Review for calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

(#) Kill_the_mainstream 2011-02-10


AGE MOST APPEALING TO YOU: Whatever age the MCR guys are =)

FACE MATTERS: Kind of spiky shoulder length black hair with the tips died white, 5' 11", one eye silver and the other one purple-ish (yeah, I know I'm really weird), not too fat but not very skinny, pale (though not as pale as Gee), style is kind of a mix of goth and punk. I have several tattoos, such as three X's on my upper arm and "sXe" on myupper back by my right shoulder.

DESCRIBE YOURSELF FOOL (your not a fool, I really quite like you.):I am very passionate. Not just about one thing though; anything that I care about I will be very passionate about. I have always been mature for my age. Even though I look like a rebel, I am the kind of "mothering" one. I am the one that keeps everyone on the right track and I am very trustworthy and non judgemental. I am Bisexual. I play the cello, the bass guitar, and I sing. I lve to draw. I'm afraid of spiders, heights, and fire and I love Tim Burton movies. I also can't handle stress. Like, at all. I panic >.< Oh, and I'm Straight Edge. If you don't know what that is, you can look it up. It just basically means that I do not drink, smoke, or do any drugs EVER. I have really really bad eyesight so I am always wearing glasses or contacts. I