Review for Heart Attack In Black Hair Dye

Heart Attack In Black Hair Dye

(#) RunAwayWithMe 2011-10-30


I think this can go one of two ways.

1. Frank continues with his bi-polar tendencies and is nice to poor Gerard.
2. He's gonna beat the poor guy to a pulp or something like that.
or maybe you'll surprise us all.

Oh and you must be psychic because that is really the only logical solution. So why don't you tell us what their next album is gonna be like. haha But seriously I love this story and Gerard's new hair, and Frank's revenge hair.

I hope you update soon, I'm excited.

Author's response

You'll just have to find out. The next hapter will be up soon as I'm going to wrie mot of it today.

It is the only logical solution andthe next album, well I can't tell you that I have sworn secrecy to the guys.

thank you for the review :)