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The last instalment...

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2 years later

It was beautiful.

The five of us sat staring at it, unable to pry our eyes away.

"I can't believe it's actually ours." Mikey whispered.

I just nodded, not taking my eyes off it.

"This shit's really happening." Ray muttered.

Every inch of it was perfect; unbelievable.

We were staring at the very first studio album belonging to My Chemical Romance.

All the hard work Gerard put in for the album artwork definitely paid off; it looked amazing.

"Just think, in two days time, this album will be on the shelves in every music store across the country, in a week, across the whole world! Kids will actually have the opportunity to buy it; love it." I could see the sheer excitement in Gerard's face as he spoke.

"Well what the fuck are we waiting for?" Bob yelled suddenly. "Let's hear it!"

Gerard smiled. He carefully picked up the CD as is it was new born baby. He walked across the room and delicately placed it in the player, turning the volume up high.

I closed my eyes as our first track 'Cubicles' started to fill the room. To think, I played one of the guitars opening the song, I helped write the chords, it was my Pansy making those beautiful noises which contrasted so perfectly with Ray's.

And then Gee's voice.

Sounding more pure than I'd ever heard it.

I couldn't put in to words my feelings for the sounds I was hearing. I wondered if every musician felt this way when they heard their first ever record.

I sat there, listening to every song track by track, not opening my eyes, not muttering a single word. It was only when the music stopped that I realised everyone was staring at me.

"What did you think Frankie?" Gerard asked, smiling.

I couldn't talk, everyone's eyes were on me, expecting me to talk, but I just couldn't. I stood up and ran out of the rom, out of the house and into the snow storm outside.

I kept running until I reached the cemetery gates. Tears stung my eyes as I searched for their graves, I had to talk to them, I needed them.

I finally reached the two gravestones. Other than the inscription on each, they were identical.

I brushed the snow away, still finding it difficult to decipher the words.

After rubbing the tears form my eyes, I looked again.

Linda Iero, a devoted Mother.

It was only a short description, but in my eyes, it was perfect.

My eyes wondered over to my Father's gravestone.

Frank Iero Senior, loved by those who understood.

/ /

I sat in front of their graves. There wasn't a day that past where I didn't think of them. They were still just as important in my life as they were before they died.

"Hi Mom, Dad." I whispered. "I have some good news to tell you today. Remember when I told you I was in a band, My Chemical Romance? Well our first studio album arrived today, and I can't really put in to words how amazing it is. Perfect doesn't even come close. Not because of the sound though, Imean, the sound is great, but the meaning behind the album; it's beautiful."

I felt fresh tears forming in my eyes.

"I'll bring it down one of the days, I'll play it for you, Ithink you'll both like it. I couldn't have done it without you, you both inspired me so much. I actually think this band is going to make it, I have areally good feeling. We have our first show in a couple of weeks, it'd be great if you could watch me play, even if you're not really there."

"Frank?" I jumped up, startled, but I lost my footing on the snow and fell back down again.

"Shit! Sorry Frank! I didn't mean to scare you!"

"G-Gerard?" I asked in my feeble attempt to stand.

"Yeah." He muttered helping me up. He pulled me in to a hug."I figured you'd come here, so I brought these." He pulled away, handing me an assorted bouquet of flowers.

"Thanks." I said, splitting the bouquet between the two graves. "They're beautiful."

"And this one's for you." Gerard said.

Gerard held out a single black rose.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too Gerard."


We were all dripping with sweat, bouncing all over the stage. Our first show was coming to an end, and what a show it was. The arena was only small, but it was completely full. Each one of the kids jumped around to our music, cheering in between our songs.

I looked over to the others. Bob was trashing about on his drums, putting his heart and soul in to his performance, Mikey stood in his'spot' grinning hugely as he played his bass. Ray, head banging to the music, his 'fro bouncing back and forth. Then there was Gerard. Gerard who two years ago was scared of singing in front of his boyfriend was now performing to hundreds of people. He strutted around the stage, singing at the top of his voice, winking whenever our eyes made contact.

"Well that was our last song New Jersey! You were all fucking brilliant tonight!" Gerard screamed to the audience. "We couldn't have asked for a better first show, you guys really made it special. Every song we performed tonight goes out to every single person in here, every person that's been through shit in their lives, everyone that still goes through shit. I want each and everyone here to listen to me now, if anyone gives you anymore shit, Iwant you to turn around and scream 'Fuck you' into their faces! What're you gonna yell?"

Gerard beamed as the crowd screamed 'Fuck you' back at him.

"That's right! Goodnight New Jersey! We are My Chemical Romance, and we are here to save your lives!"

Thank you to everyone who read this fic, especially those who have stuck with it from the start.

I'm currently working on a new Frerard fic, so look out for it, I'll be posting it soon - hopefully :)

Thanks again,

Aiysha xoxo

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