Review for Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

(#) aweirdtree 2011-09-03

yeeeah, new chapter so soon! :D and it was fucking awesome, thank you ^^ i know exactly how both Frank and Gerard feels... wow, you write well (: anyway, please update more soon! and good thing if everything's better now in your life, or at least that's what you said... right? and just you to know, i'd rate this chapter if i had points but i (sadly) don't have any ): i will rate it tomorrow morning if it's not green by then, i promise! (: yay!

Author's response

HAHA AWWW WOW THANK YOU SOOO SOO MUCH man, you are sooo nice awww you made me feel all happy and gooey inside lol...not weird i hope lol
and thats just so nice of you to say thanks :) and yes i will i will try and update every friday, that is going to be my goal :p hehe and yes thats what i say, everything in my life is obviously not perfect but looking up. and thats so sweet, and it's robably won't lol thanks man i'm so lucky to have reviewers/readers and raters like you XD