Review for Full Of Holes.

Full Of Holes.

(#) FlyingSmoke 2011-04-27

And thus the hater is pwned. Remind me to never piss you off, seeing as you could probably break my bones during the process of the rugby (HOW FUCKIN COOL IS THAT THOUGH YOU PLAYED RUGBY) tackle me, and scare the living shit out of me with the Irish accent.

You have nothing to worry about, you're fiction is fuckin' amazing. It's 5 in a 3-D world, you always get tens of reviews (I can't say hundreds, since there isn't hundreds of active writers and readers on Ficwad), and you're popular with you god-fuck awesome author's notes (No, god-fuck isn't a bad thing. It's just emphasis. I'm sorry if I offended you, and your twelve years of Catholic school). suzyrevenge was just emotional about the wedding, probably PMS-ing that she won't get to see the royal wedding in person. It's like a Twilight addiction, only with the royals, y'know?

And yay! Update soon!