Review for calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

(#) MyChemicalRomancer 2011-02-10

NAME YOU WISH TO USE IN THIS TALE OF WOE: Ellie / Eleanor whichever you prefer :)

AGE MOST APPEALING TO YOU: Hmm.. Probably 17 or 18, or what you think would suit my character if i get picked.
FACE MATTERS: I'm about 5'4 or '5, have long black shoulder length hair with a large swoop fringe, I have one blue and one brown eye. I have very pale skin and average size. I have old self harming scars up my arms that i tend to cover with rubber bands and bracelets. I always wear band tees, skinny jeans and converses or vans / doc martins. I normally wear black eyeliner and eye shadow with bright red lipstick.

DESCRIBE YOURSELF FOOL (your not a fool, I really quite like you.):
-most prominent emotion? Hmm, probably happiness or rage...

-how do you react to stress? I normally grow very snappy and stay fixed on whatever made me stressed.

-what makes you unique? Both of my eyes are different colours, I draw gruesome sketches - like gothic and Saw films combined.

-anything else? I dont think so :3

DO YOU WISH TO BE IN A ROMANTIC SITUATION? IF SO, WITH WHO? If I could I would love a romantic situation with Gerard please ? :)

IS THERE ANOTHER DETAIL YOU WOULD LIKE TO DISCLOSE? I love chewing gum, piggy backs, I'm a hopeless romantic, loved horror films and I'm a vegetarian - I also love rock, punk and emo music as well as heavy metal.

Thanks :) xxxx