Review for calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

calling all who wish for a part in this tale of epicosity!

(#) SarahSTARRR 2011-02-10


AGE MOST APPEALING TO YOU: cuz its what I iz sigh for being old

FACE MATTERS: Straight purple hair down past my jaw, blue/grey almond shaped eyes. I'm 5'3 1/2" and the half is REALLY important =] Dress sense is pretty girly dresses and cardies or super skinny jeans with plain t's or long sleeves with purple high-top DC runners or an array of vans slip-ons. Wild make-up, bright colours like purples, electric blues, evergreens with black liquid liner on top. My eyelashes are naturally long, as in they touch my eyebrows when my eyes are open.

DESCRIBE YOURSELF FOOL (your not a fool, I really quite like you.):

-most prominent emotion? Bad-assness and sassyness. You gotta be bad-ass when yer a cop lol

-how do you react to stress? Quite well in front of others but the minute I'm alone I'll have a bit of a cry and then shake it off. No room for being a pussy!

-what makes you unique? I'd say I'm the only cop that reads fanfic and still gets all fangirly when it comes to My Chem HAA HAA

-anything else? I can talk my way outta almost anything. Laden with sarcasm as a response to almost anything. Fuckin LOVE sunflower seeds and the colour purple.

DO YOU WISH TO BE IN A ROMANTIC SITUATION? IF SO, WITH WHO? Frank om nom nom or Mikey... Or Gerard... Or Ray, I'm easy like sunday morning

IS THERE ANOTHER DETAIL YOU WOULD LIKE TO DISCLOSE? I own my own pair of handcuffs... jus sayin