Review for My Confused Love [sequel to my drunk love]

My Confused Love [sequel to my drunk love]

(#) SkittlesObsessions 2010-11-25

I absolutely LOVE when stories that use the same lame ass plots get more reviews because apparently people don't know the meaning of variety. Anyways, apologies for the actually interesting stories that get less or no reviews. It completely astounds me that great authors don't continue their stories because they get no reviews. Sorry for the long rant, just pissing me off more and more on this site.

update soon. Meena's a hoebag (:

xo Lea

Author's response

Lol thanks Lea, nice to meet ya. I completely understand and it's frustrating as well. But that's how the world turns. I'm glad someone still reads this, I'm afraid I'm running it into the ground but that's how I want to write it.

Thank yew though, I appreciate that. Glad I found someone who agrees. You made my day