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Stand off.

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The new and vastly upgraded Shockwave Current makes an appearence...

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Hey guys! I'm back and I'm better and I have TWO whole weeks to just write these fanfics! I LOVE the Easter holidays! I will update everyday at least once or sometimes even twice AND I'm even thinking of writing a prequel and a sequel to this but I need to know which you wanna read first; the prequel? or the sequel?...
Anyway I shall stop my annoying rambling on and let you read...

Author's POV. (Cause violence is better written this way ;) xo)

This is hopeless, Fun Ghoul thought as he scanned the street, covering Party's back with a readily armed ray gun. Is Shockwave even alive anymore?
Fun shook his head, scolding himself for even thinking such dark thoughts. Party however strode forward, nothing on his mind except one name.

He limped awkwardly, his abdomen, though healed, still giving his trouble whenever it was cold; his stomach muscles tightening painfully in twisted, agonising knots.
This was his fault. He shouldn't have let her slip away so easily. It was his fault that she had done this out of fear, he was the one who hooked her up to the car battery, he was the one who left the manual out so she could see it, and he was the one who had stupidly let his guard down and fell asleep before she woke up and before he could explain. He didn't care that she was part robot, that only made him more protective of her; his little Shockwave.

Party turned to look at his best friend, despite the determination etched on his face Fun Ghoul still shivered and trembled as the now freezing cold wind wailed down the abandoned street, chilling them to the bone. Fun pulled up his bandana against the icy breeze that clawed at their cheeks and noses, each rough carress more numbingly colder than the last.
"There's nothing here, Ghoul. Should we turn back?" Party asked, his voice tinged with worry as he knew that each unfruitful turn took more seconds of his daughter's life. Fun picked up on the quivering notes in his best friend's voice that could only be known as panic. Fun looked straight into Party's eyes, tilting his head back due to height difference.
"She's fine, Gerard. Shockwave's a tough girl and you know it." Fun replied in a soothing tone, but used Party's real name to show he was serious. Party smiled and hugged him and Fun clapping his shoulder in return.
"Thanks mate." Party breathed and they both turned to recover wasted minutes in their restless search.


They both turned at the sudden outburst that had disrupted the silence to see a blonde figure heading toward them. They both raised their firearms, weary of the newcomer.
"You gotta run! QUICK! Before she gets--" He was cut off as a blast of light cracked the ground at his feet, sending him flying backwards into Jet and Kobra who were hot on his tail.

A girl stepped out into the road. Her yellow eyes were glowing like torches, lighting up the slight gloominess of the dark around her like head lamps. Her electric blue hair fanned out and twirled in the breeze, the light of the moon glittering off something metallic on her right arm.
"Party Poison, Fun Ghoul; first and third most wanted Killjoys on the Exterminate List. Prepare to be eliminated..."
Party grabbed Fun by the arm and yanked him out of the girl's direct line of fire as a second blast hit the spot dead on where Fun had been standing not three seconds ago.
Another figure stepped out of the black, all clad in his fancy coat, grey jeans and laced pirate shirt.
"Hello once again, too Fun. I see you've met the new and vastly improved Shockwave Current?"
Party and Fun snarled simoultaneously.
"Give. Her. Back." Party growled, his finger itching on the trigger of his lazer. Korse saw the plastic gun and laughed.
"Still using that peice of junk, Party? Let me tell you now, if you think a blast from a laser pistol hurts like hell then try meeting Shockwave's guns, they have the force of ten laser guns combined... Why don't you show then first hand, girl?"

Shockwave nodded, her palm beginning to glow a deep, electric blue and she raised her arm toward Fun and Party, her face expressionless as blue laser shot forward and envoloped everything in a sapphire haze.

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Much love,
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