stop laughing. Jane looked at us disgusted and then walked away from us towards the counter. Gee grabbed the rest of my cake and handed it to me, without the plate. I took the cake from him and ate it quickly.
We walked out and Gerard grinned at Jane as we passed her. She looked away and me and Gerard laughed a bit more. Then Gee reached out and took my hand and we walked out hand in hand.
"Hey Gee. I don't wana let go of your hand. So let's take the secret root back to the forest so that your dad don't see?" I suggested.
"He's at work. My house is free until 2 when Mikey gets back from his tutoring class." He explained.
"Free you say?" I said trying to sound as much like an evil villian as I could. Gerard raised an eyebrow and half-smiled at me.
"Yes free, shall we go and inspect the building?" He suggested.
"Sounds nescessary." I giggled. Then we headed for Gee's house. Even now, holding his hand made me feel dizzy. I don't think I was even walking in a straight line, but neither was he.

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