Review for I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

(#) BonePalacePaige 2009-06-25

You have no idea how much I love you right now.
Holy shit.
holy shit.
You don't know how badly I cracked up just then.

Lmfao. You're good. you're good.
Caro got beaten down.
You know I love you thoooo ")

That video of Kyle drumming shirtless is fucking amazing. I died. And so is BMTH :p

I just can't get over how epic that fight was. Ahahahaah. Holy shit.

Ahaha, I would totally do/say everything in this. I would get high offa sharpies xD

Gimme a minute to get over myself.
Just a minute.
Okay, I'm good now.

Demi's a whoreface. She needs to step the fuck offa Bill's jock. She's horrid. Caro just let him gooooooooooo.......


You should know how inificient I am when it comes to reading because I'm constantly getting mixed up between RYN and RYAN, but its all good.

Maddi, you seem like good people. I may have to keep you around ;D

well there is not much more I can say, but this chappy was overly entertaining.
You're awesome
Update soon :D