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Chapter Two.

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Rated for language. I love you Charlie.

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Chapter Two

Mikey walked quickly down Charlie’s street excitement building as he drew closer to Charlie’s small, two story house. He didn’t tell Gerard where he was going as he took the opposite way home from work, he didn’t want Gerard to come with him. Not to Charlie’s house. No he couldn’t ever bring Gerard to Charlie’s house, he didn’t ever want to have Gerard even talk to Charlie.
Mikey pushed pass the gate in Charlie’s front yard and was quickly on her doorstep, he knocked twice and waited, listening as he heard the scampering of feet then the sound of the lock being clicked out of its place. The door flung open and Chris, Charlie’s younger brother stood in the doorway.

“Mikey!” Chris shouted gleefully. Mikey smiled, Chris was always one of Mikey’s favorite seven year olds. Chris was so full of energy and happy that you couldn’t possibly be upset around him. Chris grabbed Mikey’s wrist and tugged him into the house closing and locking the door after him. “Mikey, let’s play mini sticks!” Chris shouted. Mikey nodded to him simply.

“Chris what’re you doing?” Charlie asked with playful strictness. Mikey looked up and his breath got caught in his throat. Charlie was standing at the top of the stairs watching with a smile as Chris tried dragging Mikey into his childish games.

“Mikey and I are gunna play mini sticks!” Chris said hopping up in down in excitement. Charlie smiled; Mikey swore his heart skipped a beat.

“Chris, Mikey and I have got some studying to do, how about once we’re done all three of us can play mini sticks?” Charlie suggested. Chris slumped his shoulders and pouted. Mikey smiled at the poor kid. He knew how it was having an older sibling who would ditch him to go off with friends, but yet again there wasn’t a ten year age difference between himself and Gerard.

“I promise we’ll play later, Chris.” Mikey assured him with a pat on his shoulder. Chris smiled up at Mikey and nodded before running off somewhere else in the house.

Mikey looked up at Charlie and she was smiling down at him. He knew his face was growing red so he quickly toed off his shoes and began climbing the stairs.

“Sorry about Chris, he really likes you.” Charlie said once he reached her and they both began walking down the hall to Charlie’s room. Charlie pushed open the door and let Mikey in first. Mikey wasn’t used to being in a girls room, but he had been in Charlie’s plenty of times before. Charlie didn’t exactly have a girly room, her walls were light blue and she had posters and pictures all over the place. Her room had several windows on each of the walls and overlooked the front yard. Mikey sat down on one of the bean bag chairs on the floor in front of Charlie’s small TV. Charlie took the other one and grabbed out a bunch of video games.

“So what do you feel like playing?” She asked him as she searched through the games for some of Mikey’s favorites. Mikey simply shrugged, he didn’t care if they played Barbie princess, he just wanted to be around Charlie. “Does Age of Empires sound good?” She asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Mikey responded as he picked up a controller.

“Mikey.” Charlie said softly. He looked up from his hands.


“Are you alright?” She scotched closer to him. “Earlier you seemed sort of… angry I guess. And now you’re just silent.” Mikey tried to ignore how fast his heart was beating at this point and to answer her question. She was so close to him right now, he could lean forward and kiss her if he really wanted to. He did really want too.

“Erm…” Mikey started, but his brain wasn’t functioning properly. When he first realized he liked Charlie as more than a friend he didn’t have these problems of not being able to talk to her. Now he just got nervous and stuttered and blushed all the time.

“Are you mad at me?” She asked. Mikey’s eyes went wide. How could she think such a thing? He couldn’t even imagine being mad at her, it was impossible for her to do anything wrong.

“No!” Mikey said to loudly, Charlie jumped. “I mean, no. I’m just– it’s not you– I–“

“It’s not you it’s me?” Charlie supplied. Mikey opened his mouth to say something, but closed it. Yes that was what he was trying to get at, but he didn’t want it to sound so corny. He just nodded. “Oh, so are we like not friends anymore?” Mikey stopped breathing. He turned to look at Charlie, she looked so hurt and broken.

“No, Charlie, I will never stop being your friend.” Mikey had a sudden urge of bravery so he reached out and pulled Charlie into a soft hug. “I was just having a… tough day.”

“Oh,” She breathed softly as she snuggled into Mikey’s side. Mikey smiled widely at this, his stomach erupting in butterflies. “I was scared for a second; I couldn’t imagine not being friends with you.”

Mikey’s smile somehow got bigger. “I’ll always be here for you Charlie.” He said to her softly.

Then ever so quietly she said those three words that made Mikey’s body jerk in a surprised reaction.

“What?!” He blurted out loudly.

Charlie pulled away from his embrace, shocked by his reaction. She had only told him she loved him, what was the problem in that? She surely thought Mikey loved her too…

“I’m sorry, I guess it was a bad idea.” Charlie said slowly. Mikey watched her facial expression, the way she was holding herself, like someone had just punched her in the gut.

“No, Charlie, I was just surprised, I-I love you too.” Mikey said, he reached out again and rubbed her arm. Charlie flinched. Mikey’s eyes widened and he dropped his hand. He had just ruined there relationship, he thought.

“Mikey, I’m not really in the mood for playing video games.” Charlie said quietly, moving her arms so she was hugging herself. Mikey took this as his dismissal. He stood slowly, watching with sadness as Charlie sat still on the floor.

He stepped around her and only made it to the door when Charlie spoke again, “Mikey, wait.” He stopped and turned around. She looked like she was about to cry, the sight hurt him. “Please don’t leave me, not yet at least.” Mikey nodded and walked back over, he offered her a hand and she took it. They both stood there silently, before Charlie moved forwards and gave Mikey a soft hug. “You know you’re my best friend right?” She said quietly.

Mikey stopped himself from jumping in surprise again. No he wasn’t aware that Charlie considered him her best friend. He smiled to himself, take that Gerard, he thought. “Yeah,” He answered. “You’re my best friend too.”

Charlie took a deep breath. “It’s just you’ve been acting so weirdly lately and today I thought for sure you were going to tell me you didn’t want to be friends anymore or something. Then I started thinking, what did I do? But I couldn’t come up with anything, I was so confused.” She whispered against his chest. Mikey sighed and laid his head on hers.

“Charlie, I’m not mad at you nor will I ever be.” Charlie relaxed a little bit as he said this. “I guess it’s just an awkward stage or something.” Mikey mumbled. He didn’t want to say that, but he didn’t know what else to supply.

She pulled away smiling. “Okay. So promise me you won’t freak out when I tell you something serious.” Mikey raised his eyebrows at her. She didn’t sound like what she was going to say was serious; she had her playful tone and a big smile on.

“What?” Mikey asked. Charlie giggled at him before pulling him down on her bed. She rolled on her stomach next to Mikey as he laid on his back staring at the ceiling.

“I know someone who likes you.” She said excitedly. Mikey jerked his head around to look at her.

“Seriously?” He asked with an incredulous tone. He didn’t think anyone liked him. Well other than his friends, who were very limited.

“Yeah!” Charlie squealed out excitedly, bouncing a little bit. Mikey chuckled at her and propped himself up on one elbow facing her.

“So who is it?” He asked. Charlie giggled and she bit her lip. Then all too quickly she kissed Mikey’s cheek and shouted, “Me!” before leaping off the bed sticking her tongue out at him. Mikey blinked in surprise and let out a breathless laugh, how he wished she was being legitimately honest. He didn’t really think much of the kiss she briefly gave him, he didn’t even count it as a real kiss seeing as it was on the cheek. Charlie kissed and hugged everyone; it was just her general nature. But Mikey didn’t care if it was real or not he would gladly accept even kisses on the cheek from Charlie.

So Mikey then hopped ungracefully off the bed, grabbed a pillow and threw it at her. It hit her in the stomach and her mouth dropped open and she feigned hurt.

“You turd!” She shouted before picking it up and throwing it back at him. He lifted his hands to snatch it out of the air, but he only caught the corner and the rest of the pillow went flying into his face knocking his glasses to the ground. He frowned and Charlie laughed, he blinked trying to gain focus as he crouched down searching for his glasses.

“Let me get them.” Charlie said. Mikey sighed and stood up straight watching as Charlie knelt down snatched his glasses on the floor then carefully put them on the end of his nose. Mikey squinted down to see through his glasses that were threatening to fall off his face again. Charlie bit her lip trying to stifle a giggle.

“What?” He asked lifting his head up so he could see her clearly through his glasses.

“Nothing.” She said laughter still in her voice. Mikey shook his head and Charlie gently pushed his glasses the rest of the way up his nose. He blinked at her and she quickly tapped his nose with her pointer finger before grabbing the pillow and smacking him in the arm with it.

“Hey!” Mikey exclaimed and he quickly took the pillow from her and hit her back. Charlie rolled her eyes at him before grabbing his hand and leading them back towards her TV she sat down and pulled him with her. She flicked on the TV and sat closely to Mikey, putting her head on his shoulder as she chose to watch The Wizard of Oz. Mikey smiled and hesitantly put his arm around her, he wasn’t sure exactly if Charlie was okay with it, but when she didn’t move or say anything he relaxed and let himself daydream about how nice it would feel having her laying on top of him instead of just leaning against his side.

Halfway through the movie they heard the front door slam, Charlie leapt to her feet and carefully walked to the door opening it slightly and listening.

“CHARLENE!” He father bellowed loudly.

“Shit, I thought he’d stay out the rest of the night.” She muttered. Charlie swallowed thickly and turned to Mikey, “You better get going, do you mind climbing out the window? My dad wouldn’t be happy knowing you were in my room with me.” Mikey nodded, he had climbed in and out of her window other times, he knew how exactly to get down without having any difficulties.

“CHARLENE, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW!" Charlie’s dad boomed. Charlie jumped and opened her door the rest of the way.

“Hold on dad!” She shouted back. She turned to Mikey and gestured towards the window. He didn’t budge; he saw the immediate fear that her father caused. He felt suddenly protective and didn’t want to leave her alone, not under the fist of her father.

“Charlie, no. I’m not going unless you come with me.” Mikey said firmly. He was surprised that his voice was stronger than he felt. Charlie shifted uneasily as she looked from the hallway to Mikey and back to the hallway.

“Mikey, I can’t just leave and if I go he’ll take it out on Chris and my mom. I can’t just leave them here.” Charlie pleaded.

Mikey shook his head. “I’m not letting you stay here and get beaten for something that’s not your fault.” He said. Charlie’s eyes were full of tears and she angrily blinked them back.

“I’m not leaving my family.” She said firmly. Mikey sighed and gazed down at the bruises that spotted her bare arms. He felt guilty for not being able to do anything, he had told the police, but when they came for Charlie’s father he had cleaned up all the evidence and had the neighbors lie in trade for being able to keep their lives.

“Charlie, I’m not leaving unless you come with me.” Mikey said. Charlie gnawed on her bottom lip leaving it swollen and bleeding.

She sighed. “Chris has to come with us, my dad won’t let my mom leave the house once she gets home from work, but I’m not going to go with you unless Chris is.” Mikey nodded, he wouldn’t leave Gerard behind if he knew he was going to get beaten. “Mikey, hide under my bed while I go get Chris, if my dad comes in don’t move or do anything and no matter what you hear do not leave this room.” Charlie said with a firm grip in her tone. Mikey nodded again hesitantly and quickly crawled under Charlie’s bed. He watched her feet disappear from the room and listened silently to what was going on.

“Charlene, why aren’t you taking care of your brother?” Her dad shouted angrily. Mikey wanted to run and tackle Charlie’s father to the ground.

“I’m sorry, dad, I was studying.” Charlie responded politely.

“You’re supposed to be watching your brother! He could be running around the neighborhood and you wouldn’t know it!” He shouted louder than before.

“Daddy, I was being good, Charlie wanted to be alone.” He heard Chris’s tiny, fear filled voice say.

“You have him calling you Charlie?!” Her father shouted at the top of his lungs. “You were named after your grandmother who wore her name proudly! You have disdained this family! Charlie is a boys name and you should be ashamed to have people call you as such!” Mikey’s hand closed into a fist.

“I’m sorry, dad, I’ll go by Charlene.” Charlie said. Mikey heard the sound of fist against flesh and then what he assumed was Charlie’s body hitting the ground. His insides twisted with anger and his nails dug into his skin of his palms making small cuts.

“You will go by your name and there are no exceptions!” He shouted before stomping away and slamming a door making the house shake. Charlie’s bedroom shook open with the force of the blow and Chris’s voice came wafting into the room.

“Charlie,” Mikey heard Chris whimpering. “Charlie, wake up. Please, Charlie, wake up!” Mikey shifted uneasily under the bed. He knew he shouldn’t leave his hiding place, but what if Charlie was seriously hurt? Then he saw tiny feet making their way down the hall and into Charlie’s room.

“Mikey?” Chris whispered as quietly as possible. Mikey quickly got out from underneath the bed, managing to hit his head on the way out. As Mikey looked Chris over he knew then, Charlie wasn’t alright. He strode quickly out of the room. He stopped when he reached the top of the stairs. Charlie was sprawled across the doorway, her hair splayed around her and her hands in front of her face as if to defend herself. Mikey flew down the stairs and knelt down next to her.

“She won’t wake up, Mikey. She always gets up when daddy hurts her.” Chris whispered quietly as Mikey gently moved Charlie’s arms and hair out of her face. He could see the outline of a new bruise appearing on the side of her face and neck, he bit down hard on his tongue to keep from shouting out angrily to her father. How could he hurt his own daughter? Charlie didn’t do anything wrong!

“Chris, go get your shoe’s we’re leaving.” Mikey whispered making sure Charlie’s dad didn’t hear and come out. Chris nodded shakily and scampered off to the hall closet and grabbed out some shoes and a jacket. Then Mikey carefully and as quietly as he possibly could, lifted Charlie off the floor bridal style. Chris, without having to be asked, put on Charlie and Mikey’s shoes. Mikey jerked his head towards the front door and Chris almost silently opened the door letting Mikey and Charlie out first.

Mikey didn’t know exactly where he was going or how long he could walk supporting Charlie’s weight (she didn’t weigh that much, but still). He made his way down the stairs of the porch and nudged past the gate, going to way he’d came to get to Charlie’s house. Mikey took long strides, trying to put as much distance between himself and Charlie’s father as possible. Poor Chris had to run to keep up.

“Mikey,” Chris breathed tiredly. “Where are we going to go?” He asked as Mikey turned onto another street. To be honest, Mikey didn’t know himself. It seemed as if his feet had a mind of their own and took him wherever they thought was safe.

After a couple minutes of walking silently, Mikey kept glancing down at Charlie. She must have been hit hard if she was out for this long, which worried Mikey. Her head kept bobbing on her shoulders lifelessly and the only indication of life coming from her was her soft breathing.

Then finally after more endless minutes he ended up on Frank’s porch. He didn’t know how exactly he thought of coming here, but he didn’t care. Charlie really needed help. Mikey told Chris to knock, he did, Mikey heard shouting from the other side then suddenly Frank wrenched the door open. His face lit up with humor as he looked over his shoulder, laughing at whoever was in his living room. Then when he turned and saw Charlie, Mikey, and Chris his face dropped and he quickly ushered them in. Frank pushed Gerard off the couch and told Mikey to lay Charlie there, Chris stood next to the door watching silently.

“Mikey, what the hell happened?” Frank asked as he knelt down to Charlie and tilted her head to see the now purplish, blue skin.

“Her dad, he hit her.” Mikey said breathing heavily. He wasn’t exactly the athletic type, so carrying Charlie almost three quarters of a mile was quite the task.

“Shit, I didn’t know it was this bad.” Frank mumbled. Mikey nodded silently. He turned to Chris and motioned for him to come over towards them. Chris walked hesitantly till he was at Mikey’s side, then he clung desperately to Mikey’s waist.

“Should we call 911?” Gerard asked. Mikey shook his head no. Charlie would not like that at all. In fact she’d probably be mad that Mikey didn’t just leave her. But he couldn’t have left her, even if he wanted too he just couldn’t do it. He loved her too much.

Then Chris slowly let go of Mikey and crawled carefully onto the couch to lie down next to his unconscious sister. He laid his on her chest and wrapped his arms around her stomach. “I love you Charlie.” He whispered softly.

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