Review for Only The Strong Survive (Forbidden Pt 2)

Only The Strong Survive (Forbidden Pt 2)

(#) doyleangel 2009-08-13

OH YES!!!! I love updates for this story. I get so excited when I see them.

Ok, so I dont want Frank to be the father of Lyn's child, I want Gerard to be. That way, Chey will remember all the stuff Gerard did (not that she'd forget) and realize that she does indeed love Frank and want to be with him. yes, i use to be team Gerard, but now, I'm team Frank. I just like the dynamic that he and Chey have together. I also don't necessarily believe that Jasmine is Gerards, but we'll have to wait and see.

Update soon!!!!

Author's response

lol i'm glad you get excited that makes me smile : )

Gee you've got it all map out ain't ya? I would love to tell you whether or not your theories are right or not but I don't actually know myself lol We'll both have to wait and see how it turns out.

Thank you for reviewing means alot x