Review for Stars Made of Fire

Stars Made of Fire

(#) PartyPoison 2011-06-26

I think it’s a good idea to go back and forth between the three years after and the week after the crash. It’ll make the story progress quicker but also allow us to know what happened in between the crash and the three years. And you have definitely got my attention with sci-fi, I enjoy it a lot and I am already liking this story very much. I have to say I think it might be my favourite out of all your others, but it also depends on where it goes.
Also, responding to your review I am writing the next few chapters and so far I am on a binge of writing. I should have them up soon (But that could mean anywhere from a day to two weeks, depending how long I can keep myself going)
That must be some good inspiration. I’ve never been admitted to an institute but I’ve been inside of one and it was not a pleasant time. At least you’re out now, and hopefully you never have to step foot in one again.
Yeah, I know what you mean about that. I sometimes go through my files and find things I don’t even remember thinking about, nonetheless writing. I would be ashamed if someone ever read some of the garbage that has spewed out of me before. Basically everything I hand in to the teacher in lessons really :P
Every time you say you like my stories I wonder if it’s how you feel when I say that I like yours and then I understand why it makes you happy because it makes me happy =)
I hope that all made sense :P