Review for Playhouse


(#) PartyPoison 2011-11-17

You are not a terrible person, just so you know.
But please do not get rid of Stars Made of Fire! I am really enjoying it and would like if it continued for a bit longer. There’s something I think I should tell you. I don’t like your writing without reason, there are in fact multiple reasons as to why I find reading whatever you write. And so this is a paragraph-thing to explain why:
The past few chapters have been extremely captivating. Your writing is so completely marvellous to me and I don‘t know if I can even tell you why; it just is. Every time I read one of your stories it seems as though I have been pulled into an alternate universe, watching your story take place in front of my eyes. There are always things left unanswered to keep me wanting more after every chapter, making the wait for the next one near excruciating. Then there’s a twist at the end that no one can ever predict and just blows my mind. What I think I enjoy the most about your stories though is the fact that they are almost painfully blunt and faces the reality that stories with happy endings are left unfinished. Reading most of your stories is like being stuck on a crashing plane; you know it’s going down and there’s no way to stop it, and yet you can’t help but watch the scene of horror with a sense of exhilaration and a smile on the inside.
I don’t know if I explained this properly. Bottom line: Your stories are brilliant so don’t take shit from anyone. This mini-rant may have come from nowhere but I’ve just had enough of people going around not realizing how freaking fantastic they are.
I'm sorry for the time you just lost by reading this. But now you can go on with your life, knowing that there’s a person out there in the world who wants to read what you write and thinks it's incredible.