Review for Full Of Holes.

Full Of Holes.

(#) MCR_love 2011-03-28

I have the same situation with a lot of my childhood friends. Like, one time my cousin (who I hadn't talked to in a year)invited me to her Bday party and she was wearing daisy dukes and pink and had two Jersey Shore posters and eminem and drake and talked about how much she liked Nikki Minaj. She used to be a tom boy who played guitar and liked the same music as me. Now she said that she doesn't even play guitar (even though she still has it) and we have nothing in common. Also she made fun of me for NOT being a whore. WTF?! Gah! Anyway, I totally get you and sorry for ranting.
Also, I totally love LynZ and MSI. I have very.. diverse music tastes...