Review for 'I'm not insane. I know I'm not...right?'

'I'm not insane. I know I'm not...right?'

(#) VendettaEmma 2010-01-26

This and your comic strip are amazing! Both for different reasons. The comic, because its short and to the ridicoulous point which is: never let Robert Nathanial Bryar near your ice-cream or he'll run away and marry it. This is amazing, because it deals with fear and what it can do to you.
It's storys like this that make me cringe at the thought of going over the edge.

much love,

Author's response

thank you! i'm so glad you liked them =] that was the effect i was after with this story, to kind of show people how easy it is to slip, and how completely fear can control you.

it means alot to me that you took your time to read and review thank you!!