Review for Full Of Holes.

Full Of Holes.

(#) Kill_the_mainstream 2011-03-29

What the fuck?! I don't like to judge people harshly, but if MCR are sellouts, then how the hell ISN'T Avril Lavigne one?! Seriously! She goes from Sk8r Boi (which actually has instruments and isn't auto tuned) to What the Hell (I'm seriously just thinking "what the hell"...)

Don't worry about what one bitch says, you got into Berkely baby!

About MSI, I'm glad you aren't like some people who automatically hate them because LynZ is married to Gerard. I personally have a crush on both Gee and LynZ, so it was a dream come true when they got married. When Bandit gets older, she's gonna be one cool kid ;)