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Shadow Boy

(#) happyreader 2010-09-19

plagiarism on FicWad admin remove this story !!!! thanks 1happyreader

Amy, author suzie63 is reposting your story on ficwad !

Shadow Boy
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Shadow Boy
by suzie63

admin remove this story !!!! thanks 1happyreader

Author's response

Tim, It's not everday that I get cited for plagiarizing my own work. :) Pissedoffpoet1 and suzie 63 are one in the same. If you look at my fic You Should Have Known, on this site you will see at the bottom a note where you can read my other works at I am posting this story here because a beta has taken pitty on my story and is fixing some of the unfixed mistakes. Thanks for looking out for my story though.