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Chapter 6

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Past: My Chem race to Jersey for Jasmine's Birth. Present: The ladies get fitted for Amber's wedding and Frank puts himself on the line

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‘Do you think Bob’s ok?’ Gerard asked Cheyenne, they were cuddled up on the sofa, watching a movie. It had been a long day and they were relaxing.
‘Why do you ask?’ she questioned her eyes not leaving the TV screen.
‘I think he’s sad about Amber getting married ‘Gerard said ‘I mean he’s trying to hide it but I think he’s really cut up about it.’
‘Well its Bob’s problem, he can man up and tell her how he feels or he can keep it to himself, but you know Bob he’s stubborn’ Cheyenne said with a shrug ‘and there’s only so much you can say to a stubborn person.’
‘I suppose’ Gerard said sadly reaching for his phone which vibrated ‘Oh Frank’s at the door’ he said reading the text. ‘I’ll go let him in’

Cheyenne sat up allowing Gerard to get up. She adjusted her clothes and quickly smoothed down her hair. She hadn’t seen Frank since Jasmine’s birthday when they didn’t have the most pleasant of conversations. She hoped that they’d be able to put it past them and continue on as they once were.

‘Hey Cheyenne’ Frank said a broad smile on his face into the living room, with Gerard right behind him ‘How you doing?’
‘Hey Frank’ she said offering her cheek to him, which he kissed ‘I’m fine. Why didn’t you ring the door bell?’
‘Didn’t want to wake Mini’ he said ‘I know it’s her bed time’
‘Perfect uncle’ Gerard said happily ‘now if only Mikey would do the same’
‘What brings you here at this time?’ Cheyenne asked turning the volume down on the TV ‘it’s kind of late’
‘Frankie’s welcome anytime’ Gerard said winking at this band mate ‘you want something to drink?’
‘Yeah I could murder a cup of coffee’ Frank said taking his jacket off, revealing his tattooed arms which he knew Cheyenne found attractive because she had told him when they slept together. He smiled to himself as he caught her stealing a glance at them.
‘Be right back, honey you want anything?’ Gerard asked taking Frank’s jacket from him.
‘No thanks, I’m good’ she said flashing him a smile, which masked how uncomfortable she really felt at being left alone with Frank. Why didn’t she offer to make the drinks?

‘So long time huh’ he said his eyes not leaving her, she was so beautiful, he couldn’t believe he’d gone so many days without seeing her.
‘Not my fault’ she said matter-of-factly.
‘Are you mad at me?’ Frank asked Cheyenne as soon as Gerard was out of earshot.
‘Why would I be mad at you?’ she asked nonchalantly.
‘Because of what happened in the hallway at Jasmine’s b-day I know I upset you.’
‘I’m over it’ she said ‘and you should be too, none of that stuff even matters’
‘Cheyenne’ Frank said moving to sit beside her
‘Frank don’t’ she said putting her hand up.
‘Please listen to me’ he said grabbing her hand and resting it on her lap ‘I know cornering you in the hallway that day was unfair as were the things I said and I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did, I guess I was just trying to find out how you felt about me because…because I really like you Chey and I think about you all the time.’
‘Frank no’ Cheyenne groaned her head falling in her hands ‘you can’t say things like that.’
‘Why not?’ he whispered
‘Because you can’t’ She insisted running her fingers through her hair ‘you just can’t come in here and say that.’
‘Fine I’ll take you outside and say it’ he joked a small grin playing on his lips.
‘It’s not funny’ she said ‘Why are you saying these things?’
‘Because they’re true’ he sighed ‘you consume my mind day and night, I know we’d be happy together.’
‘I AM happy’ she said ‘I have a family with Gerard’
‘Do you love him?’ Frank asked boldly
‘What kind of question is that?’ Cheyenne spat back ‘Do you love Jamia?’
‘I do love Jamia’ he confessed ‘very much but I’m not in love with her’
‘What?’ Cheyenne screeched ’you’re not thinking straight you’re crazy about her.’
‘I was’ he said ‘I was for a very long time, but I’ve fallen out of love with her Chey and I’ve fallen in love wit…’
‘Don’t say it’ Cheyenne said jumping out of her seat, her hands clamping over her ears ‘don’t you dare say it.’
‘Why not it’s true?’ he said standing up after her ‘I’m in love with you.’
‘I’m not listening to this’ she said shaking her head wildly
‘Why not?’ Frank demanded grabbing her hands and pinning them to her sides ‘why is this so hard for you to accept?’
‘Because I wanted this’ Cheyenne told him ‘years ago I wanted this I wanted you to love me Frank I wanted the three of us to be a family but you said no and I accepted it. I moved on and built a new life for myself and now its time for you to accept it Frank. This is me saying no.’
‘Well I’m not accepting it’ Frank said his face inches from hers his eyes boring into her ‘I’m in love with you and I’ll fight for you if I have to. We’re meant to be together and deep down I think you know that, you’re just scared.’
‘I’m not scared’ she insisted averting her eyes from his ‘I just don’t want you’
‘Liar’’ he hissed his hands gripping her upper arms ‘you look me in the eye right now and tell me you don’t want me and I’ll accept it. Go on’
‘Gerard’s coming’ Cheyenne said her eyes pleading with his she didn’t want him to see them standing so close with Frank’s hands on her.
‘Tell me’ he demanded dropping his hands from her shoulders and taking a step back his eyes not leaving hers.
‘Sorry that took so long’ Gerard said carrying two hot mugs of coffee completely unaware of the tension in the room. ‘The coffee maker’s on the fritz probably because I use it way to much’ he laughed ‘what you two talking about?’
‘Mini’ they both said in unison Frank’s eyes still on Cheyenne’s face.
‘There are other subjects you know’ Gerard laughed knowing his daughter was pretty much the topic of most conversations.
‘We know that’ Cheyenne said with a nervous laugh ‘I’m going up to bed. I’m beat.’
‘Ok’ Gerard said opening his arms for her to walk into he noted she looked tired.
‘You want me to wait up’ she asked as his arms tightened around her waist pulling her close to him.
‘Yeah if you can’ he said kissing her lips ‘but feel free to close those beautiful eyes knowing Frank I’ll be here a while, he’s a real chatter box, can’t shut him up’
‘Don’t I know it’ Cheyenne said smiling wearily resting her head on Gerard’s shoulder for a second as she tried to absorb the conversation she just had ‘Night Frank’
‘Goodnight Cheyenne’ he said ‘Sweet dreams’

Past: September 2007

‘We gotta go, we gotta go’ Frank screamed turning the lights on in the bunk area ‘Get up, get up’
‘What the fuck are you doing Iero?’ Bob shouted he hated his sleep being disturbed.
‘We have to go’ Frank said pulling on his jeans, he pulled them up not buttoning them and grabbed the first t-shit he laid his hands on. ‘Cheyenne’s having the baby.’
‘What?’ Bob said sitting up ‘Are you fucking about?’
‘Yeah of course I am’ Frank said sarcastically ‘I’m throwing things into my bag and getting dressed because I’m having you on’
‘Fuck’ Mikey cried jumping down from his bunk ‘Where the hell is Gerard?’ he said as he pulled back the curtain on his brother’s bunk.
‘Toro get your arse up’ Frank said throwing the curtain back on his friends bunk ‘lets go’
‘Where are you going?’ Bob asked Frankie as he too pulled on his clothes.
‘To wake up Brian, we have to get back to Jersey now!’ Frank said.



‘I’m ready’ Jasmine squealed excitedly. She had patiently waited all day for Amber to come over so they could have the dress fitting for the wedding. She had eaten all her breakfast, put her toys away and got washed and dressed without a fuss. She couldn’t wait to see her pretty dress and for everyone to see her in it.
‘Well come on in then’ Jamia said a big smile on her face ‘let’s see you’
As Jasmine walked into the living room a chorus of ‘aww’ flew around the room.
‘You look beautiful’ Alicia cooed as her eyes fell on her niece wearing her new flower girl dress.
‘She does doesn’t she’ Christa sniffed ‘Oh I’m not crying’ she told the others as she wiped her eyes ‘it’s these pregnancy hormones they’re driving me mad’
‘Well what do you think Auntie Mia?’ Jasmine asked she always wanted Jamia’s opinion on everything she really looked up to her.
‘You look stunning and I can’t wait for your mommy and daddy to see you.’
‘To see what’ Gerard said he walked into the living room, his shades covering his eyes with Bob and Frank on his tail they had been out gallivanting somewhere and had come home for the fitting.
‘To see my new dress’ Jasmine cried running to him, she jumped in his arms making Alicia gasp as he caught her scrunching up the bottom of the dress.
‘Whoa!’ Gerard said placing her back on the floor ‘take it easy Mini’ he told her ‘this dress is new you have to treat it nicely. Stand back let daddy see’ Jasmine took a step back and waited for her admiration
‘Well you look beautiful’ Frank stepped in ‘simply gorgeous’
‘Thank you Uncle Frankie’ she said smiling.
‘Is that a bridesmaid dress?’ Bob asked looking at his niece twirling around showing everyone in the room all sides of the dress and accidently her knickers too.
‘No not a bridesmaid, a flower girl’ Christa said ‘you know for Amber’s wedding.’
‘She is not a flower girl for Amber’ Bob stated there was no way his cousin was having anything to do with this wedding. Cheyenne could do what she wanted but he wasn’t about to let Jasmine partake in Amber’s nuptials.
‘Of course she is’ Amber said walking into the room, with Cheyenne behind her in her bridesmaid dress.
Bob recoiled as though he had been slapped he hadn’t seen Amber in a very long time and he didn’t expect to see her anytime soon. She looked beautiful.
‘You look very beautiful’ Amber said to Jasmine. ‘I can’t wait to take lots of pictures of you at the wedding’

‘Whoo woo’ Gerard said as Cheyenne fully came into view ‘Hot mama’ he said taking her into his arms ‘you look very very sexy’
‘You really think so’ Cheyenne blushed, she hadn’t had many reasons to dress up since having Jasmine so when she did she often felt self conscious of her figure that would never be the same again. A small price she thought for the gift that was her daughter.
‘Oh yeah’ he said his lips grazing her neck, he felt her shudder and smiled ‘no doubt about it, you look amazing’
‘What about me daddy?’ Jasmine asked tugging at his jacket, her face starting to form a frown.
‘You look lovely too honey’ he said scooping her up in his arms ‘I have two very beautiful ladies I’m a very lucky man.’

‘So’ Amber said awkwardly to Bob, she didn’t expect him to be at Cheyenne’s today but then again she forgot the band travelled like a pack they were always together. ‘How have you been?’
‘Fine’ he said ‘Really good.’
‘I’m glad to hear it’ she said ‘you never RSVP’d to the wedding invitation’
‘Yeah I know I’ve been meaning to I keep forgetting. To be honest I haven’t really looked at it.’
‘Oh’ Amber said sadly at his lack of interest. Of course she didn’t expect him to be over the moon about it but she hoped he’d moved on enough to at least RSVP. ‘Well when you do, let me know’
‘I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, you know’ he said avoiding her eyes ‘I err have another engagement…I mean another place to be that day so I don’t think I’ll be able to come. I’m really sorry’
‘No don’t be sorry’ she said ‘it’s no big deal it’s just my wedding day…’ she said awkwardly trailing off at the end. ‘Well I better get back to the fitting, have to make sure everything fits right.’
‘Course’ Bob said clearing his throat, not knowing what else to say to her.

‘Way smooth man’ Frank whispered as Bob walked past, he felt the pain in his shoulder as Bob barged him and walked off. ‘So how come you ladies aren’t in your dresses?’ Frank asked. He really didn’t care but he needed conversation to distract the happy families scene he was witnessing in front of him, Gerard had the biggest grin on his face and Jasmine was giggling her angelic giggle that always made his heart feel light and Cheyenne was with Gerard looking painstakingly beautiful in her sapphire blue dress.
‘Well Christa and I can’t get fitted until the last minute because of the babies’ Alicia said proudly rubbing her bump ‘we have to wait till see how big we get.’
‘And I’ve already tried mine on’ Jamia said cuddling him from behind ‘I look awesome’
‘I bet you do’ he said placing his hands on hers ‘I bet you look beautiful’
‘So, Amber are you nervous?’ Frank asked his eyes on Cheyenne as Gerard passed Jasmine to her, she kissed her daughter and then blew a raspberry on her check making Jasmine squeal in delight.
‘A little bit’ Amber said ‘I’m scared I’ll trip and fall down the aisle’
‘I’m sure you’ll be fine’ Christa said laughing at the image ‘just walk slowly’
‘Are we actually going to meet the guy before you get married?’ Alicia asked
‘You have met him’ Amber said as she put Cheyenne’s shoes back in the box, she was aware that Bob was now back in the room and didn’t really want to talk about Richard her fiancé whilst he was around.
‘Yeah for about five minutes’ Cheyenne said putting Jasmine down, she watched as her daughter ran straight over to Frank who stepped out of Jamia’s arms and scooped up his God daughter. ‘I want a few hours at least. Ooh I should throw a dinner party.’
‘No that’s not necessary’ Amber said ‘I know you, you’ll go to heaps of trouble’
‘No I won’t I promise’ Cheyenne said ‘it’ll be low-key and simple’
‘I think it’s a great idea’ Frank chimed in ‘we need to meet the guy make sure he’s good enough, help you know for definite if he’s The One’
‘Of course he’s the one’ Jamia said ‘when you meet them you just know’
‘But you could be wrong’ Frank replied meeting Cheyenne’s eyes ‘you could be very wrong and then what do you do. That’s why I think you should let me screen him, I’ll decide if he’s good enough.’
‘I want in on this’ Gerard called out as he walked in from the kitchen with a big smirk on his face ‘we can wind him up’
‘You will do nothing of the sort’ Amber said hitting Gerard’s shoulders ‘see this is why I don’t want a dinner.’
‘Gerard is only playing Amber’ Cheyenne reassured her as she grabbed Gerard and pulled him towards her away from her friend ‘he’ll be on his nest behaviour I promise’
‘Speaking of promises’ Gerard said in a low voice his hand emerging from his pocket ‘I found this’
‘Oh!’ Cheyenne gasped ‘it’s my promise ring. How did you-I thought I lost it in the move’
‘Well you didn’t’ Gerard said with a small smile
‘I forgot how beautiful it was’ she said taking the ring and remembering how happy she was when he got down on one need and promised to always be there for her, that happiness was very short lived.
‘You don’t have to wear it’ Gerard whispered aware that their friends and family were watching them.
‘No I want to’ she said her eyes on Frank as she slid the ring on to her ring finger of her left hand, she saw the hurt flash in his eyes and hoped he had got the message.
‘Right where it belongs’ Gerard said pulling her into a hug.
‘As am I’ she said pulling back
‘Now’ she said turning to Amber ‘let’s plan that dinner shall we?’
‘After you remove that dress’ Amber said sternly ‘and hurry please’ The quicker they planned this dinner the quicker she could leave and get away from Bob who clearly didn’t care if she was alive or dead.


Past: September 2007

‘Where the hell is Gerard?’ Frank fumed. Brian had worked his magic and got them all a flight back to New Jersey and it was due to leave in an hour and they still had to get to the airport.
‘Um here’ Gerard said waving ‘yoo hoo’
‘You have got to be fucking with me’ Bob said as he watched Gerard stagger towards the van.
‘Have you been drinking?’ Brian demanded as Gerard fell into the seat beside him, his breath and clothes reeking of alcohol.
‘Noooo’ Gerard lied, a giggle escaping his mouth ‘I can’t believe you’d tell that to me’
‘Can you drive the fucking car’ Frank snapped at the driver who jumped at his outburst ‘get us the fuck out of here.’
‘What’s the rush?’ Gerard asked. Frank launched himself at his band mate, but Ray was quicker and managed to grab him and hold him back.
‘What the fuck are you doing’ Gerard asked in disbelief ‘whatdidido?’
‘Relax’ Ray said to Frank squeezing his friends shoulder for emphasise ‘we need to get there in one piece’
‘Where?’ Gerard burped ‘excuse me’
‘I told you already’ Mikey said ‘Cheyenne is having the baby’
‘Really?’ Gerard said ‘Oh my God we have to get to home’
‘We’re going there’ Mikey said rubbing his head, knowing a headache was on its way.
‘I should phone her’ Gerard said ‘tell her to preath and bush’
‘You mean breath and push’ Brian said shaking his head sadly, he couldn’t believe Gerard had relapsed on his watch. He was so disappointed in Gerard and himself.
‘No just leave her alone’ Mikey said taking Gerard’s phone ‘we’ll be there soon enough.’

‘Hurry you guys please’ Frank said as the others raced behind him, Ray and Mikey aiding Gerard as his drunken legs ran awkwardly towards the terminal.
Frank raced through first handing his passport to the stewardess he was followed by Bob and then Brian.

‘I’m sorry sir’ the stewardess said to Gerard ‘but I can let you through’
‘Why the fuck not?’ he asked ‘that’s me right there in the picture, look same face.’
‘Your passport is fine, but I’m afraid you’re too drunk to fly’ she said shaking her head.
‘I’m not flying the fucking plane you know’ he slurred ‘I’m sitting in a chair.’
‘I understand that sir, but still I can’t let you board in your current state, you could be deemed a hazard.’
‘This is bullshit’ Gerard exploded ‘I have to get to Jersey’
‘Excuse me miss’ Ray said politely ‘but his girlfriend is having a baby.’
‘I appreciate that but it would be against regulations if I let him fly’ she said ‘He’ll have to sober up first. There’s another flight in an hour’
‘We can’t wait that long’ Brian said ‘this baby could come soon’
‘I’m sorry I just can’t’ she said ‘I’m just doing my job. I really am sorry’
‘You’re just a fucking bitch’ Gerard hissed at her ‘and you’re fucking ugly’
‘Gerard’ Mikey snapped hitting his brother in the arm ‘I’m sorry miss.’
‘Fuck what do we do?’ Ray said as he heard the PA system announce the last boarding call for their flight.
‘You guys go’ Brian said to Bob and Frank ‘we’ll get the later flight’
Neither guy looked back as they raced to the plane whilst Gerard sobbed against the wall waiting for the next flight.



‘Hey there beautiful’ Frank said as he slid into Cheyenne and Gerard’s room closing the door behind him.
‘Get out’ Cheyenne cried in surprise ‘what is wrong with you don’t you know how to knock?’
‘What’s the big deal you’re fully dressed?’ he retorted flashing a smile.
‘But you didn’t know that’ she said pulling her hair into a ponytail ‘God what is it with you and boundaries lately.’
‘There are no boundaries when you’re in love’ he laughed falling onto the bed.
‘Stop saying that’ she huffed ‘Please leave I don’t want Gerard to find you up here’
‘Why do you think he’ll suspect something?’ Frank giggled naughtily
‘There is nothing to suspect’ Cheyenne said folding her arms tightly across her chest.
‘Then me being up here is no biggie, plus Gerard’s got his hands full trying to get Mini you out of her dress.’
‘Uh, really’ Cheyenne said ‘I better go down there’ she said walking towards the door. Frank was up in a flash, his body in front of the door, his arms wide blocking her exit.
‘What are you doing?’ she asked hitting his chest ‘Frank get out of my way’
‘You didn’t answer my question last night’ he reminded her, his eyes searching hers for some kind of answer.
‘What question?’ Cheyenne said her arms folding across her chest again protecting her from him.
‘I asked you if you loved Gerard and then I told you to tell me you didn't want me and you never did.’ He said stroking back a strand of her hair ‘I think that’s rude don’t you?’
‘Fine you want the answer. Frank Iero I don’t want you’ she said simply
‘Funny’ he said lowering his other arm from the door ‘every time you say that you’re never looking me in the eye.’
‘Frank, Gerard and Jamia are downstairs please let me leave.’ Cheyenne whined, she could imagine Jasmine throwing a hissy fit about the dress, she was pretty sure she could hear it too.
‘Nope not until you look me in the eye and tell me that you’re not at all interested in me, there’s no hope for us and that Gerard is the one for you’
‘Fine’ Cheyenne said taking a deep breath and exhaling, she raised her eyes to look into his she saw herself in them and noted she looked nervous. ‘Frank I love you, you’ve always been good to me’ she said ‘But I’m…’ her words were cut off as Frank’s lips crashed into hers, she felt herself being crushed against his body as his arms encircled her body pulling her to him. His tongue forced her mouth open as he kissed her hungrily, his hands running all over her body, through her hair pulling the band from her hair, across her back, over her arse, cupping her breasts. All the while Cheyenne remained rigidly still, shocked by what was happening and unsure of what to do. As his lips continued to assault her she began to respond, her lips began to move against her will kissing him back as she stood still against him scared to move in case her body betrayed her like her lips were doing.
‘Give in to me Chey’ he whispered against her neck, he could feel her body stiff against his and he wanted her to melt into him, he trailed kisses up and down her collar bone knowing that was what it would take to make her knees weak. ‘Tell me you want me’
‘Frank I…’ she whispered and he moaned as his name fell from her lips. He didn’t wait to see if there was more to the sentence as his lips captured hers again, she heard herself moan as his full lips caressed hers she could feel herself being led away her body walking backwards and falling but she couldn’t stop it.

Frank moved quickly his need fuelling him. He had wanted to feel her for so long. He knew this was unfair but he wanted her, he loved her and this felt like the most natural thing in the world despite the fact his wife and Gerard were down stairs. He lifted her t-shirt revealing her bra clad breast he didn’t move his lips from hers afraid that if he did he would break the spell. Dhe was kissing him back she was giving in and he just needed her to fall a little bit more and he knew she would be his. That was all he wanted was to have Cheyenne by his side, for her to be his girl. She just needed to remember how good it could be.
‘We belong together’ Frank mumbled against her lips ‘you know that don’t you?’
‘I do. I know’ Cheyenne gasped from her dazed state too caught up in the moment to realise what she was saying or that she was sprawled out on her bed with Frank between her thighs. She had forgotten how good it felt to be touched by him, he knew exactly what to touch and when to touch it, she was on fire as his lips captured hers and then moved to her neck, his tongue gliding over her skin, his hands groping her breasts.
‘Say you want me, tell me you want this’ Frank demanded as he ground his hips into her, she could feel his hardened cock and she moaned as it pressed into her ‘I’ll do whatever I have to for us to be together.’
‘No’ Cheyenne breathed as his hands snaked down her body finding the button of her jeans. ‘Frank stop!’
‘Shh’ he said lowering his head to kiss her again, he was confused when she turned her head and his kiss hit her cheek.
‘Please stop’ she whispered ‘I can’t do this’
‘What?’ he growled ‘damn it Cheyenne why not?’
‘Because I’m with Gerard’ she said tears forming in her eyes ‘I have a family, I can’t do this to them.’
‘Don’t do this to me’ Frank begged his body still hovering over hers, his manhood hot with need and his heart aching for her ‘I’m so in love with you.’
‘I’m sorry’ Cheyenne sobbed as tears leaked from her eyes ‘I can’t be with you’
‘Yes you can’ he said his body pinning hers to the bed ‘it’s easier then you think’
‘I don’t want to be with you’ she said her eyes locking with his ‘I don’t want to be with you Frank.’
‘You’re a liar’ he said climbing off of her ‘I don’t believe that for a second’
‘You have to believe it’ she said sitting up and buttoning her jeans.
‘Two seconds ago you agreed we belonged together’ he reminded her, his fists clenched in an attempt to curb the anger he was feeling.
‘I didn’t know what I was saying, I was confused by what was happening’ she wept ‘you caught me off guard I wasn’t thinking straight.’
‘Fine’ he said getting off the bed ‘deny it I don’t give a fuck but deep down you know the truth’
‘The truth is I’m spoken for and so are you’ she said showing him the promise ring that Gerard had given her.
‘It’s going to take a little more then a band of metal on your finger to stop me pursuing you Chey’ he told her
‘No Frank, the band of metal on YOUR finger should stop you from pursuing me’
‘I told you already I don’t love Jamia in that way anymore.’ he retorted.
‘It doesn’t matter’ Cheyenne whispered.
‘What do you want from me?’ He fumed ‘I come here I tell you I love you, that I’ll do anything for us to be together and I get nothing from you’
‘Because there’s nothing for me to give’ she told him ‘you have to understand that.’
‘Well I don’t understand it’ he said ‘and I don’t think I’m ever going to’
‘And I can’t make you’ Cheyenne said sadly ‘I can only tell you what I know and that is I have a family here with Gerard and Jasmine and that is right for me.’
He nodded his head at her words still not understanding why she refused to admit what she really felt. He walked over to the bed and knelt down in front of her, smoothing back the familiar strands of hair that always fell into her eyes and gently kissed her forehead. He was aware that he was crying, silent tears were falling from his eyes wetting his cheeks ‘I can’t say it any other way then I already have. I’m in love with you Cheyenne and if that’s not enough for you to want to be with me then I don’t know what is.’
‘Oh Frank’ she sobbed ‘I didn’t want to hurt you’
‘And I didn’t want to leave this room without you being mine but shit happens right’ he said wiping his eyes. ‘I have to go. Goodbye Cheyenne.’
Goodbye?’ she asked. The way he said it made it seem so final. ‘Frank what do you mean?’ She questioned as he walked towards the door.
‘You know what I mean’ he said lingering in the hope she’d realise what was happening, he waited, watched her face as the tears slid down her cheeks, her mouth opened and closed but not a word escaped and so he left closing the door behind him.


Past September 2007

Cheyenne Bryar’ Bob panted to the Columbus Hospital receptionist
‘Excuse me’ the receptionist said she had missed the name through all his breathing.
‘I’m looking for Cheyenne Bryar she’s having a baby’ he repeated trying his best to seem patient.
‘Bryar, Bryar let me see hmm’ the lady said scanning the computer list in front of her ‘Ah yes here we are, room 15. Down the hall, turn left and it’s the second door on your right’
‘Thank you’ Bob said he raced to the corridor where he nearly collided with Frank
‘What the fuck are those?’ Bob cried at the flowers he produced.
‘I don’t know, they were the only ones left’ Frank cried looking at the bunch of weird looking white flowers he had grabbed from the hospital florist ‘it’s better than nothing’
‘I suppose’ Bob said ‘we have to go let’s hurry’


‘Nearly there’ the mid-wife said to Cheyenne
‘Please Sarah’ she cried ‘isn’t there anything you can do I can’t take the pain’
‘You’re doing great’ Sarah said ‘we’re nearly ten centimetres and then you can start pushing.’
‘Cheyenne’ Bob called out his head appearing around the door
‘Bob’ Cheyenne said in disbelief before bursting into tears ‘I need help’
‘We’re here to help’ Frank said emerging behind Bob and Cheyenne sobbed again upon seeing him.’
‘I can’t do this’ she told him as he came to her bedside, her hand reaching for his.
‘Yes you can’ Frank soothed putting the flowers on the bedside table ‘you’re doing great’
‘Oh no’ Cheyenne said as another contraction ripped though her body, Frank grabbed her hand and she cried out and squeezed it with all her might thankful that he was with her.
‘Erm this is really awkward’ Bob said he couldn’t stand to see her in pain, plus she had her legs wide open and it was weird to see her like that ‘I’m going to wait outside.’
‘No don’t leave me’ Cheyenne said her eyes full of desperation and tears of pain and tiredness.
‘I’ll stay with you’ Frank told her giving Bob the nod to leave, they heard the door close and waited for the next contraction which followed shortly. Frank held her hand and did his best to soothe her, seeing her like this was so hard and he wished he could do something to relieve her pain.
‘Ok I think we’re good to go.’ The mid-wife said ‘I want you to push with the next contraction ok.’
‘No I don’t want to’ Cheyenne cried taking a hit of the gas and air she had been supplied ‘Where’s Gerard, why isn’t he here, he said he’d be here?’
‘He-he’s on his way’ Frank said ‘He’ll be here soon’
‘I’m so tired’ she moaned ‘I want to sleep.’
‘You can sleep’ Frank told her ‘just push the baby out and then you can sleep’
‘Promise’ Cheyenne sobbed ‘and will you be here when I wake up, you won’t leave.’
‘I’ll never leave you’ Frank promised as he felt her hand tighten on his and he knew a contraction was coming. ‘Push honey’ he urged her.


Bob waited anxiously for news, it seemed like forever he couldn’t get through to any of the others to find out where they were. His eyes shot up as the door to room 15 opened and Frank came out his face alight and happy.
‘What happened?’ Bob demanded standing up
‘The baby’s here’ Frank said his eyes crying a few tears of happiness
‘So what is it’ Bob squealed trying to contain his excitement.
‘It’s a girl’ Frank said ‘and she’s beautiful’
Bob pulled his friend into a hug and the two embraced, not caring what people in the corridor might have thought they were both in their own bubble of happiness.
‘Can I see her?’ Bob asked excitedly
‘In a while’ Frank said wiping his eyes ‘they’re just cleaning them both up’
‘Let me get this’ Bob said as his cell phone rang hoping it was one of the others so he could share the news.
‘I’m going to go back in’ Frank said his smile even broader as he walked back towards room 15


‘Thanks Bob’ Brian said as he hung up the phone.
‘So what happened?’ A now sober Gerard asked, he had been so anxious the whole journey back to Jersey they were on the last stretched and he was praying he would get there in time.
‘It’s a girl’ Brian announced to which Mikey and Ray erupted into cheers, making the cab driver jump in surprise and curse at them angrily.
‘Oh my God I’m an uncle’ Mikey cried squealing ‘I have to tell everybody, I’m an uncle’
‘Congratz’ Ray laughed
‘I missed it’ Gerard said ‘I missed the birth of my baby’
‘I’m sorry Gee’ Brian apologised sadness lacing his voice ‘lots of people miss the birth of their children.’
‘I didn’t want to be one of them’ Gerard said shaking his head sadly ‘I’ve messed up already and she’s just been born.’
‘No you haven’t’ Ray assured him ‘you missed the birth but not her life, you haven’t missed anything yet.’
‘He’s right’ Mikey said joining in and although he thought it he would never say it but wild horses wouldn’t stop him from witnessing the birth of his child. ‘You’ve got tonnes to look forward.’
‘I’m a dad’ Gerard repeated as the news slowly kicked in ‘I have a baby girl’
‘That’s right’ Mikey said slapping his brother on the back a proud smile on his face. He had a feeling everything was going to be different from now on ‘you’re a dad to a tiny baby girl and I bet she can’t wait to meet you. ’



Frank made his excuse and left Gerard’s home as soon as he could, he drove recklessly as he headed home he didn’t want to be anywhere near Cheyenne. He couldn’t believe what he’d done he nearly seduced her on his best friend’s bed whilst his wife and friends were downstairs. He couldn’t believe he had taken such a risk but he couldn’t help it, it felt so natural touching Cheyenne, being with her was an urge that he couldn’t ignore despite how hard he tried. He cursed himself as he turned the corner onto his street, his penis aching from the release it didn’t get and he hated the cold feeling that was flowing through him. He had opened himself up to her told her how he felt and he got shot down he told her he loved her, that he wanted her and she rebuffed him. Was what he felt really only one sided? He was certain she felt the same but he had been wrong and now he couldn’t stand to be around her, he had just said goodbye to the woman he was head over heels in love with and ruined a friendship that meant the world to him all in one day.
As he pulled up at his home, he jumped out of the car and angrily and slammed the door, he was frustrated mental and sexually, he had to cum and relieve the tension in his body. As he fumbled with the key in the lock he heard footsteps approaching him, he spun around to see a beautiful blonde woman half way up his garden path.
‘Can I help you?’ he growled at the new interruption, his cock stirring in his pants at the thought of masturbation.
‘I hope so’ the woman said coolly ‘I’ve been waiting here for you.’
‘Well I’m here what the fuck do you want?’ he asked shrugging his shoulders ‘No, better question. Who are you?’
‘It’s me silly’ the woman giggled removing her shades and her hat ‘Its Lyn’

A/N Hello people. Hope you're all ok. So what did you think? Poor Frank or In your face Frank? And what about past Gerard missing the birth of his kiddie? Don't worry it gets much much worse. Hope you enjoyed it. Till next time. Reign xx
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