Review for It's Not So Easy, Is It?

It's Not So Easy, Is It?

(#) sickly_ill 2009-07-07

this story is getting fucking good! i loved this chapter. it was great, but not the part where he, like, gets raped and stuff. that shit is grotesque. any fully grown male who does that to six year old boy deserves to burn in hell for all i care. just as long as he can't do it again. anyway, i can't wait for more. i wonder if mikey is his dad and frank is the other dudes dad. i can't quite remember their names.


Author's response

I know, I had such a hard time getting the words down because every time I started to write more of the scene I thought "Dear God, I can't do this" but I did and it's all that matters :)

Thanks for reading! I'll update sooner or later.. Oh and Frank=James and Mikey=Damien ^^