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Shockwave Current

(#) FlyingSmoke 2011-04-13

You need to update more, I'm getting a good workout from all the happy dances.

'First and third on the exterminate list'? Who the hell is second? Was is Shockers before she went all robo on them? sigh There's been a turning of the tables here, folks, and one that will make everything change.

Korse is just a fuckin' dildo, sending Shockers on Party and Ghoul (and then probably Jet and Kobra) when he could have the enjoyment of killing them himself. I mean, that's what I would do, that's what Violet Rage would do, and that's what Korse did in the SING video. shruggs Eh, I'm going insane.

5 bucks on the electronic table that Shockers is going to come out as Shockwave Current in the end. She just can't kill everybody before she changes, going with my bet.

And sequel before prequel, just like 's'alt and 'p'epper.

Update soon!

Author's response

Happy to hear that you are fitting a load of exercise in whilst reading my updates xD lol
Oh, don't worry, there is gonna be a mega and I mean a MEGA twist...but that' s all I'm gonna say on it ;) you'll just have to read on and find out what it is :D xoxo