Review for A Deadly Illusion

A Deadly Illusion

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2009-12-07

My goodness.. this has to be just about the best thing I've read today :) And that says a LOT, considering I read a lot.

Wait.. if there's a sequel.. Didn't she die at the end? Oh, never mind :) I suppose I'll find out if and when you post it xD

Author's response

Thanks! Yeah, I see you reviewing on some of the stories I read too. It's great to hear from you on one of mine, I'm really glad you approve.

Yes, there's a sequel, which again I need to touch up because I changed a few key details of this before I posted it here. You know I'm just starting to wonder what the point of a sequel to a one shot is...oh well.

Anyway, by 'she' do you mean Kay, or Bella? Because yes, Kay died. As did Gerard. Bella on the other hand survived...and there's much more. You'll just have to wait and see :)