Review for Stay Together

Stay Together

(#) DisenchatedDestroya 2012-03-30

God, poor Mikey. The poor thing can't go to sleep without suffering from those horrific flashbacks. Flashbacks of the memories that made him the way he is in this story because he's convinced himself that he deserved all of what he got/is getting. It's really sweet that he's trying to lie to keep Gerard happy, but at the same time this worries me because the more he bottles it all up, the messier and more traumatic it will be when he finally does let it all out. Which I am hoping he will do pretty soon. Anyway, fantastic job and I can't wait to see what Gerard will say to him about that nightmare! :D

Author's response

Thank you! Yeah, Mikey isn't able to sleep without them at all. You are completely right about him keeping things bottled up. He needs someone to talk to like Gerard but he can't trust anyone! He is probably doing more harm in getting Gerard's hopes up than telling him what's really wrong. Hes just afraid of ruining their strong relationship that is only hanging on by a thread. I'm very glad you likes this chapter because I think it's really short and not a lot happens but hopefully Gerard's POV chapter will be up soon and hopefully it will be better! Thank you for leaving a really nice review! :)