Review for Is It Hard Understanding I'm Incomplete?

Is It Hard Understanding I'm Incomplete?

(#) PandaFrankie 2011-08-13

I was away for three weeks so I didn't get to read my fics, but ohmylord... I nearly cried. This was so beautiful. I love the way Gee gave Frank a black rose. It's so fitting, and a great mental image.
What's your new fic called? Can't wait to read it!
Ps: Did I spell your name right? :/
Pps: I love this fic too much.
-C xø

Author's response

Aww, Thank you!
And the amount of people who spell my name wrong, but you got it right :D I've started drafting my new fic, but I don;t have a title yet. I'll start to post it as soon as but I have a stupid amount of work for school, so as soon as I finish that, It'll be up:) Thanks again! Xoxo