Review for Stop-motion


(#) aweirdtree 2012-02-21

you know, you're not English, right? somehow i've just gotten an image like that (sorry if i'm wrong). but it's just that you write so fucking amazingly in English; i've written some random stuff in English but it always just sounds, well, flat, somehow. but i guess it's just cause you write so much (:

anyways, thanks for this! i love all the comparasitions in this (and no, i have no fucking idea whether i spelled that right or not), they are so livid and weird in a way (:

Author's response

Nope, I'm Swedish, actually :) Though, it's very flattering to hear that you thought I was English since I love the English language above the Swedish... Weird, I know, but it has a broader vocabulary and a more elegant flow... Anyhow, I know the deal with things sounding flat, but I think it's really just about not thinking too much while you write. Let it flow, to put it poetically, set your imagination free. Also, you tend to go blind on your own works, only seeing minor parts of it separately and not as a whole. As it often turns out, you're better than you think. :)

Thank you so much! :D