Review for The Mysterious Boy

The Mysterious Boy

(#) tortillachip 2012-04-10

You can tell that Frank really wants to help Mikey. He was not even asking Gerard, he was pleading for Gerard to tell him. And the scene where Frank addressed Mikey about the beer made that really clear. Just talking about it at all was a pretty bold move, but you can tell that it was his genuine want to help that got him talking to Mikey about the beer and the bullies at school and how truly sorry he was that he didn't help Mikey when he was getting. You can really tell that he cares. And Gerard's protectiveness is pretty clear, too. Just the way he talks about their parents and the bullies and how it all affected Mikey makes it obvious that he wishes he could protect Mikey from all of that and give him what he deserves.Well, great job!!!

Author's response

Thank you! You seem to really understand this chapter! You are completely right about Frank being a little bold to ask about it yet he really wants to help and he is very confident that he an help so no one will stop him. Gerard is very thankful to him also. Frank really wants to help both of them especially now when he knows what they've been through. Gerard is quite protective of Mikey but is willing to let Frank help. He is sad that he can't help more though. I'm So glad this came through. I didn't really think it was written very well. I hope to update tomorrow night! Thank you for leaving a really good review!