Review for Charlene Diane Malmgren

Charlene Diane Malmgren

(#) VendettaEmma 2010-01-13

This chapter made me go "Whoaaaaa." Like the good 'whoa'. It was very powerfull and included some very heavy elements, such as spousal/child abuse. You captcher the charecters very well. I don't think Charlene is too Mary Sue, so your doing something right!!! Sorry that I didn't R&R earlier!!
OH! And don't be like Taylor, who won't update her other story till its green! XP
When I rate you'll have a need one more person to make it green, can't you do it!?

Author's response

haha i lurve you emma. and yeah i dont know it's just that one review i got on NSN it like totally effed me over no lie...
thanks for reviewing!