Review for Only The Strong Survive (Forbidden Pt 2)

Only The Strong Survive (Forbidden Pt 2)

(#) lacerationgravityxxx 2009-08-13

fantastic chapter!! so much info!

i'm still with Frank being the father of Jasmine, and GW being the father of Lyn's child.

i just really like Frank in this story.

oh and I think i may have said ages and ages ago, but how freaky weird that the character is called Lyn? I know it was before Lynz ever arrived on the scene. Just how fucking weird is that?

love this story! you are English are you? or Oz/NZ? i noticed how you spell certain things. unless i am insane.

thank you muchly.

Author's response

Thank you huny : )

Most people are rooting for Frank to be the father of Jasmine.

I like Frank in this story too, he's so sweet. I'm glad I made him like that lol

I know what a weird co-inkeedink that she's Lyn and his real life wife is Lynz. Strange but true.

And yes I am English I try my best to remember to spell things the american way mommy insted of mummy etc but sometimes I forget. Never mind.
Glad you like the story see you next chapter xx